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College Vignettes - Part 2

Late July to December :

Left for Bhopal by Tamil Nadu express on 14th July after lots of feelings. Reached Bhopal on 15th. Had the first look at my college on 16th and completed all the formalities of my admission. Stayed at ICH and caught up with HP7 on the day it was released itself ! 22nd - I shifted to the hostel ..

First week in hostel was horror .. Unclean toilets .. Irregular water supply .. Poor food .. etc etc .. Met all my new friends and got the first taste of college lectures .. ( No wonder they are called lectures :p) .. Got along with knowing ma roommates from Assam,Bihar and Madhya Pradesh .. Met the other Tamil guys ..

First day in college e comedy .. Went to class 1/2 hr late ! .. Gave n got intros from the lecturers .. Yea .. Started planning for the first trip back home right on the first day of college itself ! .. Dropped my brand new 6030 into water .. Display gone .. Gave it to NOKIA Care Bhopal who repaired the display by damaging the audio .. One of the worst Nokia Cares I've seen .. Asking for repair charges inspite of me having the warranty .. ( Got it repaired in Chennai free of cost ! )

PS : Google .. Now dont direct Google searches for Nokia Care here .. [:p] ..

The month passed smoothly with the formation of Tamil Tigers .. [:p] .. Started our porattam .. Complained to the director about classes in Hindi .. [:D] .. ( Naanga Thirunthave maatom) .. Got myself a new Nokia 1600 ..

Went on our first outing on a Monday after bunking the afternoon session .. Much to our dismay, we found that we had forgotten about the Monday Market holiday in Bhopal .. So just roamed around the place and came back to the hostel ..

Got permission to go home after the first minor exams .. Minors went as quickly as a Brett lee ball .. Then the next week , jooted bac to chennai in Swarnajayanthi express on Aug 31 .. Came bac home on Sept 1 .. One week of pure bliss and regaining my lost 10 kg ..

And as usual, the gr8 planners we are , we started planning for our second vacation bac home while on the train back to Bhopal itself ! .. [:p] ..

In the meanwhile, discovered Sify I-way - my hangout for most of the weekend ! .. Time kept flying with many interesting incidents .. The food atlast took a turn for the better or mebbe my tongue lost itz sense of taste .. Not sure ! .. Friends gave a surprise B'day Party for me on Sept 26 at midnight and made it ma best b'day ever .. Meanwhile, plans for the second excursion back home where moving along in full flow with permission obtained from the HOD ..

Minor 2 came and went as fast as the first minor .. In the meanwhile, got close to ma frnds from TN .. October 12th came and bac I was at Bhopal junction to board the train .. 3 months had flown past me .. One week of bliss yet again .. meeting friends .. Going back to School .. etc etc ..

Returned bac to Bhopal on Oct 21st just in time to submit the assignments .. Two weeks of college and then came the study hols which was the slowest time after the first week in Bhopal .. Deepavali came and we went to the Murugan Kovil in Bhopal .. Met our seniors - everyone from 1st year to 4th year was present there ..

Then came the majors and the practicals .. Went past quite quickly and I left Bhopal again on 27th evening by TN Sampark Kranti .. Came back to Chennai and here I am in Chennai enjoying my 1.5 month long holiday watching movies , staying online , roaming around chennai .. Buying CDs .. Etc Etc .. O'course Improving ma blog n posting ! .. Nothing significant took place in December .. *phew*

And here I am .. At the end of another year .. Waiting for the next one to begin .. Waiting for all the surprises and shocks it has in store ..

As ma fav actor tells in Azhagiya Tamil Magan .. " Oru ortharkume aduthathu enna nadakum nnu therinjikarthula thaan arvam naraya irukkum .. Aaana atha therinjikara suspense la thaan vazhkai oda swarasyame e irukku .. " ..

( Everyone is intersted in knowing what will happen to them next but only the suspense in that makes life interesting !)

So signing off now with the hope that 2008 brings good things not just to me but also to you - the reader of this thing ! ..


PS: Will add a few interesting college incidents after asking my friends whether I can put it here .. Cos I aint the only person involved in them .. I need to respect their privacy as well ! ..


2007 - An year of ups and downs .. ! - Looking back - Part 1

PHEW .. Quite an year it was .. 2007 flew past me very quickly .. Never saw it go past at all .. Quite a few significant moments .. Here's a "Short" Synopsis of ma year which surely had more downs than ups IMO .. Well I could have posted this a lot earlier but didn't want to miss anything significant that may have taken place in the last few days of the year .. It contains most important events that took place in my life in 2007 and some other events that affected me and my life !


Super start to the year .. Passed comfortably in Physics for the first time in Std. 12 .. Got 35/70 you see .. [:p] .. Half yearly marks on 3rd January went quite well when compared to the Quarterly and Mid-term. FIITJEE test series on every weekend , Revision exams , CSSC Exams , Exams , Exams, Exams - that was January for me. Only thing that bought some difference to the monotony was watching Pokkiri - 3rd day .. the earliest I've gone to a movie - Quite an experience ! .. "Preparation" for the JEE, AIEEE went on .. So did the late night online sessions .. BSNL had just introduced the 2 Mbps plans and I was just getting used to the power and speed of Broadband. Study till around 1 or 1-30 , then go online for sometime and download a few things during the Happy Hours ( Few things include football compilations, movies using torrents , every song that released and everything decent that caught my eye !) - That was my agenda for January .. Looking back, I feel I could have avoided this .. But only Harry Potter can use a time-turner .. Not me !! If only I had a time tuner .. Sorry ore feelings aayduchu ! [:p] ..


Studies and online work continued as usual .. Added to this was the Physics tests I had to take everyday in school to ensure I passed comfyly in the boards .. [:D] .. Plus the Chemistry and Maths tests and my own computer science tests which were usually from 9 to 12 so that other jobs could go on comfortably and simultanesously .. (You see ma sister reads this and it is dangerous to tell out secrets .. so venumna contact me at my Yahoo! Id .. :-p ) .. Online sessions continued despite oaths that I wudn't come online .. Finally I ended them on 22-2-07 - One week before the Physics board exam because I had the desire to pass in the Physics board exam ! .. Simultaneously watched most of the movies that were released during that time like Deepavali , PKMC, Aalwar , Tamirabharani etc etc Yeah I forgot Pori ! .. [:p]


March brought along with it the dreaded Board Exams ! .. Dreaded for others .. not for me .. "Bayam ngara Vaarthai kku en agaraathi la edam e kadayaathu !" [:p] .. March 1- Physics - Ma best ever performance in two years .. I could sense it as I was writing itself ! .. Went on quite well ! .. March 6 - Chemistry .. Thought I did sorta ok ! .. Then started the online sessions again after the two week break ! .. March 10 - English .. Did quite well though not as well as I usually do .. Preps for JEE were going on simultaneously .. March 22 - Maths .. Again after the "Centum in 10th Half Yearly and half century in 12th Half yearly" performances , I did my best performance after the 10th board IMO - was expecting a centum .. ( But god had it his way .. [:-(] ) .. Then came my favourite exam [:p] Comp sci .. I had a huuuuge study hol .. So preps were combined with "etc etc" .. March came and went with the exams ..


Comp sci came n went .. Did decently though not ma best .. Then came IIT and all the other entrance exams ! .. This part - I already dealt with earlier ! .. Here -> Click here for April,May,June and July ..

Well I thought I could stop here for this post as July 23 began a new phase of my life .. "College" .. I thought It would be fitting to move it to a new post altogether!

RIP Phil O'Donnell

O'Donnell collapsed during Motherwell's 5-3 win over Dundee United on Saturday as he was about to be substituted.

Porter described the shocking scenes towards the end of the game when O'Donnell collapsed and revealed how he thought his captain had just fainted.

"I've never experienced anything like it," he said. "It's a massive shock and a massive loss to Motherwell.

"His number had come up for him to go off and he literally just passed out.

"He went down and no-one really knew what had happened. Doctors and physios ran on, he was unconscious on the floor and it was clear he was in a bad way, but personally I never thought anything would happen.

"I'm just really shocked about it all. Everyone thought he would be okay and he had just fainted, so it was a real shock to find out he had passed away."

Craig Brown, who gave O'Donnell his only Scotland cap, believes the former Celtic and Sheffield Wednesday midfielder was the 'ideal role model'.

O'Donnell died shortly after suffering a suspected seizure during a league match against Dundee United.

After being treated for around five minutes on the field, the former Celtic and Sheffield Wednesday midfielder was carried off on a stretcher to a waiting ambulance and taken to Wishaw General hospital. He died at 5.18pm, the club announced.

Another footballer dies during the course of a match after Puerta earlier this year .. Poor guy .. May his soul RIP .. Let God give strength to his family to overcome this disaster ..

Google Search engine comedies ..

If the link doesn't work and you cant see the picture clearly, here's a TinyPic Link ..

Check out the picture .. The guy has searched for "JK Tyre Care Point" and Google's brilliant Search engine show's my blog first ! .. My Blog is ahead of even The JK Tyre official site .. Even if the thing points to a valid post .. ok .. But it leads to my review of "JK Ritish's Kaanal Neer" .. [:o] ..

Poor guy has visited my blog looking for it as well .. [:)))] ..

Wah .. Search engines and their Vagaries !

Found this courtesy StatCounter 's Recent Pageload activity !


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Nine Lifesavers at Bhopal

Life at Bhopal required loads of toughness especially with the stomach [:p] .. If I managed to survive my first few months (first semester), it is due to the few things I've listed down here .. If I had missed one of these things , life had Bhopal would have become more tougher ! .. I can never forget even one of these things .. [:D]


9)Grand sweets Tomato Pickle :

With the brilliant food that is served in our mess , the dal and the more-kuzhambu ; I was really starved out in the first part of my stay in Bhopal. Came back to chennai on September 1st and one of the first things I did was to buy around Five 1/2 kg bottles of Pickles(Thokku) - Mango n Tomato ! .. Really helped a lot all through the semester for my survival cos the standard of the food kept deteriorating ! .. Pickle a sidedish a use pannuvanga ellarum ! But circumstances made me use it as a main dish itself ! .. Pickle rice ... Kodumaiyo Kodumai .. After coming home, not once have I touched pickles .. That much of a aversion !

8)All out :

Hehehe .. It was a common dialogue among me and my friends back in the hostel at Bhopal that living in the hostel was similar to life in a zoo .. Jus that we were inside and the animals, reptiles and insects were outside the cage (Our Hostel) .. The biggest threat among them was the mosquito though Snakes and "Discovery Channel" type of Bugs were also present ! Highly abundant all around the Hostel, they make life hell for you .. You cant survive without AllOut or one of those Mosquito Repellants or a Mosquito Net .. It is next to impossible .. Surely, the two bottles of AllOut I used saved me from a bout of Malaria and a huge swelling somewhere on my body every morning ..


A Samosa there costs Rs.3 .. This became available in the hostel from the last month of our stay there .. Everyday - 7 PM - 3 Samosas atleast - if not more- for Rs.9 was my menu .. Helped cool down my ever hungry stomach a lot (Though unhealthy) .. Helped maintain my weight and returned with only a semblance of change in appearance only due to this .. Though the samosas were real small, it couldn't deter me especially with the other food being served !

6)Tata sky
For a Football Addict like me, the first month back in Bhopal was horrendous. Totally out of touch with the sport in all means with just a TOI Article to read every week. TATA Sky helped a lot in staying in touch with the EPL and Champions league ! .. Who can ever forget the secret midnight watch of Man Utd Vs AS Roma - Group Stage - At Old Trafford in the TV room with a few more Mancs .. MUFC Bhopal was started .. [:p] .. Premier League games were caught up with .. O'course, helped in watching Tamil songs on "Mettukkal Pudhusu" in STAR Vijay as well .. Caught quite a few songs in Bhopal .. Other guys(fellow tamils) watched Mozhi on TV when I came back to Chennai .. Yea .. We even caught up with Anniyan and just missed Captan's Narasimha [:p] .. N yea .. This helped all the South Indians in Hostel 2[My Hostel's name in Bhopal] to get-together as well .. Who can ever forget the fight for English movies with the Hindi guys there .. !??

5)Nokia N 73

"Thala" Prabhakaran's ( No relation whatsoever to LTTE) N73 aka 17000 Clock without alarm was THE source to catch up with the latest Tamil songs that released during my stay in Bhopal .. Also the memory recorder for the "Tamil Tigers" [:p] for our time at Bhopal by means of the many snaps we took .. Unfortunately, Nokia's overprotectivity with the security code meant that it became a 17000 Rs clock without an alarm when Prabhakaran forgot the Security Code ! ..

You see .. 5 letter security code .. 10*10*10*10*10 = 100000 possibilites .. One code in 4 seconds .. And 5 mins closure of the software for every 5 wrong codes meant that each code to be checked took abt 64 seconds .. 100000 possibilites => 6400000 seconds => Arnd Eighty 24 hr Days ! .. Impossibilty .. [:)][:)]


Sorry for the missing photo .. As you may have guessed, the reason was the overprotective Nokia Security code .. ICH cares when Mess scares ! .. ICH - our one stop shop for South Indian food in Bhopal .. With Tamil speaking bearers, it would be like being back home for a moment in HSB although the food served never came up to that quality even once .. One of the better restaurants in Bhopal .. ( I've eaten only in two other places - Rice Bowl - that burns a hole in your pocket and One Madan hotel opposite the Station - which serves readymade Dosas [:p] )
Compusary visit a week when funds permitted ! .. O'course .. One of ma frnds Anand can never forget this place in his life for various reasons .. [:p] [:p][:p] .. Sorry da maams ..

Airtel - not the best network in MP but you see I hardly knew anything about Idea .. So bought an Airtel sim .. All it offered was poor connectivity in the hostel .. Signal Strength hardly went beyond two points on my mobile .. ( Our college is in the heart of Bhopal unlike NIT-Trichy which is about 20 km away from Trichy centre ) .. One thing with which I managed with Airtel was the Rs.96 for 600 National Free SMSs for one month .. Helped me stay in touch with all my friends back in Chennai ..[:D] .. [ My mobile says I've sent abt 4000+ messages during my stay in Bhopal [:p] ) ..

2)Sify I-way

Sify I-way .. No.10 Market .. My haunt everytime I went out .. My account notebook tells me I've spent exactly Rs.1065 on Internet Browsing alone in Bhopal [:o][:o][:o] .. Whenever I go there , minimum two hours stay ! .. With a tamil speaking guy incharge there, it was another place that rekndled memories of being back home .. Combine a Tamil speaking shop-worker in Bhopal with talking to your close friends again ! .. From watching Ooh Lalala epdisodes online to Checking Premier League results and watching the goals from the Match of the weekend on Youtube .. Listening to Latest songs on and to watching trailers on Indiaglitz and checking the Reviews of Tamil movies and Chennai Box office status on Sify .. Orkutting (O'course) and chatting away on Yahoo! messenger .. Downloading the latest songs into the infamous N 73 and O'course blogging .. A variety of activities took place .. ( PS : I dont write unless I get the "mood" to write .. and this of course never coincided with the time I was in the net centre .. So wat I did was to write the post down in ma notebook and take it along with me to Sify I-way and type it out there These - 1 and 2 are two posts I did that way .. !) ..

1)Friends - Both the ones at Bhopal and back here in TN

Well .. The most important thing .. Even if all the previous things had been there , it would have been imposssible to spend the next four years of my life at Bhopal if not for the wonderful batchmates I got by God's grace ! ..

Can never forget all the fun we had - Court Sessions for arguments .. The fight for the TV with the North Indian guys .. The silly fights after which we all had a laugh .. teasing everyone possible .. Running around the campus at midnight .. The never ending struggles to get permission to return back home ( Actually was successful twice .. One of the few people to do that [:p] [:p] .. [:D][:D] ) .. The teasing each other by calling each other names .. "The" Prank Call .. Cooking our food on the electric stove and eating it .. Talking abt the * marked notes .. [:p .. Contact over Yahoo ! messenger for elucidation .. .. This is too public a place ] .. The funda[Light coloured full shirt .. Pants .. No jeans .. Black Shoes .. White socks .. No facial hair(Never followed this part).. etc. etc. ] .. Those practical sessions .. Mass Bunks .. Watching T20 World Cup on DD News' Live updates .. Complaining to the Director abt lessons in Hindi .. Our secret outings .. Midnight B'day Parties .. "Model Question papers" from each person before every single exam .. The Bail order form Jail .. Deepavali meeting and lunch .. The "No bad words " Resolution .. The plans for a book abt our experiences .. The Trip to Van Vihar .. The Journey back home at last ..

100 % unadulterated fun ..

Of course .. Can never forget the people back in Chennai who remembered to stay in touch inspite of High National SMS and Call costs .. Those long telephone conversations .. Listening to songs over phone ( STD .. Mid it ! [:p] ) .. Discussing abt every other person back in Chennai over phone .... The missed call fun .. Also the school friends who kept the messages and calls coming in and never shrugged to talk when I called ..

Can never forget all you people because of whom my stay in Bhopal was brightened up ..

Photos : The ones in Friends ..
1) .. Balaji and Kiran Teja's B'day party after the exams were over .. The whole South India gang present there .. AP .. TN .. Kerala ... Karnataka ..
2) .. My B'day party .. The Tamil guys of Hostel 2 ( Vikram Sarabhai Bhawan) .. (Or Tamil Tigers as we are called ! [:p])

Other pics .. Courtesy Google Image Search !

That brings to an end yet another post .. Keep the comments coming !

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

SGS Awards - For everything under the sun !

Category 1 :Films(Kollywood)

Worst Picture :Veerasamy

Worst Director :Vijaya.T.Rajendar for Veerasamy

Worst Actor :S.J.Suryah for Thirumagan and Vyabari

Worst Actress :Namitha

Worst Screen Couple:Vijay - Namitha

Worst Remake : Parattai Engira Azhagu Sundaram

Worst New Star :J.K.Riteesh

Worst Original Song :Mayile Mayile,Veerasamy Title Track

Most Tiresome Tabloid Targets:Vijay and Ajith

Worst Excuse for an Movie :Thullal - Praveenkanth interview that "Heroes were afraid that he may act as second hero in his movies and take away their limelight"

Most Flatulent Teen-Targeted Movie : Naan Avan Illai - The five heroines [:D]

Worst Reckless Disregard for Human Life and Public Property : Sabari [:p] - The blunt knife !

Worst Excuse For Family Entertainment - Mayakkanadi

Worst Visual Effects - VFX for Azhagiya Tamil Magan in the Ant sequence and the climax bike chase

Worst Stunt Coordination :Peter Hein for the Musical Instrument fight in Sivaji

Worst Career Achievement Award

"Steven Speilberg" Perarasu for his brilliant efforts as a one man army !


Best Picture :Mozhi

Best Director :Radhamohan and Balaji Sakthivel

Best Actor : Sathyaraj for Periyar and Onbathu Roobai Nottu,Karthi for Paruthiveeran

Best Actress : Tamanaa for Kalloori and Priyamani for Paruthiveeran

Best Supporting Actor : Prakash Raj for Pokkiri and Mozhi

Best Supporting Actress : Swarnamalya for Mozhi

Best Animated Feature : Inimey Naangathaan (No competiton)

Best Art Direction : Thotta Tharani for Vaaji Vaaji and Sahana sets in Sivaji

Best Choreography : Prem Rakshit for Ella Pugazhum - Azhagiya Tamil Magan,Prabhu Deva for Dole Dole - Pokkiri

Best Costume Design : Anu Vardhan for Billa-2007,Nalini Sriram for Azhagiya Tamil Magan

Best Film Editing :Antony for Sivaji,ATM and Sreekar Prasad for Billa-2007

Best Original Score :AR Rahman for Sivaji,Azhagiya Tamil Magan,GV Prakash Kumar for Oram Po and Kireedom,Vidyasagar for Mozhi [Harris Jeyaraj misses out because his scores aint original in some cases ..:) ]

Best Background Score :AR Rahman for Sivaji,Azhagiya Tamil Magan and Yuvan Shankar Raja for Billa-2007

Best Visual Effects : Sivaji

Best Stunt Coordination :FEFSI Vijayan for Pokkiri and Azhagiya Tamil Magan


Category 2 - Indian of the year

Politics : Laloo Prasad Yadav

Business : Mukesh and Anil Ambani - Reliance

Sportsperson : Yuvraj Singh

Actress :
Deepika Padukone(Om Shanti Om) & Vidya Balan (Bhool Bhulayya)

Movie :
Chak De! India

Actor :
Shah Rukh Khan ( Chak De! India)

Song :
Chak De! Chak De India ! (Chak De! India)

Youth Icon :
APJ Abdul Kalam


Category 3 - Sports :

Football : Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United and Portugal)

Cricket :
Sachin Tendulkar (India)

Roger Federer (Switzerland)
Justine Henin (Belgium)

Formula 1 :
Lewis Hamilton

Chess :
Vishwanathan Anand


Category 4-Special :

Phoenix Award : Sourav Ganguly (Cricket - India)

Book of the year :
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Author of the year :

And lastly :
Most patient person award:

You ! The reader of my blog. No one in this world can have more patience !!!

[:)] [:)] [:)] [:)]


If you want any more awards, add in the comments section .. Naan Paathukaren ... [:D]


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Tamil Music of 2007 :- Top 30 songs and an analysis

"Tamil Cinema's music has been supposedly having a downfall since the influence of technology started" say a whole lot of people inc. ma parents. But I feel this downfall is not in the quality of music as a whole [All though there are a whole lot of lifts these days from other composers' music ... This is because these songs have the same if not better quality. It is only in the lyrics that the quality has reduced as I had pointed out earlier. [:D]

2007 had a lot of great music from the usual suspects and a few unusal ones as well. Overall a great year for audio buffs.(like me) [:D] ..

Moving on ...

En music taste a pathi sollanum naa .. :

"Appo Gaana thaan pudikkume .. Ippo Melody um pidikkuthe" .. [:D][:p] ..

Enakku Music a pathi enna therium nnu neenga kekkalaam .. Aana Ungalukku enna pathi therla .. Abhi Dekho .. Choopistanu !! [:p][:p][:p]

Movies kku I stopped with Top 10 but it is practically impossible to select 10 songs from a collection of over 300. So I increased the limit to 30. Even with that the whole task was really arduous.I may have missed a few songs here and there.Sorry abt that. [:)]

The process :

What I did was took Wikipedia and with the list of movies given there,listed out the good songs in the movie and prepared a initial list of songs which tallied 60 to be precise. Then struck of the songs by relative comparison and reduced it to 41.From that I again did the elimination and reduced it to 37.Then made a list of just missed outs and a final 30 as well. Initial sorting followed to sort it into two 15s and then in the 15 did sorting by dividing into 5s. I guess this helped the sorting and made it a more fine tuned process ... [:)] .. [ In order to avoid favoritism, i took the opinion of a few others (few=2) also ]

Lots of mokka over already .. So let me move on to the actual thing ..

NOTE : If the links provided are dead, sorry about it.They were working perfectly when I posted. You can take them off or




Album : Deepavali
Composer : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers :Yuvan Shankar Raja

Superb composition by Yuvan.Good Lyrics from Na.Muthukumar as well. Something quite similar to Sakarai Nilave[ My fav song ever] in the basic theme ! Yuvan's voice suits this song quite well .. ! Had enough to beat competition from the other just missers IMO ..


Song:Un Paarvai mele

Album : Chennai-600028
Composer : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers :Vijay Yesudas

One of the songs which forms an integral part of my playlist .. Has all ingredients .. Nice lyrics .. Good Voice .. Good Tune .. What else do you need in a song ? This soft romantic melody in Vijay Yesudas's voice was well picturised as well .. ( Thanks to CLN, My friend for forcing me to listen to this song for the first time)

No 28

Song:Sariya Thavara

Album : Kalloori
Composer : Joshua Sridhar
Singers :Haricharan

The same combo of Haricharan and Joshua Sridhar gave Thottu Thottu a few years back which was a big hit across the air waves. This time,the duo are back again with another good song. sounds very very similar to Thottu Thottu all through but has enough to hold itz own as well. The stretching of the last word of each line .. (Seriaaaa .. Idhu Thavaraaa .. ) is nice on the ear !

No 27

Song:Karu Karu Vizhigalaal

Album : Patchai Kili MuthuCharam
Composer : Harris Jeyaraj
Singers :Karthik, Nareesh Iyar, Krrish

Fell in love with this song in the first hearing itself .. With the superb voice of Naresh Iyer giving a great start and Karthik joining in and Krrish filling in wherever required , the song sounds very attractive .. HJ's tune and loops are really nice to hear as well especially the interludes !

No 26

Song:Megam Megam

Album : Kannamoochi Yenada
Composer : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers :Haricharan and Swetha

Haricharan once again , this time in combination with YSR and Swetha, who rendered "Nee Mutham Ondru Koduthaal" in Pokkiri , has given us another nice compostion to cherish .. With a simple tune . Swetha simply rocks in the song and Haricharan is as usual more than adequate for his part !

No 25

Song:Minnalgal Koothadum

Album : Polladhavan
Composer : GV Prakash Kumar
Singers :Karthik,Bombay Jayashree

Clearly inspired by/lifted from "Smack That" of Akon and Eminem. Still GVP manages to give his own touches here and there to add that X factor which differentiates a ordinary song from a hit number. The lilting voices of Karthik and Bombay Jayashree do lift the song to a different level altogether and give it a great feel.

No 24

Song:Yaaro Yaarukkul

Album : Chennai-600028
Composer : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers :SP Balasubramaniam,Chitra

The 70s tune has worked wonders for YSR in this song ! With the undoubtedly strong vocals of SPB and Chitra to back his efforts and even better lyrics as well, no doubts when this song became a chartbuster. The other version based on friendship was good too !

No 23


Album : Azhagiya Tamil Magan
Composer : AR Rahman
Singers :AR Rahman

ARR does everything in this song from the music to singing and throwing the much needed life into the song with his strong voice esp. in "Maanavan Manathu Vaithaal" and "Vittu chel".superb lyrics from Vaalee are much suited for the intro song of a mass hero like Vijay. With a good chorus, this was one song I liked on first hear in ATM !

No 22


Album : Sivaji
Composer : AR Rahman
Singers :SP Balasubramaniam,Raihanah, Benny Dayal

Who but SPB for Rajini's intro song ??? The open throated rendition by SPB and support vocals by Benny Dayal and Rahainah are more than sufficient for this. Good drum beats dominate most part of the song with lyrics talking about the spledours of Tamil Nadu ! Undoubtably, a better intro for SS aint possible ..

No 21

Song:Engeyum Epothum

Album : Polladhavan
Composer : GV Prakash Kumar
Singers :SP. Balasubramaniam, Yogi B, Sunitha Sarathy

Superb rapping by Yogi B were the first things that came to my mind when I first heard the song .. Though the lyrics dont strike you on the first listen, the song has been well remixed by YSR from MSV's old composition .. Another hot favourite in the Air Waves of Chennai ! .. SPB has done his part well. Sunitha Sarathy is sufficient.

No 20

Song:Vethalaya Potendi

Album : Billa 2007
Composer : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers :Shankar Mahadevan

One more remix and by YSR again.Shankar Mahadevan with his vocals injects looads of life into the song(which ultimately went down the drains because of Ajith's well known dance abilities). Not much of a change in the song basically. Just the extra joules of energy added by Shankar Mahadevan !

No 19

Song:Arabu Naade

Album : Thottal Poo Malarum
Composer : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers :Haricharan, Yuvan Shankar Raja

Good beginning to the song ! .. Haricharan yet again has done his job really well with Yuvan also sharing the singing department along with him ! This song made the obscure movie quite well known ! YSR does through up a good song here and there even in the small budget[ movies without a popular hero .. that's wat i mean] movies he composes for !

No 18

Song:Vasantha Mullai

Album : Pokkiri
Composer : Mani Sharma
Singers :Rahul Nambiar, Krishnamoorthy

Acc to my mother,this song is the reason for my poor board exam marks as I kept listening to this song again and again everyday while studying during the preparatory leave. [:D] .. Such was the impact of the song on me. One of my all-time favourite songs.Rahul Nambiar's voice suited the song quite well. The tune of the song was really impressive but was quite simple.( You cud replicate the beats with a table quite easily).

No 17

Song:Unnale Unnale

Album : Unnale Unnale
Composer : Harris Jeyaraj
Singers :Karthik, Krish & Harini

This rocking title track from the movie with the same name is a sweet n "nice on the ears" melodiuos composition by HJ yet again. He throws in this kind of a song for every movie of his ! Karthik n Krrish rock with their vocals all thorough the song and Harini hardly has a job to do with the duo around except for a line or two in the middle !

No 16


Album : Satham Podathey
Composer : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers :Viva Girls

With minimal instrumental backing throughout the song, Yuvan has given a nice song to listen to. A simple tune along with the sugar coated voice of the Viva girls make this a sure contender in the Top 15. The loop used in the song is good to listen to !

No 15

Song: Hey Aatha

Album : Malaikottai
Composer : Mani Sharma
Singers :Tippu,Anuradha Sriram

Splendid remix by Mani Sharma who has yet again proved his ability to dish out great numbers if given proper resources.The beats are rocking all through the song ! Especially the drum beat at a higher pitch.Anuradha Sriram and Tippu lift the song to unseen and unimaginable heights esp. Anuradha Sriram !

No 14

Song:Sevvanam Selaikatti

Album : Mozhi
Composer : Vidyasagar
Singers :Jassie Gift

Great lyrics and even better music is what makes this song which describes a boy dreaming about a girl he has just witnessed. Jassie Gift's typical rendition of the number makes things even better. The sound of the instrumetns can hardly be heard beyong Gift's voice.Surely Jassie Gift is a gifted singer !

No 13

Song:Seval Kodi

Album : Billa
Composer : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers :Vijay Yesudas

This was one song in Billa that I liked right from the first listening. Vijay Yesudas' voice is so so different from all his other songs ! The fast pace and the usage of the variuos traditional Tamil Instruments makes this a stlyish Koothu song .. The only song in Billa that I was able to take in more than a dozen times. The picturisation of the song was although a big let-down !

No 12

Song:Ponmagal Vandhaal

Album : Azhagiya Tamil Magan
Composer : AR Rahman
Singers :Md.Aslam,Ember Rap

The start was really nice and the momentum is maintanied well by ARR all through the song. Remixing at its best all through.In Ember, ARR has unearthed another brilliant rapper.Unlike in most other remixes,the influence of the original is seen clearly. The English Rap lines also make some sense as well. Usage of the original in between adds to the feel of the song . On the whole, Great work by ARR. No words to express it. Aslam's voice is astounding and sounds so much like (TMS - Not sure) who sung the original.

No 11

Song:Idhu Enna maayam

Album : Oram Po
Composer : GV Prakash Kumar
Singers :Shankar Mahadevan,Alka Yagnik

One of the best ever romantic melodies I've ever heard.Good chance for Shankar Mahadevan to prove his versatility afer a whole clutch of Koothu songs and other meaningless crap.And as always, he has given it his best.So has Alka Yagnik. These two and the neatly flowing lyric along with the ear-catching instrumentation and orchestration make this a melody woth remebering for quite some time !

No 10

Song:Akkam Pakkam

Album : Kireedom
Composer : GV Prakash Kumar
Singers :Sadhana Sargam

A good composition from the upcoming young composer GVP ! The solo number has been well dished out by Sadhana Sargam in her usual inimitable style.The simple tune and light orchestration works wonders for the song !

No 9

Song:Unakkul Naane

Album : Patchai Kili Muthu Charam
Composer : Harris Jeyaraj
Singers :Bombay Jayashree

The standard Bombay Jayashree song in HJ's albums. Well rendered by Bombay Jayashree though not in her usual sphere of Carnatic based music totally. The orchestration is really peppy. Bombay Jayashree gave the much needed life to the song which Madhusree sould not give !

No 8

Song:Athiradi kaaran

Album : Sivaji
Composer : AR Rahman
Singers :AR Rahman,Sayanora

Unlike Ellapughazhum where ARR was everything in the song, here ARR has left a bit of the song for Sayanora. The nasal voice of ARR though not suiting superstar did end up being a grat hit with the masses ! The start with the electric giutar is absolutely stunning ! ARR did everyhting required to add another song to his ever growing list of brilliant compositions !

No 7

Song:Dole dole

Album : Pokkiri
Composer : Mani Sharma
Singers :Ranjith,Suchitra

This song has the same tune from the Telugu version of the movie.Very attractive tune and superb beats which are proving to be Mani sharma's strongest point.Suchitra's rendition speaks volumes about her abundant talent.She has done an excellent job.Ranjith has very little work to do and whatever he has he does well.

No 6

Song:Saroja Saaman Nikalo

Album : Chennai-600028
Composer : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers :Shankar Mahadevan, Prem Gi Amaren

Shankar Mahadevan lends more energy to the already highly energetic peppy number from the YSR Stable. The typical Tamil film koothu number but the difference was made by the usage of Prem Gi Amaren's voice in a good way and also the way the Gaana instruments like Thaara Thappatai were used !

No 5

Song:Valayapatti Tavile

Album : Azhagiya Tamil Magan
Composer : AR Rahman
Singers : Madhumita, Naresh Iyer, Ujjayinee

When I heard the Hellotunes version of the ATM audio, this song was my least favourite.But the full version has become one of my favourites.Semma Lyrics.Add to that the open throated rendition by Madhumitha and Ujjayine (yaaru nne therla) ,which is super to say the least, you all but have a winner in your hands. Naresh Iyer proves his versatility yet again with his superb performance in this Hindustanish number.The beats in the middle rock.The swaras in the middle are nice to hear."Un kangal rendum Kalyani .. " those lines are my favourite in the song. And the Carnatic Lines following them. Wow. That's all I can say.Superb Lyrics by whoever wrote them.

No 4

Song:June pona

Album : Unnale Unnale
Composer : Harris Jeyaraj
Singers :Krrish,Arun

Inspired by a Blues track - All Rise, HJ has managed to give it a Tamil flavour with his tremendous orchestration skills. The superb lyric is audible right through the song and Krrish's voice is really attractive. Really well-composed western type of song from HJ.

No 3


Album : Sivaji
Composer : AR Rahman
Singers :Udit Narayan,Chinmayee

The slow poison song in the Sivaji album.I had my doubts if Udit's voice would suit Rajini but in the end it did perfectly siut SSRK. The slow moving song has a heavy instrumental backing all through with both Udit Narayan and Chinmayee ruling the roost.Once this song caught my ear, it was really tough to stop listening to it! .. The sadder version rendered by Vijay Yesudas is also awesome !

No 2

Song:Maduraikku Pogathedee

Album : Azhagiya Tamil Magan
Composer : AR Rahman
Singers :Benny Dayal,Archith,Dharshana

"Benny Dayal a ithu ??" .That was my first thought after listening to this.Nice lyrics. "Madurai kku pogathe di .. Mallipoo kanna vaikkum" and so on which makes a good description of the heroine's beauty.Classy Folk music but not koothu "Maruthaani thottathukke Maruthaani yaaru vecha " .. Wow .. Great Lyricism.ARR's best folk song in a loong loong time.Not that he has done too many though. :D .. I am starting to love Benny Dayal's Voice. Archith enga vararu nne therla.Good work by Dharshana as well !

No 1

Song:Kaatrin Mozhi

Album : Mozhi
Composer : Vidyasagar
Singers :Balram /Sujatha

Vidyasagar's Kaatrin Mozhi takes the Numero Uno spot in my countdown of songs ! With a really meaningful lyric and a simple tune , both the versions strike you as great compositions even as you hear it for the first time. Vidyasagar's good selection of vocals in the simple voices of Balram and Sujatha helped his case as well !Undisputedly and undoubtedly owns the numero uno spot in my countdown ... [:)]

Songs that just missed getting in:

1)Ayyayo Yen Usurukkulle (Paruthiveeran) - Hmm .. Probably beacuse i hated the song badly ! [:p]

2)Uppu Kallu (Karuppasamy Kuthagaikaarar) - Neat compostion from Karuppasamy Kuthagaikaarar

3)Pesa Madanthaye (Mozhi) - Well sung by Madhu Balakrishnan and well composed along with some meaning ful and neat lyrics form Vairamuthu by Vidyasagar

4)Kathal Vaithu (Deepavali) - Missed out to Pogathe !

5)Nee Marlyn Monroe (ATM) - I dropped it myself cos most of the other songs from ATM were already there in the Top 30 list already ..

[:D][:)] .. Keep reading,Keep smiling


Best Male voice :
* Haricharan
* Vijay Yesudas
* Naresh Iyer
* AR Rahman

Best Female Voice :
* Bombay Jayashree
* Chinmayee
* Saindhavi

Best Debutante (Male) : * Benny Dayal

Best Debutante ( Female) : * Shweta

Best Lyric : * Vairamuthu for Mozhi


That brings to an end this post about Music in Kollywood ..

PS: My favourite Hindi songs in 2007 were Aankhon me teri ajab si (Om Shanthi Om) and Hare Ram Hare Krishna (Bhool Bhullayya) .. [:D] [:p]


Next few posts getting ready as well .. Keep reading .. [:)]

Monday, December 24, 2007

Purse kulle

Tag taken from Srini anna's blog...

I just opened my purse. I find:

1. My SBI ATM-Cum Debit Card .. Now that account balance is 0, it is of no use !

2. SBI ATM Card Safe Cover which is kept safely separately .. :D ..

3. A photo of Chettipuniyam Hayagreevar ( supposed to help in studies .. athaan .. )

4. Books N Books VIP Customer Card [ Bhopal la oru book shop ]

5. 3 Passport size photos of me in a Blue Shirt

6. Shaikamee Videos Visiting card - Naan thiruttu DVD vaangara6edam :D

7. My chithi's visiting card for easy reference ..

8. Coins for value of Rs.4 (3*1;1*50p;2*25p)

9. Rs.590 in cash (2*10;1*20;1*50;1*500)

10. 2 ATM receipts showing account balance to be 0 INR

11. A - Z Gamestation visiting card - Naan pirated Games DVD vaangara Edam .. :)

12. Rajavel Studio Photo Cover dated 26-11-06 (Photo taken for JEE form) and numbered 7813

13. Health Card ( Athaan new name of Weight Slip in railways) taken on 3-11-07 with me measuring a good 69.5 kgs [ Slip no.52741] .. If u want the fortune given in it as well .. then hold on .. "NEW Business ventures, methods and partnerships will sweep away old covenants. YOUR LUCKY NUMBER 2" .. :D .. :p

14. Santham ATM Ticket for 29-11-2007 .. B-11 Seat

15.Return ticket to Bhopal for 12-1-2008 in Tamilnadu express .. [ :((((((( ]

16. Two Suburban Tickets from Guindy to Chennai Park for 21-12-07 ..

Ivlo irunthathe ippo thaan therium .. Tag helped me clean mah purse .. [:)] .. Thanx .. [:p]

Interested people can take up this tag :)

Govt against Video Piracy or for it !???

The TN govt. is supposedly against Video piracy and has strict laws against the sale of Pirated Tamil movie DVDs and VCDs. Once every month,the police manage to crack down a Pirated Video racket after 3 months of tough research work. (Thu .. Ithelaam oru kashtamaaana vela .. Naane oru 20 places a kayyoda solluven .. peria research n tracking panraanga ithukku poy .. ) and create a big scene by crushing thousand DVDs and giving nice pictures of Thiruttu DVD covers to newspapers. Colour Colour a DVD adikki vechi super a photo irukkum ..

But is the TN Govt really against Piracy is my biggest doubt.This doubt arose because of ma trip to Madurai last week. While returning, I watched Ghilli and some songs in the new (So called) AirBus(antha polambal kku innoru post) .. Instead of cracking down on VCD dealers all over Chennai ritchie street, the TN govt can first check all its buses and bus depots which have one of the laaaargest collection of latest movie thiruttu DVDs. From Friends to Sivaji, these buses have an astounding collection ! .. Ithelaam govt. bus thaane ? .. Doesn't the govt know what is happening in these buses ?? .. Itha laam allow panraanga ..

Biggest comedy is that the FBI warning that "Unauthorised Public screening of the movie is prohibited" also comes in the beggining ..

Enna koduma sir idhu ???

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Kollywood Review 2007 - Movies .. My Top 10 !

A looong year is drawing to an end finally .. And so are 8 months of my stay [Ma first post was on April 23 and Today is December 23] at and quite a stay it has been ..

The eventful year it has been for me, it has certainly warranted a few posts in here for the end of the year .. Here comes the first of the few ( may range between 3 to 5 depending on mah mood .. :p) ..

This one is about the evergreen Tamil Film Industry .. Kollywood .. Quite an Year it has been for the Tamil Film Industry .. As usual it dished out itz share of megahits and duds .. But it did enter uncharted territory as well with Pokkiri taking UK and Kerala by storm and Shivaji hitting Bollywood like never before[ Chk IBN Live's polls for Movie of the year and the same in Yahoo! Specials ] .. Quite an year , aint it !? .. Here's a few of the best and the worst ..

DISCLAIMER : This is purely "My Opinion" based entirely on my taste for movies and not in any way on Box-Office impact/success of the movies in question.

Always start with the positive side of things .. [:-)] ..

TOP 10 Movies of mine

10)Evano Oruvan

Stg :Maddy,Sangeetha and Seeman

My take:This remake of "Dombivili Fast" has been shot in a realistic manner.Madhavan's potrayal of Sridhar Vasudevan was more than adequate and Seeman ( Director) was good as the Cop. Well shot , the movie depicted the life of a middle class man in a very nice manner.Sad that the movie hardly had any sorta run in the BO.

Evano Oruvan takes Spot 10 in My Top 10 for 2007.


Stg :Surya,Asin

My take:This movie, potraying Surya in double roles and Asin in the role of an RJ , was crisp and quite entertaining inspite of the cliched story and age-old punchlines and the usual family story of Hari with atleast 40 characters in the fray.As Sudhish Kamath put it in his Hindu review, Surya did breath a lot of life into this movie.As always Asin was at her prettiest best in the movie.Songs were a forgettable experience although.

Vel takes Spot 9 in My Top 10 for 2007.


Stg :Ajith,Nayanthara,Namitha

My Take:This remake of Superstar's "Billa" didn't quite live up to all the hype surrounding it. It was almost a word to word remake.Chic and stylishly shot and edited. Costumes by Anu Vardhan are neat on the eye but do make it look almost like a black and white movie. A small change here and there would have helped it loads especially in terms of BO impact.Nayanthara is highly inadequate and so is Namitha in whatever role she has got. Prabhu looks laughable at in the coat suit act of his. In all, good entertainment if you haven't watched Rajini's Billa.Else, the predictable sequences may fool around with your patience. YSR's re-recoding does warrant a mention here esp. the theme music.

Billa takes Spot 8 in My Top 10 for 2007.


Stg :Karthi,Priyamani

Ameer gave a new dimemsion to Rural based cinema with this movie of his. Powerful performances from the lead pair and hummable tunes from YSR where the high point of the movie. "Kangalaal Kaithu Sei" la vantha Priyamani a ithu nnu thaan first thought. Karthi's performance speaks loads about his talent.Inspite of my hatred for those rural themes, the immensely good reviews made me watch the movie and yeah, I was able to sit through the movie which is good enough for a person with aversion for such kinda movies.

Paruthiveeran takes Spot 7 in My Top 10 for 2007.

6)Unnale Unnale

Stg :Vinay,Tanisha,Sadha

My Take:Chicly made and stylishly shot by Late.Jeeva.Melbourne has never looked more inviting. Was kewl on the eyes.Brilliant Album by HJ on the whole and with the songs being shot well, the movie was enhanced more. With a rip off from here and a rip off from there , Jeeva made this almost like a Super Scenes program. But for the climax and one unnecessary song, the movie was quite fine.Both Sada and Tanisha had speakable roles unlike most tamil films with two heroine subjects where one just comes to prance about with the hero.

Unnale Unnale takes Spot 6 in My Top 10 for 2007.


Stg :A whole gang of youngsters [Shiva, Nithin Sathya, Aravind Akash, Christine Zedek ]

My Take: A Cricket movie for this cricket mad nation which was entertaining in every second. So much that the 3 odd hours just flew past me. With an inherent flow of humour all through and gripping screenplay throughout the movie and good music from YSR, the movie never had a single dull moment all through.Kudos to Venkat Prabhu for giving this clean entertainer.

Chennai-600028 takes Spot 5 in My Top 10 for 2007.

Stg :Vijay,Asin,Prakash Raj

My Take:The movie did live up to almost all expectations from the fans of "Ilayathalapathy" Vijay. Superbly choreographed colourful songs were the highlight of the movie. Afterall with Prabhu Deva,it is bound to be ! Well choreographed stunt sequences by FEFSI Vijayan and some good camera work by Nirav Shah added to the gloss of the movie.Probably Asin's most glamorous role ever.Prakash Raj was at his best as Ali Bhai.The support cast in Nasser and Mukesh Tiwari did a good job as well.Probably if Shivaji hadn't released, this would have been the best masala entertainer of the year..

Pokkiri takes Spot 4 in My Top 10 for 2007.


Stg :Rajinikanth,Shreya,Suman

My Take:You dont expect little when three giants from Tamil cinema join hands - Shankar,Rahman and the biggest of et al "Rajini" .The king of commercial cinema with one of the best Indian directors in terms of exquiteness and granduer joined hands to deliver one of the best masalas in Tamil Cinema history - arguably even the best.ARR's music was not upto his usual high standards but was still better than most of the ordinary stuff that is dished out in Kollywood.MGR made the movie literally.If not for "Motta" Boss, Shankar and AVM motta potrukkanum. [:P]

Shivaji takes Spot 3 in My Top 10 for 2007.


Stg :Vijay,Shreya,Namitha

My Take:With vijay in a dual role for the first time and joining hands with ARR after the fiasco in Udhaya, the movie had a lot of expectations around it but couldn't fulfil all of them.Guru-the usual Vijay character and Prasad - the character with negative shades were well etched out by Bharahthan and Jeeva.Nothing else to add about this as i've already reviewed the movie in my blog earlier.[Watched it five times already in theatre .. 6th time in the offing quite soon]

Azhagiya Tamil Magan takes Spot 2 in My Top 10 for 2007.

Stg :Prithviraj,Jyotika,Prakash Raj,Swarnamalya

The movie of the year in my books.A clean entertainer from Radhamohan and Duet Movies yet again.With a river of humour flowing throughout the movie, there was never a dull moment in the movie.With a touching and sentimental story and brilliant performances by everyone in the cast,this movie takes the top spot in my list.[This was the first movie I watched more than once in theatre .. twice]

Mozhi takes Spot 1 in My Top 10 for 2007.


Honorable mentions that just missed out include Kireedom and Polladhavan


I watched quite a few movies this year thanks to BSNL's 2 mbps connection and Std. 12 finally drawing to and end.

1)Pokkiri - Enjoyable movie .. Caught up with it in Mayajaal 3rd day 2nd show.

2)Aalwar - One of the crappiest movies I've ever watched with an even crappier album .. Home theatre thanks to Tamil Torrents

3)Thamirabharani - The usual Hari movie .. Home theatre thanks to Tamil Torrents

4)Pori - Horrendous Cinema at itz best .. Because of one Hindu article about a clean entertainer from Subramania Siva, I downloaded this crappy movie and all i got was a headache .. Home theatre thanks to Tamil Torrents

5)Deepavali - One more of the shitty movies that i was forced to watch thanks to my sis .. Tried to sit thro' the movie for the songs .. Home theatre thanks to Tamil Torrents

6)Pachaikili Muthucharam - A different one from Gautham Menon .. Wud have caught it in the theatre if I had not been aprrehensive about watching Supreme Star Sarathkumar in theatre .. Hence took help from Tamil Torrents again .. [:D]

7)Mozhi - Superb movie .. Watched it twice in theatre - Mini udhayam and Sree and many more with the MoserBaer DVD back home ..

8)Unnale Unnale - Went to the movie along with my friends after AIEEE if I remember right .. was sorta ok .. Watched it in Udhayam

9)Chennai 600028 - Watched this in Suriyan if I remember right .. Nice movie .. Was entertainment all through ..

10)Naan Avanillai - Tamil Torrents helped me catch up with this movie .. The original was loooads better than this one !

11)Sivaji - Caught the mother of all masalas in Sathyam with a complimentry ticket I think on the 10th day if i remember right ..

12)Paruthiveeran - I hate movies set in the rural mileau .. So caught this in a Ayngaran DVD just a few weeks back ..

13)Kireedam - Caught this movie ( I dont know which ending it was) on DVD a few days bac only !

14)Malaikottai - Downloaded this from and saw it only last week !

15)Kannamoochi Yenada - Same as above !

16)Vel - Same as above !

17)Polladhavan - Same as above ! [:P]

18)Azhagiya Tamil Magan - Caught up with this 5 times on screen ! .. Santham,Udhayam,Sree, Udhayam , Udhayam .. Koodiya Seekiram Shanthi la .. [:D]

19)Evano Oruvan - Should have watched this in theatre .. But unfortunately ran out of funds at the wrong time .. so helped me this time !

20)Billa - Itha kandippa theatre la paaka maaten nnu sabatham eduthurukken ... So downloaded it and slept through the movie .. ( again)

21)Kaanal Neer - Caught up with this for the sake of writing a review and after seeing all those "Rising Star" Ritish banners outside Udhayam .. So downloaded this from somewhere .. Dun remember the name ..

22)Veerasamy - Intha maari classic movie laam paakalena enakku romba asingam .. So with help from Tamilblood, watched this ..

23)Kaloori - Missed Balaji Sakthivel's earlier movie Kaathal .. Because of the hype created by Sify etc. saw the movie .. Good one on the whole with a great climax ..

24)Oram Po - Semma pacy movie .. Again Tamilblood download !


you may shout at me for supporting piracy ! .. Wait for the next post before that .. [:p] .. I watched 24 new movies this year which is higher than the total no. of movies i have ever watched in ma life before this year .. Next year the count will prob be higher i guess .. Paakalaam .. Let's see wat 2008 has in hold !


That's it for this post ! .. Few more coming in some time ..


Song of the year !!!!

Chk out this song from the movie Kadhalil Vizhunden ... !!!!!

Actors : Nakul (Boys payyan) , Sunaina
Director : Prasath PV
Music Director : Vijay Antony
Producer : Umapathy

Naakka Mukka
Singer : Chinnaponnu, Nakul
Lyrics : Prasath PV

Naakka Mukka
Singer : Vijay Antony
Lyrics : Prasath PV

[PIC: Hero n Heroine probably shooting for that song and to avoid damage using headphones to listen to some other song Courtesy:IndiaGlitz Tamil]

Above are the links for listening to those songs online .. I dont support Music Piracy u see .. So no download links here ... :D .. Jus try listening to the songs and if alive, comment in the comments section .. Fortunately I almost listened to it on BIG FM and Thank God , Radio Mirchi played "Elllapugazhum Eraivan Oruvanukke" at the right time .. Try counting the no. of naakus and mookus in the song :P

Next Perarasu in Tamil Cinema has arrived .. Vaaango Varaverkalaam !! .. Jus listen to those two songs .. Poor Singer is confused about his Tongue and Mouth ! .. Aana Epdiyo Vaayala Paaditaanga antha "Chinnaponnu" .. (Enna peru da ithu !! :-o) .. Get ready for Prasath communities or Orkut soon !

No Disputes .. Undisputedly the song of the year has been delivered by Vijay Antony and Prasath ! .. Causing a lot of "waves" in the FM Radio Stations .. :D .. Itah namma TR kku compose pannirukkalaam Vijay Antony ! .. Better reach kadaichirukkum :-p

Ithula namma Vijay antony kku rendu version vera kekkuthu ... !!


Why India will get thrashed in the Test Series Down under !

I am no Nostradamus here but the whole thing looks really bleak and all I can see at the end of the road is either a 2-0 or a 3-0 thrashing waiting for India.I would be very happy(the happiest person in fact) if Anil Kumble and Co. prove me wrong.

My instincts are not without reason though. I was a huge fan of Sehwag about two-three years back but now his form has kept hitting new and unseen lows. I am not mad to say whatever be his form, he must be in the team. He may have performed brilliantly last time around in Australia but if performance last time is the criteria, take Ajit Agarkar along. Bringing him from nowhere into the 15 will do no good to the confidence of other waiting players like S Badrinath, G Gambhir and many more deserving people.

IMO, Pathan should not have been there in the squad. The guy has lost a lot of pace and is no longer the same bowler he was when he uprooted the sticks of AC Gilchrist on the last tour to Australia. He is only a 20-20 or ODI bowler by all means these days as he has no wicket taking deliveries. He waits for the batsman to make an error and get out rather than prising them out himself.With his pace,short deliveries of his will be slaughtered by the likes of Hayden , Ponting, Symonds and Gilchrist who are all superb players of short stuff.His yorker is more or less converted into full toss deliveries cos it is too easy to spot it. Agarkar would have been a much better option Down Under with his pace ( One guy whose pace hasn't dropped a notch since he made his India Debut .. ) and bounce etc.

Yea .. Pathan's batting is a supposed asset .. But what is it going to do when all the other seven have failed ?????? .. Instead a better bowler will serve more purpose by adding the much needed bite into this attack ...

Why take along Dinesh Kaarthick and Sehwag to Australia if you are planning to open with Rahul Dravid ? .. They could have well played Ranji Trophy Cricket back home. Blooding Pankaj Singh against Australia ? .. What a brilliant idea .. I want to meet the person who gave such a brilliant idea .. !

IMO Dhoni does n't merit a place in the test XI when India plays in Australia with the kind of technique he employs however successful he may have been on the dead pitches back home. (That he wasn't is another matter all together) .. Drop him, let Kaarthick keep wickets and open the batting.Saves one place in the team in which Yuvraj Singh who is in the form of his life since the T20 WC can be accomodated.

It is an often repeated adage that "The best batsman( technique wise) in your team should take the No.3 spot " . No matter what kind of form he is in, Dravid ,is for me the best batsman for India away from home and must occupy the no.3 spot come what may.(Considering Sachin wants to play no earlier than no.4 ie) . Why make him open the batting ?? Has n't the Indian team management got other scape goats leave alone Laxman and Dravid for the opening slot ? .. That those two are soft spoken is being exploited a lot by these people .. Every time India has a opening slot worry, it is Dravid or Laxman whose head falls under the Gullotine. Why not try SC Ganguly ,who is not new to opening (N yea .. Poor Sourav keeps missing a lot of centuries nah ! .. Let him open and score tons of Centuries :-p) being a long time opening batsman or Dhoni himself ??

Unless Kumble takes some strong steps, IMO this team is headed for disaster Down Under ... !! Probably one of the worst results awaits if Dravid goes opening and all ..

Starting XI (If all are fit) : Dinesh Kaarthick (WK), Wasim Jaffer, Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, VVS Laxman, Yuvraj Singh, Anil Kumble(C), Zaheer Khan, Ishant Sharma, RP Singh ..

In batting order .. If Dhoni is willing to open, let him do that and leave out Kaarthick and pick him !! Else only disaster is waiting ..


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hehehehehe .. one more !

Found one more with the same line at the bottom .. Anyone who hasn't done this can do it ! .. Did it .. :-p .. Year end posts and Tigerz tales are on the way ..


1.Grab the book nearest to you, turn on a random page and find random line.

"Tom Riddle, who confided in no one and operated alone, might have been arrogant enough to assume that he, and only he, had penetrated the deepest mysteries of Hogwarts Castle. Of course, Dumbledore and Flitwick, those model pupils, had never set foot in that particular place, but he, Harry, had strayed off the beaten track in his time at school – here at least was a secret area he and Voldemort knew, that Dumbledore had never discovered –"

Book .. You would have guessed already .. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows byJ.K.Rowling

2.Stretch your left arm out as far as you can.

Done .. Hit a box and pushed it down as well .. :D .. Enough ??

3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?

Seithigal on DD Podhigai .. Predicting heavy rains throught out Tamil Nadu tomorrow (18-12-07) ..

4.Without looking, guess what time it is?

11-00 pm

5. Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?

10-51 pm

6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?

Frogs Croaking .. Rain falling on the road .. The buses in the bus stand .. (My house is right behind KK Nagar bus depot .. athaan ) ..

7. When did you last step outside? What were you doing?

Today morning .. Went outside to buy something for my hungry stomach and got my self wet in the rain .. loved it totally .. But have quite a cold now ! :-(

8. Before you started this survey, what did you look at?

My Yahoo! Mail inbox .. clearing the 150 odd unread messages in there ..

9. What are you wearing?

Netherlands Ruud Van Nistelrooy jersey and a black 3/4 pant ..

10. Did you dream last night?

Nope .. Dreamless sleep if I had any at all .. Slept at 2-30 am after starting the downloads in the happy hours of BSNL and my sleep was abruptly cut short by my mother at 6-30 am .. What to do ? .. :-(

11. When did you last laugh?

Hmmm .. As i said in one of my previous posts , Poor Memory coupled with short term memory loss .. I guess it was when i saw the video at the end of the post .. You join in the laughter as well .. !!!

12. What is on the walls of the room you are in?

Hmm .. One Rafael Nadal poster .. the EPL Schedule .. One Rooney Poster .. The calendar .. A Clock .. Of course Paint .. One Vijay poster ..

13. Seen anything weird lately?

Last weird thing I saw was one bloody movie .. Actually the movie wasn't that bad .. Just that it was a Tamil Dub .. Yea .. HP-5 again .. The spells in Tamil are still haunting me .. :(( ..

14. What do u think of this quiz?

Is this a quiz ?? .. Quizzing is a hobby of mine .. Not just a hobby , a passion which has grown up with me .. I am starting to like doing tags .. You would have noticed too I guess .. Most of my last posts have been tags ! .. :p

15. What is the Last film u saw?

Abt 4 hrs back,I finished watching Polladhavan stg. Dhanush and Divya .. Looads of violence .. Was quite entertaining though ..

16. If you became a multimillionaire overnight, what would you buy?

Hmm .. I have thousand dreams .. Would buy MUFC .. Would produce a film stg. my favourite hero and heroine .. Would buy the whole Hardy Boys collection(Has been my dream for a loong loong time) .. Would buy a huuuge mansion .. Would keep some of the remaining fortune for myself and donate the rest to some charity .. !

17. Tell me something about you that I dunno.

Hmmm .. You first tell me wat you know about me .. Then i'll tell you something you dunno abt me .. ! ..

18. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?

Remove corruption from this world .. Remove that thing called reservations .. N yea .. Remove the exams from the world and make it a more happy place to live in .. !

19. Do you like to dance?

Yea .. I like to ape the dance of a Few Tamil songs and end up twisting my ankle or leg somewhere .. Although like to perform impromptu jigs when I am really happy for myself or someone else !

20. George Bush

Ape .. Chimpanzee .. Any thing from the monkey family would do .. New World monkeys are classified within the parvorder Platyrrhini .. :-p ..

21. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?

Romba Mukyam .. Ithu therle naa naadu ninnu poyda pogutha ?? .. Polappu ketta jenmanga ..

22. Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?

Ithu athukku mela ! .. Innum oru 10 years wait pannunga .. Ungalukku kandippa therinjidum ..

23. Would you ever consider living abroad?

Living abroad ?? .. Nah .. Chennai rocks .. Wudn't even consider going beyond South India permanently ..

24.What do you want GOD to say to you when you reach the pearly gates?

Go back to where you came from !!!


Yea .. I would also end with "Anyone who hasn't done this tag can do it " .. :p


Yea .. Chk out this video as well .. :D .. Rocking one ..