Monday, December 31, 2007

Google Search engine comedies ..

If the link doesn't work and you cant see the picture clearly, here's a TinyPic Link ..

Check out the picture .. The guy has searched for "JK Tyre Care Point" and Google's brilliant Search engine show's my blog first ! .. My Blog is ahead of even The JK Tyre official site .. Even if the thing points to a valid post .. ok .. But it leads to my review of "JK Ritish's Kaanal Neer" .. [:o] ..

Poor guy has visited my blog looking for it as well .. [:)))] ..

Wah .. Search engines and their Vagaries !

Found this courtesy StatCounter 's Recent Pageload activity !



GAYATHRI said...

lol!!!! u kno wat..tat guy is really lucky...un review paakama nerayaa miss pannirpan..cos kanaal neer is no sappa matr...;)

Rhetorical Rhymester said...

I got yer profile in the search results. While I was seaching for the lyrics of a tamil song.

So yeah. I guess its not just with the JK tyre thinggy. -_-