Tuesday, July 3, 2007

15 Things / people I like - Part 1

15.Yahoo! Messenger
Yahoo Messenger...well,these days,that's where i spend all of my time.That is the place where I got most of my closest friends as well.Easy way for talking.Of course loaads better than Gtalk.With many features like conference,photo share,message archives(they are really useful... many of my friends would vouch for that).

The look of Yahoo messenger itself is inviting unlike Gtalk which looks so drab to me.I jus love this thing so much.Actually it has even brought more traffic to this blog as well.[:D]

14.Driving Fast
This is a passion of mine.I love driving my mom's Activa and going really fast on it. Ashok Pillar road ,Anna main road,Kodambakkam High road,Dr.Ambedkar salai and Venkatnarayana road are my favourite haunts esp during the mornings when the roads are free from traffic and are really empty.Fast a porache mudikku nadula kaathu adikkarathe oru thani thrill....

13.Udit Narayan

This guy is undisputedly my favourite singer.I dont reallly know the reason for this.Probably due to his unique voice or his "brillaint" pronunciation of tamil in his songs.But yeah,this guy has loads of fizz in his voice as Vidyasagar rightly said.His Hindi songs are loads better although.Many people may find this as a stupid choice.But its mine.[:D]

12.Sakarai Nilave

My alltime favourite song...undisputedly.This song from the movie "Youth" is picturised on"Vijay" and "Sandhya".Music by Mani Sharma is at its best.Harish Raghavendra has done a brilliant job with his vocals.The orchestration is superb all through the song.Lyrics by Vairamuthu are some of the best you can find.

sakkarai nilavae peN nilavae
kaaNum poadhae karaindhaayae
nimmadhi illai yaen illai nee illaiyae
(sakkarai nilavae...)

manam pachai thaNNee dhaan peNNae
adhai patra vaithadhu un kaNNae
yen vaazhkai ennum kaattai eRithu
kudai kaayndhaay kodumai peNNae

kavidhai paadina kaNgaL
kaadhal paesina kaigaL
kadaisiyil ellaam poigaL
en pinju nenju thaangumaa?

(sakkarai nilavae...)

kaadhal endra ondru adhu kadavuL poala
uNara thaanae mudiyum adhil uruvam illai
kaayam kaNda idhayam oru kuzhandhai poala
vaayai moodi azhumae andha vaarthai illai
anbae un punnagai yellaam adi nenjil saemithaen
kaNNae un ponnagai yellaam kaNNeeraay urugiyathey
veLLai sirippugaL un thavaRaa?
adhil koLLai poanadhu en thavaRaa?
pirindhu sendradhu un thavaRaa?
naan purindhu koNdadhu en thavaRaa?
aaN peNNeer parugum peNNin idhayam
sadhaiyalla kallin suvaraa?

(kavidhai paadina...)

november maadha mazhaiyil naan nanaivaen endraen
enakkum kooda nanaidhal miga pidikkum endraay
mottai maadi nilavil naan kuLippaen endraen
enakkum andha kuLiyal miga pidikkum endraay
sugamaana kural yaar endraal suseela'vin kural endraen
enakkum andha kuralil yaedho mayakkam ena nee sonnaay
kaNgaL moodiya buddhar silai
en kanavil varuvadhu pidikkum endraen
thayakkam enbadhu siRidhum indri
adhu enakkum enakkum dhaan pidikkum endraay
adi unakkum unakkum ellaam pidikka
ennai yaen pidikkaadhu endraay?

(sakkarai nilavae...)

I just cant stop listening to this one even though i've listened to this over thousand times.One of the best I've ever listened to.

PS:Other songs I luv include Kaatrin Mozhi and Lukka Chuppi.


Scuderia Ferrari...The Prancing horse...The RED...showcasing aggression which Schumi did for sure..Schumi was the guy who attracted me to this team.No even though he has left I continue to support them.Brilliant tactics during races,superb team leaders and engineers(sum good looking ones too[:D]..lol) etc etc has jus increased my love for this team.

PS:One of the very few over dominant teams/people i love


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