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Kollywood Review 2007 - Movies .. My Top 10 !

A looong year is drawing to an end finally .. And so are 8 months of my stay [Ma first post was on April 23 and Today is December 23] at and quite a stay it has been ..

The eventful year it has been for me, it has certainly warranted a few posts in here for the end of the year .. Here comes the first of the few ( may range between 3 to 5 depending on mah mood .. :p) ..

This one is about the evergreen Tamil Film Industry .. Kollywood .. Quite an Year it has been for the Tamil Film Industry .. As usual it dished out itz share of megahits and duds .. But it did enter uncharted territory as well with Pokkiri taking UK and Kerala by storm and Shivaji hitting Bollywood like never before[ Chk IBN Live's polls for Movie of the year and the same in Yahoo! Specials ] .. Quite an year , aint it !? .. Here's a few of the best and the worst ..

DISCLAIMER : This is purely "My Opinion" based entirely on my taste for movies and not in any way on Box-Office impact/success of the movies in question.

Always start with the positive side of things .. [:-)] ..

TOP 10 Movies of mine

10)Evano Oruvan

Stg :Maddy,Sangeetha and Seeman

My take:This remake of "Dombivili Fast" has been shot in a realistic manner.Madhavan's potrayal of Sridhar Vasudevan was more than adequate and Seeman ( Director) was good as the Cop. Well shot , the movie depicted the life of a middle class man in a very nice manner.Sad that the movie hardly had any sorta run in the BO.

Evano Oruvan takes Spot 10 in My Top 10 for 2007.


Stg :Surya,Asin

My take:This movie, potraying Surya in double roles and Asin in the role of an RJ , was crisp and quite entertaining inspite of the cliched story and age-old punchlines and the usual family story of Hari with atleast 40 characters in the fray.As Sudhish Kamath put it in his Hindu review, Surya did breath a lot of life into this movie.As always Asin was at her prettiest best in the movie.Songs were a forgettable experience although.

Vel takes Spot 9 in My Top 10 for 2007.


Stg :Ajith,Nayanthara,Namitha

My Take:This remake of Superstar's "Billa" didn't quite live up to all the hype surrounding it. It was almost a word to word remake.Chic and stylishly shot and edited. Costumes by Anu Vardhan are neat on the eye but do make it look almost like a black and white movie. A small change here and there would have helped it loads especially in terms of BO impact.Nayanthara is highly inadequate and so is Namitha in whatever role she has got. Prabhu looks laughable at in the coat suit act of his. In all, good entertainment if you haven't watched Rajini's Billa.Else, the predictable sequences may fool around with your patience. YSR's re-recoding does warrant a mention here esp. the theme music.

Billa takes Spot 8 in My Top 10 for 2007.


Stg :Karthi,Priyamani

Ameer gave a new dimemsion to Rural based cinema with this movie of his. Powerful performances from the lead pair and hummable tunes from YSR where the high point of the movie. "Kangalaal Kaithu Sei" la vantha Priyamani a ithu nnu thaan first thought. Karthi's performance speaks loads about his talent.Inspite of my hatred for those rural themes, the immensely good reviews made me watch the movie and yeah, I was able to sit through the movie which is good enough for a person with aversion for such kinda movies.

Paruthiveeran takes Spot 7 in My Top 10 for 2007.

6)Unnale Unnale

Stg :Vinay,Tanisha,Sadha

My Take:Chicly made and stylishly shot by Late.Jeeva.Melbourne has never looked more inviting. Was kewl on the eyes.Brilliant Album by HJ on the whole and with the songs being shot well, the movie was enhanced more. With a rip off from here and a rip off from there , Jeeva made this almost like a Super Scenes program. But for the climax and one unnecessary song, the movie was quite fine.Both Sada and Tanisha had speakable roles unlike most tamil films with two heroine subjects where one just comes to prance about with the hero.

Unnale Unnale takes Spot 6 in My Top 10 for 2007.


Stg :A whole gang of youngsters [Shiva, Nithin Sathya, Aravind Akash, Christine Zedek ]

My Take: A Cricket movie for this cricket mad nation which was entertaining in every second. So much that the 3 odd hours just flew past me. With an inherent flow of humour all through and gripping screenplay throughout the movie and good music from YSR, the movie never had a single dull moment all through.Kudos to Venkat Prabhu for giving this clean entertainer.

Chennai-600028 takes Spot 5 in My Top 10 for 2007.

Stg :Vijay,Asin,Prakash Raj

My Take:The movie did live up to almost all expectations from the fans of "Ilayathalapathy" Vijay. Superbly choreographed colourful songs were the highlight of the movie. Afterall with Prabhu Deva,it is bound to be ! Well choreographed stunt sequences by FEFSI Vijayan and some good camera work by Nirav Shah added to the gloss of the movie.Probably Asin's most glamorous role ever.Prakash Raj was at his best as Ali Bhai.The support cast in Nasser and Mukesh Tiwari did a good job as well.Probably if Shivaji hadn't released, this would have been the best masala entertainer of the year..

Pokkiri takes Spot 4 in My Top 10 for 2007.


Stg :Rajinikanth,Shreya,Suman

My Take:You dont expect little when three giants from Tamil cinema join hands - Shankar,Rahman and the biggest of et al "Rajini" .The king of commercial cinema with one of the best Indian directors in terms of exquiteness and granduer joined hands to deliver one of the best masalas in Tamil Cinema history - arguably even the best.ARR's music was not upto his usual high standards but was still better than most of the ordinary stuff that is dished out in Kollywood.MGR made the movie literally.If not for "Motta" Boss, Shankar and AVM motta potrukkanum. [:P]

Shivaji takes Spot 3 in My Top 10 for 2007.


Stg :Vijay,Shreya,Namitha

My Take:With vijay in a dual role for the first time and joining hands with ARR after the fiasco in Udhaya, the movie had a lot of expectations around it but couldn't fulfil all of them.Guru-the usual Vijay character and Prasad - the character with negative shades were well etched out by Bharahthan and Jeeva.Nothing else to add about this as i've already reviewed the movie in my blog earlier.[Watched it five times already in theatre .. 6th time in the offing quite soon]

Azhagiya Tamil Magan takes Spot 2 in My Top 10 for 2007.

Stg :Prithviraj,Jyotika,Prakash Raj,Swarnamalya

The movie of the year in my books.A clean entertainer from Radhamohan and Duet Movies yet again.With a river of humour flowing throughout the movie, there was never a dull moment in the movie.With a touching and sentimental story and brilliant performances by everyone in the cast,this movie takes the top spot in my list.[This was the first movie I watched more than once in theatre .. twice]

Mozhi takes Spot 1 in My Top 10 for 2007.


Honorable mentions that just missed out include Kireedom and Polladhavan


I watched quite a few movies this year thanks to BSNL's 2 mbps connection and Std. 12 finally drawing to and end.

1)Pokkiri - Enjoyable movie .. Caught up with it in Mayajaal 3rd day 2nd show.

2)Aalwar - One of the crappiest movies I've ever watched with an even crappier album .. Home theatre thanks to Tamil Torrents

3)Thamirabharani - The usual Hari movie .. Home theatre thanks to Tamil Torrents

4)Pori - Horrendous Cinema at itz best .. Because of one Hindu article about a clean entertainer from Subramania Siva, I downloaded this crappy movie and all i got was a headache .. Home theatre thanks to Tamil Torrents

5)Deepavali - One more of the shitty movies that i was forced to watch thanks to my sis .. Tried to sit thro' the movie for the songs .. Home theatre thanks to Tamil Torrents

6)Pachaikili Muthucharam - A different one from Gautham Menon .. Wud have caught it in the theatre if I had not been aprrehensive about watching Supreme Star Sarathkumar in theatre .. Hence took help from Tamil Torrents again .. [:D]

7)Mozhi - Superb movie .. Watched it twice in theatre - Mini udhayam and Sree and many more with the MoserBaer DVD back home ..

8)Unnale Unnale - Went to the movie along with my friends after AIEEE if I remember right .. was sorta ok .. Watched it in Udhayam

9)Chennai 600028 - Watched this in Suriyan if I remember right .. Nice movie .. Was entertainment all through ..

10)Naan Avanillai - Tamil Torrents helped me catch up with this movie .. The original was loooads better than this one !

11)Sivaji - Caught the mother of all masalas in Sathyam with a complimentry ticket I think on the 10th day if i remember right ..

12)Paruthiveeran - I hate movies set in the rural mileau .. So caught this in a Ayngaran DVD just a few weeks back ..

13)Kireedam - Caught this movie ( I dont know which ending it was) on DVD a few days bac only !

14)Malaikottai - Downloaded this from and saw it only last week !

15)Kannamoochi Yenada - Same as above !

16)Vel - Same as above !

17)Polladhavan - Same as above ! [:P]

18)Azhagiya Tamil Magan - Caught up with this 5 times on screen ! .. Santham,Udhayam,Sree, Udhayam , Udhayam .. Koodiya Seekiram Shanthi la .. [:D]

19)Evano Oruvan - Should have watched this in theatre .. But unfortunately ran out of funds at the wrong time .. so helped me this time !

20)Billa - Itha kandippa theatre la paaka maaten nnu sabatham eduthurukken ... So downloaded it and slept through the movie .. ( again)

21)Kaanal Neer - Caught up with this for the sake of writing a review and after seeing all those "Rising Star" Ritish banners outside Udhayam .. So downloaded this from somewhere .. Dun remember the name ..

22)Veerasamy - Intha maari classic movie laam paakalena enakku romba asingam .. So with help from Tamilblood, watched this ..

23)Kaloori - Missed Balaji Sakthivel's earlier movie Kaathal .. Because of the hype created by Sify etc. saw the movie .. Good one on the whole with a great climax ..

24)Oram Po - Semma pacy movie .. Again Tamilblood download !


you may shout at me for supporting piracy ! .. Wait for the next post before that .. [:p] .. I watched 24 new movies this year which is higher than the total no. of movies i have ever watched in ma life before this year .. Next year the count will prob be higher i guess .. Paakalaam .. Let's see wat 2008 has in hold !


That's it for this post ! .. Few more coming in some time ..



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