Monday, December 31, 2007

College Vignettes - Part 2

Late July to December :

Left for Bhopal by Tamil Nadu express on 14th July after lots of feelings. Reached Bhopal on 15th. Had the first look at my college on 16th and completed all the formalities of my admission. Stayed at ICH and caught up with HP7 on the day it was released itself ! 22nd - I shifted to the hostel ..

First week in hostel was horror .. Unclean toilets .. Irregular water supply .. Poor food .. etc etc .. Met all my new friends and got the first taste of college lectures .. ( No wonder they are called lectures :p) .. Got along with knowing ma roommates from Assam,Bihar and Madhya Pradesh .. Met the other Tamil guys ..

First day in college e comedy .. Went to class 1/2 hr late ! .. Gave n got intros from the lecturers .. Yea .. Started planning for the first trip back home right on the first day of college itself ! .. Dropped my brand new 6030 into water .. Display gone .. Gave it to NOKIA Care Bhopal who repaired the display by damaging the audio .. One of the worst Nokia Cares I've seen .. Asking for repair charges inspite of me having the warranty .. ( Got it repaired in Chennai free of cost ! )

PS : Google .. Now dont direct Google searches for Nokia Care here .. [:p] ..

The month passed smoothly with the formation of Tamil Tigers .. [:p] .. Started our porattam .. Complained to the director about classes in Hindi .. [:D] .. ( Naanga Thirunthave maatom) .. Got myself a new Nokia 1600 ..

Went on our first outing on a Monday after bunking the afternoon session .. Much to our dismay, we found that we had forgotten about the Monday Market holiday in Bhopal .. So just roamed around the place and came back to the hostel ..

Got permission to go home after the first minor exams .. Minors went as quickly as a Brett lee ball .. Then the next week , jooted bac to chennai in Swarnajayanthi express on Aug 31 .. Came bac home on Sept 1 .. One week of pure bliss and regaining my lost 10 kg ..

And as usual, the gr8 planners we are , we started planning for our second vacation bac home while on the train back to Bhopal itself ! .. [:p] ..

In the meanwhile, discovered Sify I-way - my hangout for most of the weekend ! .. Time kept flying with many interesting incidents .. The food atlast took a turn for the better or mebbe my tongue lost itz sense of taste .. Not sure ! .. Friends gave a surprise B'day Party for me on Sept 26 at midnight and made it ma best b'day ever .. Meanwhile, plans for the second excursion back home where moving along in full flow with permission obtained from the HOD ..

Minor 2 came and went as fast as the first minor .. In the meanwhile, got close to ma frnds from TN .. October 12th came and bac I was at Bhopal junction to board the train .. 3 months had flown past me .. One week of bliss yet again .. meeting friends .. Going back to School .. etc etc ..

Returned bac to Bhopal on Oct 21st just in time to submit the assignments .. Two weeks of college and then came the study hols which was the slowest time after the first week in Bhopal .. Deepavali came and we went to the Murugan Kovil in Bhopal .. Met our seniors - everyone from 1st year to 4th year was present there ..

Then came the majors and the practicals .. Went past quite quickly and I left Bhopal again on 27th evening by TN Sampark Kranti .. Came back to Chennai and here I am in Chennai enjoying my 1.5 month long holiday watching movies , staying online , roaming around chennai .. Buying CDs .. Etc Etc .. O'course Improving ma blog n posting ! .. Nothing significant took place in December .. *phew*

And here I am .. At the end of another year .. Waiting for the next one to begin .. Waiting for all the surprises and shocks it has in store ..

As ma fav actor tells in Azhagiya Tamil Magan .. " Oru ortharkume aduthathu enna nadakum nnu therinjikarthula thaan arvam naraya irukkum .. Aaana atha therinjikara suspense la thaan vazhkai oda swarasyame e irukku .. " ..

( Everyone is intersted in knowing what will happen to them next but only the suspense in that makes life interesting !)

So signing off now with the hope that 2008 brings good things not just to me but also to you - the reader of this thing ! ..


PS: Will add a few interesting college incidents after asking my friends whether I can put it here .. Cos I aint the only person involved in them .. I need to respect their privacy as well ! ..


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