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PSBB to NIT-Bhopal ... Those three months

From PSBB to NIT Bhopal...these three months..April,May,June...

A long journey which culminated on 11th July wid me getting into NIT-Bhopal through the AIEEE counselling...A long drawn out vacation...Interesting at times...Boring most of the time.. This post will focus on them all...all those moments in the holidays...wat i did...

The hols started "officially" on April 8th...IIT-JEE got over(I did "extra-ordinarily" spl kondattam at It was a huge fiasco...

Me n ma frnds went to Mozhi on 9th(if i remember rite) at Udhayam(mini udayam screen)...11-15 show (Tickets in black .. of course)... At 11-20 i got a phone call to come to Udhayam to see the movie.. Missed the first 10 mins...ulla pogampothu Jo intro ... appo thaan naanga theatre la intro .. around 11-45 irukkum appo ...lolz..As usual yavano oruthan thalai la molaga arachittom... After film the usual discussion happened.. o'course about the Heroine ... It was mainly centred on which scene the heroine looked The conclusion was that it was in the last scene in the Pink Saree .. (Note this Jo n Surya .. N yea a few tears were shed during the course of the movie .. during the emotional scenes with ms bhaskar... Overall semma padam .. One of the best i've ever seen ...

From April 10th ... Preperation for Aieee .. Which was for about an hour or two daily after which i would return to the PC for ma favourite pastime ... chatting endlessly and orkutting ..

Etho veetla padikka sonnangale nnu padichen ... that's it.. I do regret it now o'course.. (but too ... Time just flew past me .. VITEEE came and went (minor interruption in entertainment .. Antha exam oda bigger comedy cant be there... No negative marking ... so just went on attempting .. And yeah... I cud see the VIT Effect even at the exam centre ..( I mean the girls .. Ask some one who knows about VIT for more details ...

Then time kept passing by till april 29 when I had my AIEEE .. The exam centre was a huge 50 kms away from my house and i had to start at 6-15 am to be there on time for my exam. (Blame the CBSE ... ) . It was the KV school in Avadi ... There was not even a shop nearby .. Wrote teh exam . I thought that i had aced through it (initially ... lol). Came back home and went to play with my friends.

N yea .. forgot .. VIT Results came .. 17000+ AIR .. No chance of getting a seat there (I never wanted to join there ) .. 1 of 4 gone ...

Post AIEEE , it was all play only .. Initailly with gr8 enthusiasm I wwnt to the grounds at 6-30 itself . Later my laziness after the late night internet sessions gave way and i started giving sick excuses and never turned up to play.(ask ma frnds abt this lol..)

Time flew past .. Chatting .. Wishing a friend at 12 on b'day ... Had loads of fun.. Of course never missed even a single movie that came to the theatre .. Saw Unnale Unnale .. Ok sorta movie but for the two heroines .. Sada and Tanisha rocked .. No logic in the script .. I still haven't discovered why "Vaigasi Nilave" comes in the movie .. again at udhayam (main screen) ...

The bloody guys in the net centre have blocked Blogger .. so blogging is an arduous process here .. this post will be continued when i come online next time .. most probably next week or on tuesday .. Keep Reading ...

PS: thanx to the guy who invented proxies ... without him i could have posted even this much ...

Contd ...

Yea .. I am back in Chennai for a week .. The blog posts will be done by then .. Now continuing ...
Continuing from where I left .. The next movie to hit the screens was Chennai - 600028 .. ( Funny name .. ) .. N o' course I was there in the theatre to watch the movie .. [:D] .. O'course good old Udhayam again ... Nothing much to talk about the movie afterwards .. The heroine could have been better o'course .. Poor choice ...
After this came another minor blip .. BITSAT .. I thought I would manage to do well ..( courtesy english .. ) .. But nothing came of it .. I wanted to end my exams as early as possible .. so I took the exam right on the first day .. As you might have already guessed , it resulted in disastrous consequences .. Too many aces ( Roddick style eh!?) in the paper (online one..) ... Ended up with a not so high score of 220 which would be in no way sufficient to give me a seat at BITS unless none of the toppers took a seat there ... 2 of 4 gone ..

But I was left with about 20 days of unbridled freedom left with me before teh CBSE broke it by announcing the board results ."The" time of my life ... loads and loads of fun ... One day in Ram's Milky World with friends ... Taking photos (i dunno where they are now ..) .. Setting records staying online for around 280 hrs a month ..

In June

In May

All I did was to chat,download all the movies that hit the screens,listen to songs 24 hrs .Then this idea of blogging caught my eye and I thought why not start one myself ? Then this thing came into existence .The other things I did include roaming about (sorry flying) in my mom's activa on Saturday and Sunday when she was at home.

Twenty days of bliss hoping the results never came.But they did arrive on 23rd .. Wednesday( my unlucky day) .. All through the previous night, I was praying that I would get a decent score. But all fate had in store for me was disaster and it struck as usual at around 8 am. 441/500 .. To hell with them .. 78/100 in chemistry .. It kavuthufied me again . Maths .. dunno where 10 marks went . Probably the examiner dint agree with my "innovative" proofs. Computer science and english saved the blushes as usual .. 93 each (but I was slighta disappointed with both of them as well) . Physics was a mild surprise .. 87 .. considering my brilliant performances in it thro' the year where I just about managed to pass each time till the APSC exams. Well .. All that happened was scoldings at home from my parents for my blapsemous performance with relatives and friends adding insult to injury.

Just a small sample

X (5/23/2007 9:28:35 PM): wats ur total'
Shrinivas S G (5/23/2007 9:29:05 PM): 441... *sad emoticon*
X (5/23/2007 9:30:32 PM): oh gud
X (5/23/2007 9:30:38 PM): en sad idhuku poittu
Shrinivas S G (5/23/2007 9:30:48 PM): hello...over a therla?

Life returned to normalcy by the night but that din't last for long. Phone conversations with friends increased about the AIEEE. One week left for the last nail in the coffin . In the meanwhile I totally forgot about the IIT JEE. My dear friend Venki called me on 30th morning(Wednesday again .. !!) and broke the news to me that the results were out. Disappointment again although it was expected this time .(Padichale kadaikkathu .. Chat panna kadaichiduma?? ) ..

But the biggest disappointment was yet to come . One more dear friend Vinod called me at around 9-15 pm and told me that the idiots in the CBSE had released the AIEEE results. Heart beat increased on fone .. My last hope ..

Vinod : Roll no. solda .. I'll tell ur result on phone itself
Myself: 26611790 ... *with bated breath*
Vinod : 133 da
Myself: Wow .. That's nice
Vinod : Athu un mark da ..
Myself: aahaaaa ...
Vinod : State 849 AIR 43312
Myself: @#$@#^@
Vinod : Dei .. You are eligible for Central Counselling da ..

That gave a little bit of hope although I didn't even know what that meant at that time. You must already be knowing the reaction at home no doubt ... Scoldings .. Wednesday again .. I started feeling for all the useless things I had done .. ( Dont cry over spilt milk laam try pannen.. Work aagala .. what to do) .. All this was compounded due to the fact that I didn't apply for any other private college banking on my AIEEE performance . Yea ... I did get Bio-tech, Bioinformatics, Nanotech and Bio-engineering in SASTRA without hostel but I left it cos enakkum Biology kkum aagave aagathu. 10th board laye kasta pattu thaan padichen. Of course Anna University affliated colleges were there . But with my too high cut-off of 172.5/200 , I was most likely to get one of the Tier 3 colleges.

This was the most desparate part of my life beating even the part when I gote-adichified in physics midterm. Desparate phone calls to seniors asking them about my prospects. Kept checking the previous year allotments. ( According to which I would have ended up in Silchar or Srinagar) But yea, I stayed true to my routine of 24 hrs online albeit with a few changes. Started going to temples more frequently hoping God would show me a way out of this mess.

AIEEE offcampus counselling started .. Hopes increased after I got Bhopal Energy in the first round. But lost interest in that afterwards and did nothing to change my choices even. Yea .. I did go to private colleges as well but lost interest after one #$%#%# asked for 6 lakhs for a ECE seat . (Evan avlo laam kuduthu padikkarthu ..) . Started playing Powersoccer and FIFA 07 online with my friends to kill time. Went to Mozhi on mother's day with my mother and sister. Second time .. Still found the movie enjoyable .. and I expect my mom n sis enjoyed it too .. Started blogging regularly.

Yea .. in the middle some good news came in the form of "all-rounder" prize from my school for my "distinguieshed" performance in Std.12 . I still have no idea how they gave it to me even though I failed in my physics Midterm exam and jus scraped thro to a pass with my anniversary test marks ( psbbians will know what it means .. others .. sry) .. Met loads of friends there.Tlekd and koothadichified with them.Had the time of my life nnu sollalaam.

AIEEE on-campus counselling came.(It was on a Tuesday for me .. Phew .. at last not a wednesday) . Went to Trichy two days in advance itself hoping to get used to the process. (hehe .. always punctual u see) . All the south NITs were full by the time I went for counselling. I gave in 51 choices probably the highest by anyone .. (ithulayaavathu highest a irukkalaam la ..) . That was a sign of my desparateness to get into a college actually.

My mom checked the results for me online late that night and called me to inform me that I had got Civil in NIT Bhopal.(MANIT) .I heaved a sigh of relief . I had to report there before 18th. That gave just about a week to pack up and say good-bye to many of my close friends. wind up m posts on the blog, unjoin Yahoo! groups etc. etc. Yea.. It also gave me the time to go to Shivaji-the Boss in Sathyam Cinemas . Really horrible experience . Though the movie was quite entertaining, the audience sans whistles,screaming even for the best punches made it one of teh worst movie experiences for me. Then left with tears in my eyes to Chennai Central to board Tamilnadu express to leave for Bhopal leaving behind me loads of wonderful memories and friends whom I'll miss badly.(I am missing badly)


PS:Thanks to Yahoo! Message Archives thanx to which I was able to do this post.Next post will be up quite soon as well.

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