Sunday, July 8, 2007

Why this disadvantage??

First things first....Those readers of my blog who were expecting Part-2 of the series...sorry...u have to wait for some more time....

Reason for this post:This post was cos I was incensed like many others due to the injustice meted out to us by the Education Dept. of Tamil Nadu

My Mark, according to Anna University , will be normalised as I am a CBSE Student.But all that nonsense proved to be a mere eyewash.Not even a 0.000001 mark was added to my already existing mark.

Maths - 90
Physics - 87
Chemistry - 78

According to their calcuations:

Mark = M + (P+C)/2
= 90 + (87+78)/2
= 90 + 165/2
= 90 + 82.5
= 172.5

That is the same as the one my Anna University rank score display.Then where the hell is that normalisation that they said they'll give???

Do those people mean to say that a 95 % in Physics in CBSE is the same as 95 % in State board Physics ??

Quoting "The Hindu"...(India's National Newspaper and South India's best selling newspaper)

"Friday's arguably tricky Physics paper has left Plus Two students apprehensive about the remaining papers."

"The State Board seldom tests students with questions from outside the textbook."

"Teachers had asked them to go through the model paper thoroughly but not many questions were based on that, they said."

"G. Nitesha Roy, a student of DAV Matric, said many of her classmates came out of the examination hall crying, as they could not complete the paper. "We were very shocked to see the question paper. We were told that at least 25 one-mark questions would be from the question bank. Only six were from the bank.""

"N. Vijayan, Physics textbook author, said there was a slight deviation from the "blue print" of the question paper."Six problems in the one-mark section needed intelligent application of concepts. Otherwise, the ten-mark and five-mark sections were pretty simple and direct.""

"It was the one-mark section that scared students. Some questions were from outside the book bank," she said."

In the CBSE , it is the exact opposite.Seldom do questions come from the book.Here ,those state board students are complaining cos the questions didn't come from the Question Bank,Text book and the model papers.


"We were told that at least 25 one-mark questions would be from the question bank. Only six were from the bank"
Aren't these things supposed to just be a model of things??
If they give out the list of questions and ask from that,why should those students study at all?They can jus wait till the model papers get released and then mug up the answers for all the questions given in that.

"The State Board seldom tests students with questions from outside the textbook."
In the CBSE,it is the exact opposite.We seldom get anything directly out of the textbook.

"While five students have scored centums in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, a total of 22 students have scored 200 marks out of 200 in engineering cut-off."
All of them are from State board cos the correction is far far less stricter there.Not one CBSE guy managed this all thro' India.Then why the hell was there no normalisation?????

Every year,scores of State board guys score centums in various subjects as if it is as simple as drinking water.While we guys from CBSE have to slog like mad doing problems from various other books to "try" for a 100 , those guys jus mug up all the things and vomit it in the paper and get a 100.


PS:Thank goodness there's this lifegiver called AIEEE for us.

Add to this the thing called Reservation.Nowadays,being born in a Forward community is a big big disadvantage in every step in life.Reservation has crept into every bloody thing possible.

Reservation for SC...Reservation for ST...Reservation for BC...Resevation for MBC...

Now recently the politicians want reservations for Minorities as well.I still cant get the idea behind this till now.Agreed that they have not had education in their previous generations,but why put students who have got more marks than that student?

What merits that student to get a 2000 rank when he is at over 100000 in the total list?
Why should they alone be eligible for counselling upto 160000 in AIEEE when the OP guys are eligible only up till 51000 ???

How many really backward guys get into proper colleges becasue of this resevation.Hardly a handful.It is only the "non backward" Backward classes utilise this.

I am not against the reservation for the really backward people.It is just that the reservation hardly gets to them.It is only utilised by the people who dont require it in reality.India would be much better with out all this.

If only reservation was based on the economy as well,I would be in a better position.

If this post touched a few hard spots , I am sorry. I was so pissed off by this policy that I wanted to put in words and this is my only outlet.

This is not directed at any person in particular.It is just that I am against this policy of reservation based on castes.So jus dont jump at me in the comments section.

To put this in Superstar's words,this policy means that "Rich get richer,poor get poorer".

To put in it Prabhu's words,"Enna koduma paa ithu".


Nxt post only after Thursday...Will be posting a film-review and Part-2 of "What I like"...


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