Monday, December 24, 2007

Govt against Video Piracy or for it !???

The TN govt. is supposedly against Video piracy and has strict laws against the sale of Pirated Tamil movie DVDs and VCDs. Once every month,the police manage to crack down a Pirated Video racket after 3 months of tough research work. (Thu .. Ithelaam oru kashtamaaana vela .. Naane oru 20 places a kayyoda solluven .. peria research n tracking panraanga ithukku poy .. ) and create a big scene by crushing thousand DVDs and giving nice pictures of Thiruttu DVD covers to newspapers. Colour Colour a DVD adikki vechi super a photo irukkum ..

But is the TN Govt really against Piracy is my biggest doubt.This doubt arose because of ma trip to Madurai last week. While returning, I watched Ghilli and some songs in the new (So called) AirBus(antha polambal kku innoru post) .. Instead of cracking down on VCD dealers all over Chennai ritchie street, the TN govt can first check all its buses and bus depots which have one of the laaaargest collection of latest movie thiruttu DVDs. From Friends to Sivaji, these buses have an astounding collection ! .. Ithelaam govt. bus thaane ? .. Doesn't the govt know what is happening in these buses ?? .. Itha laam allow panraanga ..

Biggest comedy is that the FBI warning that "Unauthorised Public screening of the movie is prohibited" also comes in the beggining ..

Enna koduma sir idhu ???


ajit said...

un involvement naa

Karthik Srinivasan said...

Govt officials and minister veetle search pannale 100s of thirutu Cds kedaikum.. :P Arasiyal la idhellam sagajamappa!! :D