Sunday, December 2, 2007

MANIT Mess Delicasies


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Four months of great food from the MANIT Mess has helped me reduce my weight by loads .. VLCC laam ethukku .. poy oru hostel la serunga .. Weight semmaya korayum ..

Let me list out a few delicasies served out there in order of their awesome taste .. (read awful) .. I'm restricting them to 10 .. I can go on and on .. But ungalukku bore adikkum .. [:D] ..

Countdown Starts :

10 . Dhokla

Paaka namma ooru Son Papdi maari e irukkum .. Pulinja Thanni varum velia .. Tasteless horror .. Sidedish with this, green chillies .. As good a combo as TR- Mumtaz .. Scrapes just about into the top 10 beating stiff competion from Jeera Rice and Pav with Aloo(Potatoes) .. Thank goodness .. Rendu thadava thaan saapda vechchanga .. [:D]

9. Brinjal with kaambu

Hmm .. Another scrape through case .. Usually Brinjal's are cooked after removing the stalk i guess but in our mess due to their extreme levels of somberithanam,they dont even remove the kaambu .. :-( .. Even normally i hate brinjals .. But the wonderful messy mess brinjal made me despise it ..

8 . More Kuzhambu

Ithu More Kuzhambu nnu kandu pidikkave it took me three eatings .. Nauseating teate and smell .. So unlike our More Kuzhambu (which i used to love) .. After eating a few helpings of this, I decided never ever to touch this again .. Such is the deadliness .. The combo with rice is the worst .. Horrendous .. Cant express it in words ..

7 . Pulikkum Puffs
Everyone would surely have eaten puffs at some point in their life . Usually Puffs are spicy but the puffs i had there were suprisingly sour.Perhaps they thought a touch of lime juice to the potatoes inside would make the taste better.Unfortunately for us,it did nothing of that sort although the potato content inside was as much as the sugar u'll find in a cup of tea ie in ppm only. :-p

6 . Halwa
Nothing like the ones made in Tamil Nadu .. Early morning la sweet pota evan thaan saapduvaan ?? .. Comedy dish .. Sidedish for this is Aloo Bhujia .. which makes the combination even worser .. Saaptu paatha thaan u'll know the deadliness of this .. :D

5. Thanni paneer

Paneer is usually delicious but anything made in our mess is a horror .. Somehow those guys manage to transform even the best dishes into horrible mixtures - the best example of which is Paneer.The gravy given is so watery and turmeric is added in such high quanities that if u dip a piece of chapathi in it and take it out, it will become yellowish in colour.It floats around in Oil and water literally.A great dish made disgusting .

4. Turmeric Rice

Manjal podi saatham is the speciality of our mess .. Weekly once .. Those days and all dinner la rice a skip .. illaati night fulla bathroom kku oda vendi irukkum .. :-p .. Namma oorla itha kaanum pongal annikku kaakai kku thaan poduvaanga .. aana bhopal mess la weekly once students kku poduvaanga .. Yet another deadly delicasy ..

3 . Dal

I was seriously contemplating if I could put a picture of slightly yellowish water instead. It is as good as hot salt water with oil floating on top and the dal settled at the bottom if u can find any dal at the bootom that is . Just the rasam of our TN without the rasam podi.Has all the other ingredients - in plenty too .. As Vikram says in Anniyan - "Dal of our mess can also be termed as Chromium water" .. Allow the dal to stay still for about half an our, you can well remove the water from the top and drink it. Due to the frequency with which we have to consume this kodumai, this gets a place very close to the pinnacle.

2 . Poha with Jilebi(Jangiri)

Poha naa nama ooru aval a boil pantu manjal podi pota athukku peru - poha .. Poha alone is ok .. But the stomach churning Jangiri with it early in teh morning makes it incorrigible . Literally Jangiri .. ( Jan - life .. Giri - fall ) :-p .. Clearly one of the top contenders .. Narrowly misses out to Poori - pickle as it is a more deadlier combo .. !!

1 . Poori Pickle

First time i've ever tasted such a combo and horror of horrors , it was given right on the first day .. Pickle la tomato iruntha paravalla .. Lime pickle kuduthu koduma pannuvaaanga .. The best stomach upsetter ..

That brings an end to this .. Here are a few others that narrowly missed out on a coveted spot .. :-p


Honourable Mentions :

* Jeera Rice
* Pav with Aloo
* Noodles



Abhishek said...

nice post !

ajit said...

feel sry for u da...appo edhu dan nalla irukkum>???

Karthik Srinivasan said...

sorry for u and ur fellow MANIT inmates... :( but really loves the way u have put it, esp. the explanation of Jangiri :D

vinod said...

greatly put man.... hats off.
pala nit students manasula irundhadha, iruppadha, irukka povadha
unmaiyavum, nagaichuvaiyum veli kondu vandhutta

Anonymous said...

nice ,but nee oru vijay fannu theriyuthu,athan utter garbage atm padatha 2 nd place la irrukku,billa is good,see it in theatre

Anonymous said...

nice ,but nee oru vijay fannu theriyuthu,athan utter garbage atm padatha 2 nd place la irrukku,billa is good,see it in theatre

Shlok Waikar said...

What about non-veg??