Thursday, November 29, 2007

ATM : Worth the wait ..

At last 29th came and I got to watch Thalaivar's ATM. Ticket a one week munnalaye Bhopal lendhe book panten - Santham 3-00 pm Show.

I loved the movie totally. Vijay has pinni pedal eduthufied in the movie.Soofer performance.Going to the detailed review ... ...

Titles - Idhaya .. Iniya .. Ilaya thalapathy Dr.Vijay was kewl. I liked the brain kinda thing during the titles.BGM was good during the title cards.(Pyramid Saimira odathu varla Sathyam la .. En nnu therla ).

Intro - Hmmm .. Kinda ok. Bharhathan (Numerology nambaravar pola..) innum konjam yosichirukkalaam nnu thonichu.Antha intro fight la graphics use a korachirukalaam.Antha "Kaataru" dialogue brought whistles in Santham itself. Was nice.

Intro Song - Prem Rakshit semma range a choreograph pannirukkaru.Kudos to him for making full use of Thalapathy's talent.Well picturised and well shot by Balasubramaniyem.That "Anbu Thalaiva .. Vetri Namakke" step rocked.

Comedy - Santhanam ( Hope he recovers from his accident) was good along with MS Bhaskar.His timing rocked all through.Shakila laam avoid panirukkalaam.Bit padatha vechi overa comedy pantaanga..Atha avoid pannirukalaam coz Vijay has lots of "Kutti" fans who wudn't have understood anything.Matha padi ivanga avanga department a olunga pantaanga. Kanja Karuppu was bearable.

Kelamal Song - Well shot in the beautiful locales of Switzerland. Semma chemistry between Vijay and Shreya.Nalini Sriram oda costumes were superb for Vijay.Was good on the eye on the whole.

Shreya - Padathula ivangaloda costumes nalla irunthuthu.Namma Tamil traditional dress like Pavada Dhavani la super a irunthanga.Was a treat for the eyes.Her chemistry in the songs was brilliant.Had quite some scope for her histrionics which she displayed in loads.Songs la she matched Vijay almost step for step.Climax la antha senti dialogues a laam nalla deliver pannanga.Nice start for this combination.They look great in the banners as well.

Guru Vijay - The usual kurumbu character found in almost all Vijay films.Semma bubbly a irunthaaru.His voice modulation was nice."Sabaash .. Seriaana Potti" .. matha punch lines laam nalla deliver pannirunthaaru.Comic timing was splendid.Great performance on the whole.

Prasad Vijay - Get up a suthama maathama semmaya difference kaatinar between the two characters.Brilliant mannerisms with the cigar and lighter.Antha thimuru in the Station near the "No smoking" board made me love his character totally.Bharhathan has chiselled out this character with a lot of care.Has come out really well.Few things i loved where that smile when Shreya got fooled the first time,the reciting of poems on the stage,all his scenes with Shayaji Shinde and his superb expressions when he finds himself without a clue about what is happening.Special mention for his astounding costumes.Hayyyo .. Semmaya irunthuthu.Confrontation scenes between him n guru were the highlight.

Other Artistes - Veteran character artistes like Ashish Vidyarthi and Shayaji Shinde and Vijay's parents (peru therla ... sorry .. ) have carried their role with elan. They have all delivered what was required of them.That chinna ponnu was also nice in her role.

Graphics - The biggest sore point in the movie..Most of the graphics were kinda amatuerish.These kind of things need to be desperately avoided.Best eg. was the ant scenes and the Bike chase scenes.Ithulalaam graphics semma kodumaya irunthuthu.

Director - I read reviews on Orkut and other blogs.Seri Bharathan sothappals pola nnu nenachen.But I found it out to be otherwise.For a debutant director, he has done well.Well illa .. Pretty well .. Directing such a actor with such a huge fan following is not an easy task and Bharhathan almost pulled it off.His dialogues as usual were rib tickling in the comedy scenes and spewed fire in the action sequences.Screenplay la innum konjam concentrate pannirukkalaam nnu thonuthu.But still , well done Mr.Bharhathan.Good story.(Plz dont do ESP not real comedies and all plz.).

Climax - Unlike many people, I was able to agree totally with the climax.Oru manishan thiruntha koodatha??? .. Enna koduma ithu.Antha senti speech a kettuttu thiruntharaaru. So .. what's wrong? .. Shreya talking about sex etc. va? .. Climax was befitting the story.Killing off Prasad or Guru would not have been nice.Ithe media same old story nnu solluvaanga apram.Namitha va kadasila kondu vanthu comedy pantaanga.I could not agree with that part alone where Namitha is able to accept Prasad.Thirinthitaaru nnu vittutaangala? .. Any ways .. Matha padi naraya peru solra maari kevalama laam illa climax.

Anthony - He has done a really good job. The stunt scenes with the two Vijays were well edited.Sila edathula bommaya nozhacha maari irukku.Mathapadi nalla edit pannirukkaru Anthony.Songs - esp. Ponmagal has come out really well due to his editing.Ivaroda Scissors a innum konjam strict a use panni antha shakila scenes laam cut panniruntha pdam innum short n sweet a irunthirukkum.

Fefsi Vijayan - Semmaya pannirukkaru namma stunt director.The double action stunts have come out really well.Pre-climax chase sequnce with wooden logs a avoid pannirukalaam.It has not come out well.He must also take care to make his fights a tad realistic.They are unbelievable at times.Otherwise,a job well done.

AR Rahman - RR Rahman has done a super job.Re-recording is brilliant given the short span of time he got.ESP scenes la semma BGM.Songs as usual brilliant.Vera enna sollanum.Padathukku innum konjam uyir kuduthirukkaru.

Valayapatti Song - Costumes for Vijay and Shreya were ok.Steps were quite fine.Set was well made by Maniraj.Bright colours were well used.Well Shot by Dir. of cinematography, Balasubramaniyam.

Ponmagal Song - Semma set.Superbly choreographed.Semma crisp editing.Costumes pacca.Sivaji maari vara scene was cute.That step with his hands is ma favourite.Extravagantly picturised.

Maduraikku Pogathedi Song - Naatu mannu vasanai therinjichu theatre la.Semma picturisation.Shreya was super in traditional dresses.Song was nice on the eye."Tamil Naatu Manmadhane" .. Semma Whistle in Santham itself .. Semma song .. My favourite one.

ESP scenes - Well presented.Dr.Rudran solrathu is easily understandable.BGM was superb for these scenes.Well shot scenes.Intha maari oru concept ille nnu solravanga thayavseithu inime Time-machine based movies laam paakathenga paa.Moving bac n forth in time is an impossibility...

Namitha & Nee maryln monroe song - Avoidability no.1 for the movie.Epdiyo "U" vaangitaanga.Over glamour a thalapathy must avoid in his films."Nee Maryln Monroe" la costume olunga potruntha paakara maari irunthurukkum.Over glam a shoot panni oru nalla song a kavuthutaanga.Sathiyama idha family vechindu paakrathu kashtam paa.Location was good though.

Balasubramaniyem - His camera work was a huge asset for ATM.Super a shoot pannirukkaru.Nalla bright a irunthuthu padam fulla.Songs were all well canned by him.Keep up the good work.

Maniraj - Art by Maniraj.Super sets.Antha resort was semma locale.Sets were semma colourful in the songs.Another asset for the film.

That's it i suppose.Remba perusa eluthi mokka pottuten nnu nenaikaren.If so,sorry.Mannichidunga friends.

Overall - Made a great watch.Good entertainment.Intha logic comedy laam enakku othu varathu.I'm a big time masala movie fan. .. Great individual performances made it a wonderful experience.Thank you thalaiva. !!

Verdict: Unbridled Entertainment .. 90/100

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