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15 Things / people I hate - Part 2

Continued from Part 1

10.Tamil Song Lyrics
Tamil song lyrics of the olden days where trendsetters.Great lyricists like Kannadasan and Pattukottai Kalayanasundaram
wrote superb lines those days.

"Thoongathe thambii thoongathe...nee somberi endra peyar vaangadhe"..
"Veedu varai uravu Veethi varai manaivi Kaadu varai pillai kadaisi varai yaaro?.."
"ponaal pogattum poda...intha bhoomiyil nilayaai vazhthavara yaarada"..

"aalum varalum arivum valaranum athu thaanda valarchi"
Songs contained so many "vazhkai thathuvams" those days.The lyrics were audible and were nice to here.Nothing obscene was used in the lyrics.A good level of decency was maintained which made the songs good to hear.

But these days,lyricists are getting worser and worser.A few samples:

"Yammadi...Aathadi..unna enakku thariyaadi..nee paathi..naan paathi..senthuputa sivan jaathi"...

"lunchukku oru manjulavum dinnerrukku vennilaavum ...iruntha ilamai kku yogam"...
"foreign ponnu adhu broiler kozhi...nammooru ponnu machi naattu kozhi...koodaiya poattu nee amukkidu jolly.."
"Munn azhaga kaatikko, pinn azhaga vetikko...Onnum veanam othikko, munthanaiya pothikko Idupporam macham kaataava...Naan appurama micham kaattava"
"Bun..bun..bun sweet bun..butter jam pole...nee thaan...unthan mela naan thaan otti kolla thaan vaa"...

Influx of idiots like perarasu into lyric writing has spoilt the charm of the songs.Most of the songs have double meaning lyrics.The number of obscenities in songs are now almost equal to the promises teh politicians give in the Election Campaign Speeches.

9.TV Serials
TV serials these days are the past time for many grand parents and housewives.I despise TV serials.The topics are getting too repetitive.

"The same mother-in-law and daughter-in-law guy having two wives(SHIT)...this coming to the knowledge of one of the wives...fites...hue n cry...deaths...teenagers running away..."....The same bullshit is repeated in every crappy serial...

1/2 hour is the time slot...athula 15 mins advertisement...5 mins title song...5 mins recap of past...baaki 5 mins serial...athula crying la paathi neram...

Serials are bull shit...

8.Google Talk
Google's pale attempt at competition for Yahoo! messenger.Gtalk doesn't have even half the features of Yahoo! messenger.No invisible conference mode..improper archiving contact online informer...Even the chat windows aren't gr8...

Jus that it is a substitute when Yahoo! messenger doesn't work properly.That's it...otherwise i'd prefer not to use it at all...

7.Fernando Alonso
I dunno...I've never liked him from the start...probably i hated him cos he shared his name with a scouser...I hated the guy's attitude which he showed when Hamilton,the 2nd driver at McLaren owershadowed him...Putting the blame on renault for poor driving etc.etc...He has never impressed me and he'll probably never do that...(Shortest!?)

6."Mysore Sandal" Dhoni sounds stupid...looks more like a woman with his long hair( I still dunno y girls call him good looking..)...His batting is technique less...he doesn't know what the meaning of backfoot is...His shots are really clumsy too watch...He aint a gr8 keeper(Dinesh Karthik is loads better)...

All he does these does is acting in ads...Usha Fans...Mysore Sandal...Byrlcreem..Pepsi...reebok...n so on..(17 more r there)...When he has to do ads for all these companies year around,how will he get time to practise??

He failed India when he was needed the most...two zeroes in the world cup...

He can play only on flat wickets where the ball doesn't swing or spin and when the bowler has no quality...on other lively wickets,Dhamaka goes missing from his bat...

TOP 5 in Part 3...

15 Things / people I hate - Part 1


TNEB - Tamil Nadu Electricity board.This is one of the worst organisation one can see in Tamilnadu.Power cuts are as often as punches in Rajinikanth movies.Their organisation sux to the core.Have the time during power cuts at nite,the idiots keep the phone down and dont respond at all.If at all I get the line,this is what happens...

"Sir,innum 1/2 hr la vanthudum sir...fault paathundrukkom...". Call them after 1/2 hr and ask.."Sir,paathundrukkom sir...itho vanthudum". Call them after one hr.."Sir,engalukke current illa sir...main office call panni paarunga...".

This is one organisation I have had a lot of fights with. Call them to ask.They'll remember me.

BSNL-Bharat sanchar Nigam Limited...another organisation in India whose customer care is horrendous esp. the Dataone section.Half the guys/women there dont know whether the fault is in the user's PC or with the server.The standard reply you get is:

"Sir,unga PC la Spyware illati virus irukkum...chk pannunga." "Sir,ping panni paarunga." "Sir,must be server problem sir.It will automatically be restored in 1 hr." "Sir,I will give u the number of technical dept.Call them n see" "Sir,check network properties sir".
Thats all these people know.And the tone of their replies is as if we r begging at their feet n using their service free of cost.This is yet another organisation with whom I've had plenty of run ins.


13.Cheran Films

His films were alright until he started acting in them just like S.J.Suryah.Atleast his role was ok in Autograph.But he went too too far in Mayakannadi.There are so many scenes with the mirror in the film. Did he bother looking into it just once?No doubt he did a decent job in Autograph as an actor but here he should've gone in for a younger actor like Bharath. The movie would've at least been watchable and probably even effective.

His films are tooooo long.U cant watch them.Better if he changes his editor.Thavamai Thavamirundhu was too much.Four heroines for him.avarukke konjam overa therla.Realistic a padam edukkaren nnu soltu padatha 4 hrs kku oru vazhkai maari edutha evan paapan???

12.Serena Williams

Serena Williams...She may be a great tennis star.I dont care.But her dressing sense is erm. Any one who saw her during the French Open would surely vouch for that.I dunno what she thought. May be she thought she was catwalking on the ramp.Even during public appearances her dressing sense is idiotic. May be she thinks she is a Miss World who can wear anything.

11.DD's Sport Coverage

There has been so much written about this already.DD's coverage is Cricket between ads.Not ads between cricket.The last ball of the over gets cut due to their over enthusiastic nature for ads.Same is the case with the first ball of the next over.The end of the match celebrations are marred by a stupid programme called "Fourth Umpire" where 4 nutters discuss about Indian cricket(Chetan Shrama talks abt fielding and running between the wickets when the whle world knows how god he was in those).

The worst part is Hindi Commentry where the commentators sit in front of a TV set and do the commentry.

"Badiya Shot...lekin vahaan feilder moujood..."

"Beekreen fielding vaahaan"

"Aacha ball daala...lekhin chaar run"

"Beekreen shot ... chaar run...lekhin timing uthna achcha nahi kiya....fielder ne ball ko boundry ke paas rukka"
The emotionless commentry is crap.Rajinder amarnath knows as much about cricket as Laloo knows abt the railways.Anjum Chopra...poor gal...sitting with three more nutcases ...

PS:This is a three part series which will be continued...

Friday, June 29, 2007

A Northie's view of our Singara Chennai

Source: Orkut again ..


I am another misery-stricken North-Indian who has been sentenced to
2 years RI to Chennai

Some Facts about this land 'of missed opportunity':

Language - Tamil, tamil and tamil. Even if they know hindi, they dont speak up.

People - We never heard anyone laughing here (I wonder if they ever laugh or shout)
So conservative, that no one talks even in the bus

Food - Idly, sambhar, rice, dosa, vada, pongal
We have to cook our food ourselves (unbelievable naa).

Weather - summer from october to feb and rest of the year it's deadly summer.

Lesiure - Dormitory, dirty sea beaches on weekends

Rent - 6.5 K / 1 BHK
Advance - 6 months

Aata - Rs. 26 /kg

Apple - Rs 100 /kg

Orange - Rs. 10/piece

Banana - Rs 3 /piece

Mausambi Juice -Rs 18 /glass

Phulka - Rs. 15

Interesting facts and incidents :

1. Here you cannot buy a needle after 6 PM (strange).

2. We asked an auto driver, "hindi aati hai"?. He replied in hindi "Hindi nahi aati".

3. The most common suffix here is 'a', e.g.
straight - straighta
2 cup tea - 2 cupa tea

4. Even dogs eat curd rice.

5. In north, names are like Gori Shankar, gauri prasad etc. Here the names are like Kaliraj, kalicharan etc.

6. When there is a 't' in any name, they add 'h' to it.
jayant - jayanth
bharat - bharath

7. Here is a culture of adding mystical alphabets after ones's name, like Mahesh R, Sandeep T etc.

8. Cable connection is of no use here as only tamil channels are broadcasted on cable TV, if anyone wanna watch hindi channels then you need to buy a set up box (Rs.4000).

9.No Night Life!

Really funny

I found this on Orkut.It was hilarious and funny to read.


One Bihari = Laloo Prasad Yadav.
Two Biharis = booth-capturing squad.
Three Biharis = caste killing.
Four Biharis = entire literate population of Patna.


One Bengali = poet.
Two Bengalis = a film society.
Three Bengalis = political party.
Four Bengalis = two political parties.
More than four Bengali's = Countrywide agitation to bring Ganguli into Team.

UP Bhaiyya

One UP bhaiyya = a milkman.
Two UP bhaiyyas = halwai shop.
Three UP bhaiyyas = a fist-fight in the UP assembly.
Four UP bhaiyyas = mosque-destruction squad.


One Gujju = share-broker in a Bombaytrain.
Two Gujjus = rummy game in a Bombaytrain.
Three Gujjus = Bombay's noisiest restaurant.
Four Gujjus = stock market scam.


One Mumbaikar = footpath vada-pav stall.
Two Mumbaikars = film studio.
Three Mumbaikars = slum.
Four Mumbaikars = The number of people standing on your foot in the train at rush hour.


One Sindhi = currency racket.
Two Sindhis = papad factory.
Three Sindhis = duplicate goods shop in Ulhasnagar.
Four Sindhis = Hong Kong Retail Traders Association.


One Marwari = The neighbourhood foodstuff adulterator.
Two Marwaris = 50% of Calcutta.
Three Marwaris = Finish off all Gujaratis & Sindhis.
Four Marwaris = Threaten the Jews as a community


One Haryanavi = tube light
Two Haryanavi = agriculture
Three Haryannavi= Lathi squad
Four Haryanavi = actually just one was enough"

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Cattell's 16 Factor Test Results

Cattell's 16 Factor Test Results
Warmth |||||||||||||||||||||||| 78%
Intellect |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 86%
Emotional Stability ||||||||||||||||||||| 66%
Aggressiveness |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 82%
Liveliness ||||||||||||||||||||| 70%
Dutifulness |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 86%
Social Assertiveness |||||||||||||||||| 54%
Sensitivity ||||||||| 26%
Paranoia ||||||||| 26%
Abstractness ||||||||||||||| 50%
Introversion |||||||||||| 38%
Anxiety |||||||||||| 38%
Openmindedness |||||||||||| 38%
Independence ||||||||||||||| 42%
Perfectionism |||||||||||||||||||||||| 74%
Tension |||||||||||| 38%
Take Cattell 16 Factor Test (similar to 16pf)

personality tests by

This test is quite accurate take it....