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Ilayathalapathy Dr. Vijay - The Rising

This is a tribute to my favorite actor who was recently awarded a doctorate(honorary) by the MGR University.

"It's not a cinematic face at all .... it's simply a tinplate .... the mouse-like thing that is his face..." These were some of the most devastating and negative type of criticism lavished upon Vijay once upon a time when he had had just stepped into cinefield as newface artist! It's only after boldly facing all such odds and insults that "Ilayathalapathy" Dr. Vijay has reached the pinnacle of fame and popularity he's enjoying now!

Vijay in his first movie Naalaya Theerpu
He got introduced into film-acting through the Tamil film directed by his father S.A.Chandrasekaran. While acting in the film, one day in the sets, an assistant director made fun of Vijay saying that the latter's face just looked like a mouse! This comment, as it was made, didn't fail to reach Vijay's ears too! But he simply took it rather sportively and didn't get angry at all! He worked really hard to move towards the top.His first few steps in the Tamil Film industry were made relatively easier due to the presence of his father,S.A.Chandrasekar, who at that time ,was one of the top commercially viable directors.His first four movies were all directed by his dad and didn't do all that well at the box office although Rasigan gave him a name at the B and C centres.He also did a movie with present day rival Ajith Kumar called "Rajavin Parvaiile" which also met with similar results.His next few movies,"Vishnu " ,"Chandralekha " ,"Coimbatore Mappilai" all met with similar disastrous results. But not once did Vijay relent in his pursuit towards the top.Then came the blockbuster hit movie "Poove Unakkagha" directed by Vikraman who noticed the potential in Vijay and shaped it in the right direction and delivered a quality movie which worked wonders at the box-office.

Vijay in his movie Poove Unakkagha
After this came a few more debacles before "Love Today" became another superhit movie.Vijay was also instrumental in the debut of his friend and college-mate Surya's debut in Tamil Cinema through Nerukku Naer which was also Simran's first movie in Tamil Cinema(Though VIP also released almost at the same time).This pair of Vijay and Simran went on to give numerous memorable movies. Vijay considers acting with Nadigar Thilagam "Sivaji" Ganesan in Once More as a memorable experience in his acting career.

Vijay with Simran in his movie Priyamanavale
After this came the unforgettable "Kadhalukku Mariyadhai" - a cult movie in its time with Shalini under Fazil's direction. The movie did wonders at the box office and lifted Vijay to greater heights especially in the minds of the "A" class audience. The movie also saw Vijay getting the State best actor award for his great performance.In between this and another superhit "Thullatha Manamum Thullum" came a string of three movies which didn't fare too well at the box-office. "TMT" was the first superhit movie of the Vijay-Simran combination.The sentimental movie under Ezhil's direction again gave the much needed thrust to Vijay's acting career.(Innisai Padi Varum is one of my favourite songs).He also won the State Kalaimamani award during this period.
Vijay in his movie Kushi
After all these high came one of the lowest periods in Vijay's career."Endrendrum Kathal" , "Nenjinile" , "Minsara Kanna ", " Kannukkul Nilavu " all failed at the box office . But as the poem goes," When winter comes , Spring can't be far behind" , Spring arrived for "Ilayathalapathy" in the form of Kushi directed by S.J.Suryah with Jyothika as co-star. The mild-romantic movie with good songs struck a chord with the audience and the movie became a superhit which Vijay needed desperately at that time. The chemistry between Vijay and Jyothika in the movie was much talked about.Immediately after this came Priyamanavalae again with Simran as co-star.Another superhit movie for the combination, this time under the direction of Selvabharathy.In 2000,Vijay won the MGR award from the State government as well.

Vijay and Simran in his movie Youth
After this came "Friends" with close friend Surya and Badri which all did well at the Box-Office raising Vijay's reputation as the box-office as the heir to the throne.Then came a series of movies which released late at the box-office which as a result made the ideas out-dated resulting in flops. "Shah Jahan" (I love the songs in this movie .. Great Album) , "Tamizhan ", " Youth" - which did moderately well with another great album and the Althotta Bhoopathy song with Simran creating ripples in the theatres , " Bhagavathy ", "Vaseegara " , "Puthiya Geethai" all didn't do too well at the box-office which hit Vijay rather badly.
The return of the King in Thirumalai

Everyone started doubting his capabilities. But behind all this he worked hard and changed his get-up and body-language and started treading a different path as action hero which would lead him to great heights. First came "Thirumalai" by debutant director Ramanaa which won the Diwali battle. The movie was a great entertainer and the songs by Vidyasagar were all chartbusters. The opening song with Lawrence showcased Vijay's brillaint dancing abilities. This much- needed hit resurrected Vijay's career.
Description:Vijay in Ghilli

This was followed by Vijay's biggest hit, Ghillli which worked wonders at the box-office and lifted his career to great heights. Dharani , fresh from his twin successes of "Dhil" and "Dhool" joined hands with Vijay to give his biggest hit ever. The Vijay-Trisha combination stood in the hearts of all film goers as the one that would be able to replace the Vijay-Simran combination. Songs by Vidyasagar were all chartbusters esp. "Appadi podu" which ruled the TV channels and FM stations at that time.The movie won him many accolades in the form of awards from "Medimix-Dinakaran","Madras Club","Film Today" best actor awards.In between "Thirumalai" and "Ghillli" came "Udhaya" with music by "Isai-Puyal" A.R.Rahman but due to the extremely late release, the movie failed to make a mark at the Box-Office.

Vijay in Sachein
"Ghilli" was followed by "Madurae" with Madhesh which was also a runaway hit with a chartbuster album. Then came "Thirupaachi " with Perarasu with Trisha again as co-star. This movie was another super-hit esp. with the rural audiences. It also recently won Vijay the State Government award for Best Actor (Spl. Award) . After this was "Sukkran" in which he did a guest appearance as lawyer due to which the movie tool a bumper opening.

Following this came Sachein, a candy-floss romantic story which was overshadowed at the box-office by superstar's comeback vehicle "Chandramukhi" although the movie was liked by "A" class audience. Then came Sivakaasi , another superhit and the first of the Vijay-Asin Pair under Perarasu again. "Ada Ennatha" by Srikkanth Deva was a rage on the TV for it's picturisation.

Picture Description:Vijay in Thirupachi
Then the law of Averages caught up with Vijay finally."Aathi" , Vijay's release for Pongal didn't do well at the box-office due to delay in the release of the movie by a day leading to loss of opening day collections for the theatres. This lead to disaster at the box-office although the movie completed 100 days in theatres. This lead to Vijay taking a long time for his next release as he took some rest before commencing work on "Pokkiri" under dancing sensation Prabhu Deva's direction.
The movie struck gold at the box-office and was a blockbuster. The album by Mani Sharma was a rage on TV and FM Stations.The movie beat many records - the most recent being 125 days on re-release for the first time at Aminjikarai Lakshmi theatre.It completed 200 days at screens across Tamil Nadu. At around the same time, Vijay TV presented the next superstar award to "Ilayathalapathy" making him heir apparent to the Superstar throne.He was also awarded a honorary doctorate by Dr.MGR University for his contribution to the society.

Description:Vijay getting Next superstar award
Coming soon are his much awaited Azhagiya Tamil Magan with Bharhathan wielding the megaphone and A.R.Rahman's score with Sivaji girl Shreya as heroine.The movie is one of the most awaited movies for Diwali where Vijay plays a person with Extra Sensory Perception.The tagline for the movie goes - "If he knows the future,he can save it too". After this will be the yet to start "Kuruvi" with the Ghilli combination of Dharani-Vidyasagar-Trisha.
Description:Vijay in Azhagiya Tamizh Magan

In this short time,he has achieved so much in the film industry not just in acting but also in singing songs as a playback singer for other heroes and himself too . He has crooned a few hits in his voice as well.With a huge fanbase second to only the superstar himself, victories are waiting for him.(Vijay means victory as well)

Kudos to this talented artiste and this is one of his many fans wishing him all the best for all his future endeavours , wishing him to rise to never before seen heights.

"Vanama ellai .. hei .. illave illai .. Vanathayum Meeripovom vaa .. "

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