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ATM - Any Time Magic - Music Review

ATM - Any Time Magic

Pictures for this post will be put on later .. cos the speed at this i-way doesn't allow me to do that .. :-( .. N yea .. these are based on the songs I heard on .. thanks to u ppl there who made sure i dint miss it .. CAnt lay my hands on a CD here at Bhopal .. "Pengal oru cricket " .. nnu sonnanga .. so naanum antha maari verdict a try pannirukken ... :D

Well .. I was never a huge ARR fan ever in my life . But SOK and Shivaji made me love his songs.ATM has done more than enough to increase my love for his music.He is unmatchable .. truly unmatchable .. No other music director in India can keep coming up with new and ear-catching tunes for each album of his.

Moving on to the review

Ella Pugazhum Oruvan Oruvanukke

What a start for one of the most awaited albums.ARR's open throated rendition caught my ears even in the promos.His voice is soo soo underrated.The lyrics by Vaali strike you at every line.The start with the electric guitar is superb.I just cant stop listening to it."Anbu Thalaiva .. Vetri Namakke" .. Rocking .. "Manavan Manathu Vaithaan" .. ARR is mindblowing there.The Chorus is superb as well.The music in the middle is great.Lyrics like "Naalai Naalai endru indrai marakkathe " .. "Manavan Manathai Vaithal mudiyaathu enbathu illai" are nice to listen.

Verdict: What a Start .. Similar to the ones Sourav and Sachin have given many a time for India
Rating: 100/10

Ponmagal Vandhal

This one is supposedly rocking the FM stations in Chennai according to my sis bac in Chennai.The start was cute.Remixing at its best all through.But somehow I feel the continuity is missing.(My hellottune now .. Thanks Airtel).The wavering in the voice .. ee ..e is nice to hear . "Diamond Diamond Girl" rocks :D .. Wah .. Ember's Rap rocks . "Muthukkal Sirikkum Nilathil" .. Wow .. Usage of the original in between adds to the feel of the song . On the whole, Great work by ARR. No words to express it.

Verdict: Something like Gautham Gambhir .. Suited to the modern gen-x ... :D
Rating: 9/10

Nee Marilyn Monroe

Benny Dayal and Ujjayine have done a really good job with the vocals.Neat."Rock n Roll " - Nasal and High pitched .. Nice to hear too .. Loads of English words in the song add to the westernized effect. As some website said, it speaks about the love today."One day mattum Girl friend a varia" .. Modern to say the least.Nice song.Good on the ears.Just hoping the picturisation aint over done .. which will make it impossible for the children and female audience to watch.

Verdict: A breath of Fresh air for Vijay fans .. Sumthing new .. Dhoni of the album nnu vechikkalaam
Rating: 9.8/10

Valayapatti Thavile

When I heard the Hellotunes, this song was my least favourite.But the full version has been one of my favourites .. Favourite nnu kooda vechikkalaam .. Semma Lyrics ... Open throated rendition by Madhumitha and Ujjayine (yaaru nne therla) is super to say the least. The beats in the middle rock.The swaras in the middle are nice to hear."Un kangal rendum Kalyani .. " those lines are my favourite in the song. And the Carnatic Lines following them. Wow .. That's all I can say.Superb Lyrics by whoever wrote them.Antha "kalpakkam .. Manapparai" .. super maa ...

Verdict: Reminds me of Yuvi's 6*6 of Broad.... :D
Rating: 100/10

Kettu Rasitha Paadal

Saindhavi is at her best here with Sriram Parthasarathy.Background music is impressive by ARR.The starting is nice.A great to hear fast paced melody."Munbe Vaa" rangekku one more composition from ARR.Brilliant compositon.. (Sorry for the repetition .. Running out of such words) .. "Kokilam .. Kokilam" is nice to hear.One of the beats in the middle reminds me of something I've heard previously.The pace of the song makes it tough to keep with the lyrics which are nice though.Great work ARR .. Keep it up .. Slow poison of the album nnu thonuthu .. Switzerland will make it a favourite on TV .. :D

Verdict: Classy composing at best .. Rahul Dravid of the album
Rating: 10/10

Maduraiku Pogadhadi

"Benny Dayal a ithu ??" .. That was my first thought after listening to this .. Antha western song a paadittu ithayum paadirukkaru .. Semma Versatility .. Man to watch out in the future .. Another good find of ARR .. Nice lyrics .. "Madurai kku pogathe di .. Mallipoo kanna vaikkum" .. Good description of the heroine's beauty .. Classy Folk music .. Not koothu like some idiots are raving elsewhere .. This must be Thiruvizha song Thalapathy was raving about .. "Maruthaani thottathukke Maruthaani yaaru vecha " .. Wow .. Great Lyricism .. Marriage song maari irukku .. "Manmathane" .. "Maapilai" .. "Marumagale" .. Good folk song .. ARR's best folk song in a loong loong time .. Not that he has done too many though .. :D .. I am starting to love Benny Dayal's Voice .. Archith enga vararu nne therla .. Dharshana .. Good work .. nothing much to tell about ..

Verdict: Modern Folk .. :-) .. Ithukku Player kadaikkamaatenguthu .. Hmm ... Sreesanth nnu pottukoonga .. lol .. At this moment vera yaarum kadaikkala ..
Rating: 9.1/10

What are you still waiting for?? .. Music world illa namma theru ora Audio Shop irukkum .. Poy Vangunga .. Kelunga .. Kelunga .. Kettukitte Irunga .. (suryan FM kku ad ille ) . U cant just take ur ears of this .. atha thaan sollavanthen ..

Overall Verdict: ATM - All Time Money for the Producer n Star Music .. All time Magic from Rahman .. :-) .. Any time Magic for us listeners ..

Overall Rating: 10/10

PS:You may have differences of opinion .. sorry .. cant help it .. enna thitti thitti anuppatheenga ..

Monday, October 15, 2007

FIFA World Player of the year List : Comical at itz worst .. :D

Fifa has as usual come out with a truckload of crap on itz brilliant list .. My view on that thing .. heheehe .. had nothing to blog on .. that's y ...

FIFA World Player of the Year nominees:

Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus, Italy)

Agreed he was brilliant in the World Cup .. But he was doing keeping duties for Juventus in Serie B .. How the hell does he find a place in this list ? .. Serie B has really sky touching standards eh!? I never knew that till FIFA released this list ...

Fabio Cannavaro (Real Madrid, Italy)

Same as above .. lol .. Brilliant in the World Cup .. No doubts .. But does that alone merit a place in the list ????? .. He was crap for Real Madrid almost through out the season failing to accustom himself to the La Liga ..

Petr Cech (Chelsea, Czech Republic)

He was injured for most part of the season after that horrific clash with Stephen Hunt of Reading ... Had a mediocre world cup too .. He did do well after he returned .. But still a couple of matches cant give him a place here ...

Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United, Portugal)

He deserves his place in here .. No comments .. Had a brilliant season .. After all that happened in the world cup , he settled down beautifully and gave a great account of his oodles of unbridiled talent ..

Deco (Barcelona, Portugal)

At the world cup, did nothing big though .. All through the season at Barca, did nothing special .. Doesn't deserve this place at all ..

Didier Drogba (Chelsea, Ivory Coast)

One more guy who truly deserves the place here .. His turn-around season this time around .. Was awesome for Chelsea and Ivory Coast all through .. Scored around 30 goals in all competitions .. One of the front runners along with Kaka and Ronaldo ..

Michael Essien (Chelsea, Ghana)

This guy caught my eye with his energetic performances and tireless running all through .. Was brilliant season through .. The reason for Chelsea's performances .. Their backbone actually .. His huge transfer fee looks a bargain .. Deserves a place in here for his eye-catching performances .. Some times feet catching too .. :D

Samuel Eto'o (Barcelona, Cameroon)

Another one who just got it with his reputation and past performances .. Did nothing special and is one of the guys who least deserves to be here on this list .. If you cant get 30 guys,give a list of 20 or even 10 .. But 10 with proper credentials .. not reputations ..

Gennaro Gattuso (Milan, Italy)

Another guy who was really impressive both in the World Cup and in the Serie -A .. Worked his pants off through out the year .. Bullish in his approach .. Jus love to watch him play .. Totally deserves this ..

Steven Gerrard (Liverpool, England)

The scouser got in just through the weight of his reputation .. He is a media favourite whom FIFA cant stop admiring I guess .. Did nothing big all through the season .. Undeserved place .. Considering that Fabregas n Totti weren't on the list ..

Thierry Henry (Barcelona, France)

Injured for almost the entire season .. Had a normal WC .. Scored around 10 goals .. Another guy who got in just with his past reputation into the list with a whole list of listless performances ..

Andrea Pirlo (Milan, Italy)

He had a decent season through out .. merits a place here for his performances in Germany .. He was also an integral part of the milan side who won the Champs league with good performances all through ..

Franck Ribery (Bayern Munich, France)

Was new at the World Cup .. Wowed at by the entire world for his brilliant performances as France made their way to the finals .. Club performances were also consistent through out .. Deserves his place here ..

Juan Roman Riquelme (Villarreal, Argentina)

Played in the Argentinian league for Boca Juniors .. Did reasonably well .. World Cup though was at a different level .. performed really well there .. Got in here by means of his huge reputation I guess ..

Ronaldinho (Barcelona, Brazil)

Not a great season by his standards though .. But managed to score around 20 goals though .. Not his stylish football all through .. After all his high standards in the last two seasons, this one is a dissapointment though .. Still finds a place by virtue of his goals tally ..

Wayne Rooney (Manchester United, England)

World Cup - he was injured .. got a red card .. Did nothing significant .. League wise,scored around 20 goals .. Turned in a cart load of decent performances all through the season .. Deserves his place in here ..

John Terry (Chelsea, England)

Hmm .. There will be a lot of bias in this .. Cos I am a MUFC supporter .. Ok .. I will be unbiased ... Had a good world cup .. Undesevedly though,was the only English player in the team of the world cup .. Was practically out of more than half the season with an injury .. Rest of the season,turned in some good performances though .. Still in a dilemma if he deserves a place here .. lol

Carlos Tevez (Manchester United, Argentina)

Do you find a place in the FIFA list for having been a part of the worst and most controversial transfer saga in football history ?? .. If not , Carlito couldn't have been a part of this list for sure . He had a mediocre season ... worst at the start at West Ham and ending in relegation saving glory .. Good performances were there here n there but those dont merit a place .. else Bramble would have been a part of this list too .. :D

Lilian Thuram (Barcelona, France)

The least I can say is that this guy is one of the least deserving to be on the list .. Moved to Barca n did almost nothing there .. Was sorta avg in the WC for France .. But what more can you expect from FIFA ??

Fernando Torres (Liverpool, Spain)

Agreed the guy is quite talented .. He did score some goals at the World Cup .. But still having him in the short list when he had a just about ordinary season for Athletico doesn't make any sort of sense ..

Ruud van Nistelrooy (Real Madrid, Netherlands)

One of the few guys who deserves a spot on this list .. Had a bad World cup .. But pulled things back with a splendid season at Real Madrid to help them to their First league title in quite some time .. Scored sum 20+ odd goals in the season ..

Patrick Vieira (Internazionale, France)

Crap .. He had a normal World cup .. Dint do anything extra-ordinary in Serie-A .. How come he makes it .. Mystery again .. Only Mr.Crap .. Sepp Blatter can answer this ..

Players left :

Juninho (Lyon, Brazil)

Kaka (Milan, Brazil)

Miroslav Klose (Bayern Munich, Germany)

Philipp Lahm (Bayern Munich, Germany)

Frank Lampard (Chelsea, England)

Rafael Marquez (Barcelona, Mexico)

Lionel Messi (Barcelona, Argentina)

Alessandro Nesta (Milan, Italy)

Will do this later .. feeling too tired rite now