Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 - An year of ups and downs .. ! - Looking back - Part 1

PHEW .. Quite an year it was .. 2007 flew past me very quickly .. Never saw it go past at all .. Quite a few significant moments .. Here's a "Short" Synopsis of ma year which surely had more downs than ups IMO .. Well I could have posted this a lot earlier but didn't want to miss anything significant that may have taken place in the last few days of the year .. It contains most important events that took place in my life in 2007 and some other events that affected me and my life !


Super start to the year .. Passed comfortably in Physics for the first time in Std. 12 .. Got 35/70 you see .. [:p] .. Half yearly marks on 3rd January went quite well when compared to the Quarterly and Mid-term. FIITJEE test series on every weekend , Revision exams , CSSC Exams , Exams , Exams, Exams - that was January for me. Only thing that bought some difference to the monotony was watching Pokkiri - 3rd day .. the earliest I've gone to a movie - Quite an experience ! .. "Preparation" for the JEE, AIEEE went on .. So did the late night online sessions .. BSNL had just introduced the 2 Mbps plans and I was just getting used to the power and speed of Broadband. Study till around 1 or 1-30 , then go online for sometime and download a few things during the Happy Hours ( Few things include football compilations, movies using torrents , every song that released and everything decent that caught my eye !) - That was my agenda for January .. Looking back, I feel I could have avoided this .. But only Harry Potter can use a time-turner .. Not me !! If only I had a time tuner .. Sorry ore feelings aayduchu ! [:p] ..


Studies and online work continued as usual .. Added to this was the Physics tests I had to take everyday in school to ensure I passed comfyly in the boards .. [:D] .. Plus the Chemistry and Maths tests and my own computer science tests which were usually from 9 to 12 so that other jobs could go on comfortably and simultanesously .. (You see ma sister reads this and it is dangerous to tell out secrets .. so venumna contact me at my Yahoo! Id .. :-p ) .. Online sessions continued despite oaths that I wudn't come online .. Finally I ended them on 22-2-07 - One week before the Physics board exam because I had the desire to pass in the Physics board exam ! .. Simultaneously watched most of the movies that were released during that time like Deepavali , PKMC, Aalwar , Tamirabharani etc etc Yeah I forgot Pori ! .. [:p]


March brought along with it the dreaded Board Exams ! .. Dreaded for others .. not for me .. "Bayam ngara Vaarthai kku en agaraathi la edam e kadayaathu !" [:p] .. March 1- Physics - Ma best ever performance in two years .. I could sense it as I was writing itself ! .. Went on quite well ! .. March 6 - Chemistry .. Thought I did sorta ok ! .. Then started the online sessions again after the two week break ! .. March 10 - English .. Did quite well though not as well as I usually do .. Preps for JEE were going on simultaneously .. March 22 - Maths .. Again after the "Centum in 10th Half Yearly and half century in 12th Half yearly" performances , I did my best performance after the 10th board IMO - was expecting a centum .. ( But god had it his way .. [:-(] ) .. Then came my favourite exam [:p] Comp sci .. I had a huuuuge study hol .. So preps were combined with "etc etc" .. March came and went with the exams ..


Comp sci came n went .. Did decently though not ma best .. Then came IIT and all the other entrance exams ! .. This part - I already dealt with earlier ! .. Here -> Click here for April,May,June and July ..

Well I thought I could stop here for this post as July 23 began a new phase of my life .. "College" .. I thought It would be fitting to move it to a new post altogether!

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