Friday, December 7, 2007

New traffic regulations are stupid !!

The Chennai City Traffic Police (CCTP) have thought of such a brilliant way to reduce the traffic density in the inner ring road.

Quoting from "The Hindu":

Chennai: Traffic arrangements on Inner Ring Road (100 Feet) Road will be modified with effect from December 3 to ease congestion, said a press release issued by the Traffic Police here on Saturday. The modifications seek to improve the flow of traffic at the junction of Inner Ring Road (IRR) and Pillayar Koil Street (Kasi Theatre junction). All existing turns at the junction of Pillayar Koil Street and Inner Ring Road with the exception of left turn and straight movement on IRR are prohibited. Vehicles coming on IRR from the junction of Ashok Nagar 11th Avenue and intending to proceed to Pillayar Koil Street (towards Indira theatre) would be required to take the IRR and a U-turn under the Kasi Theatre Bridge. Vehicles coming on the IRR from Guindy and proceeding to Pillayar Koil Street by taking a right towards Jafferkhanpet would be required to take the route via Ashok Pillar, 1st Avenue and 12th Avenue to reach Jafferkhanpet. Vehicles from Jafferkhanpet intending to proceed towards Pillayar Koil Street would hereafter be required to take the IRR and make a U-turn under the Kasi Theatre Bridge. Vehicles from Pillayar Koil Street intending to proceed towards Jafferkhanpet would be required to take the IRR, Ashok Pillar, 1st Avenue and 12th Avenue.

Kudos to the person who thought of the idea .. Ithelaam enna room pottu yosipaangala ? ..

Instead of just crossing near the BSNL exchange,now in order to get to the RTO office or Bhrathidasan colony from WEst Mambalam or Ashok Nagar,one has to either go via ESI hospital towards KK Nagar depot and come.

Or Go via Kasi theatre junction and go underneath the Ekkaduthangal Bridge and again come back the same way and turn into the Bharathidasan Colony main road.

All that they have done is removed the signals and made it difficult for pedestrians to cross the road and made it easier for auto drivers to charge more money.Instead of the 15 which was the earlier charge from Udhayam to my house, I have to shell out 30 now.

Also the bus stop has been shifted making it difficult for everyone.

My congrats to the people behind this brilliant and innovative traffic regulation.I cant see the traffic jams being reduced.Only more speed violations and in the near future,accidents as well. [:(]

PS: Thought I have to scribble sumthing abt this cos these bloody reforms have reduced my rounds around Chennai in my mom's Activa cos the other junction has too many policemen for my liking - (I dont have license yet) and the other day, I had to walk home from Postal Colony because of these shitty reforms . [:D]

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