Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dada - Please Shut ur mouth ! .. For Heaven's Sake

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Nishant arora: And getting a double hundred that was missing in your career. Must be a very special feeling?

Sourav Ganguly: It is, but I have batted lower down the order a lot of times. Rahul used to bat at three and Sachin at four, I used to bat at five, six. And I missed quite a few hundreds. We didn't have a wicketkeeper-batsman like Dhoni or Dinesh karthk, who would support the batsman who are batting at five and six. So me and Laxman have suffered a lot, in terms of getting hundreds. But it also helped that I got to bat at number four in this Test.

Cant he just shut his trap and let his bat do the talking as he did all this long?? ..

* Average does not go down when you play lower down the order in tests. If u really a consistent and good batsman then you will obviously remain not out so your average will be high.

* Then what about one Mr.Michael Hussey ?? .. Hasn't he scored loads of centuries playing lower down the order .. that too at no.7 and all ? .. I remember once where he was with McGrath who isn't the greatest batsman around and he was on 20.Dint he go on to make a 100 ? Aint his average so high ? .. Aint there one Misbah-Ul haq .. Take this very series where he played along with Sami ? .. Aint there a AC Gilchrist ?

* Mr.Sourav Ganguly , one slot called the opener's slot has been lying vacant in the Indian test team for ages.You are most welcome to take that place and score more centuries ! :-p .. Let's all see how many you make.

* This one is courtesy one Saurabh of Rahul Dravid Orkut Community ..

SC Ganguly
99 tests so far in his careeer ..
He has batted 158 times and has remained not out- 11 times .147 innings he's been dismissed.

Out of these 11 not out innings, 5 times he has scored more than 50.Out of these 5 times
he made centuries twice.Now in remaining 3 innings,he was 98* and India won that match(batting at no. 4).In other two innings he score 64 n 65(not so close to a century)

Wah .. He's missed loooads of centuries naa ?

* In the same breath, even Rahul can say that he could have had more ODI centuries if he was always in his coveted no. 3 spot.Remember guys for quite a few yrs he batted at no. 5-6 while keeping wickets .(At the directions of a certain Mr. Ganguly) And yeah , I almost forgot .. In test cricket there are unlimited overs. One day cricket has only 50 overs per side. So it's tougher to score in test cricket aint it ?:p

* Did any selector ask Ganguly why he has scored only so many centuries in tests? .. Then why open your trap unnecessarily ?

So Mr.Sourav .. Agreed you are in the form of your life and you are batting like a dream.Kindly continue to do that and stop giving such crappy statements to the media.As you said,Laxman also missed out, Did he complain ?? .. No .. Then why do you do it ??


Thanks to Rahul Dravid Orkut Comm no.34837 and a few members there .. :-) ..


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