Sunday, December 30, 2007

Nine Lifesavers at Bhopal

Life at Bhopal required loads of toughness especially with the stomach [:p] .. If I managed to survive my first few months (first semester), it is due to the few things I've listed down here .. If I had missed one of these things , life had Bhopal would have become more tougher ! .. I can never forget even one of these things .. [:D]


9)Grand sweets Tomato Pickle :

With the brilliant food that is served in our mess , the dal and the more-kuzhambu ; I was really starved out in the first part of my stay in Bhopal. Came back to chennai on September 1st and one of the first things I did was to buy around Five 1/2 kg bottles of Pickles(Thokku) - Mango n Tomato ! .. Really helped a lot all through the semester for my survival cos the standard of the food kept deteriorating ! .. Pickle a sidedish a use pannuvanga ellarum ! But circumstances made me use it as a main dish itself ! .. Pickle rice ... Kodumaiyo Kodumai .. After coming home, not once have I touched pickles .. That much of a aversion !

8)All out :

Hehehe .. It was a common dialogue among me and my friends back in the hostel at Bhopal that living in the hostel was similar to life in a zoo .. Jus that we were inside and the animals, reptiles and insects were outside the cage (Our Hostel) .. The biggest threat among them was the mosquito though Snakes and "Discovery Channel" type of Bugs were also present ! Highly abundant all around the Hostel, they make life hell for you .. You cant survive without AllOut or one of those Mosquito Repellants or a Mosquito Net .. It is next to impossible .. Surely, the two bottles of AllOut I used saved me from a bout of Malaria and a huge swelling somewhere on my body every morning ..


A Samosa there costs Rs.3 .. This became available in the hostel from the last month of our stay there .. Everyday - 7 PM - 3 Samosas atleast - if not more- for Rs.9 was my menu .. Helped cool down my ever hungry stomach a lot (Though unhealthy) .. Helped maintain my weight and returned with only a semblance of change in appearance only due to this .. Though the samosas were real small, it couldn't deter me especially with the other food being served !

6)Tata sky
For a Football Addict like me, the first month back in Bhopal was horrendous. Totally out of touch with the sport in all means with just a TOI Article to read every week. TATA Sky helped a lot in staying in touch with the EPL and Champions league ! .. Who can ever forget the secret midnight watch of Man Utd Vs AS Roma - Group Stage - At Old Trafford in the TV room with a few more Mancs .. MUFC Bhopal was started .. [:p] .. Premier League games were caught up with .. O'course, helped in watching Tamil songs on "Mettukkal Pudhusu" in STAR Vijay as well .. Caught quite a few songs in Bhopal .. Other guys(fellow tamils) watched Mozhi on TV when I came back to Chennai .. Yea .. We even caught up with Anniyan and just missed Captan's Narasimha [:p] .. N yea .. This helped all the South Indians in Hostel 2[My Hostel's name in Bhopal] to get-together as well .. Who can ever forget the fight for English movies with the Hindi guys there .. !??

5)Nokia N 73

"Thala" Prabhakaran's ( No relation whatsoever to LTTE) N73 aka 17000 Clock without alarm was THE source to catch up with the latest Tamil songs that released during my stay in Bhopal .. Also the memory recorder for the "Tamil Tigers" [:p] for our time at Bhopal by means of the many snaps we took .. Unfortunately, Nokia's overprotectivity with the security code meant that it became a 17000 Rs clock without an alarm when Prabhakaran forgot the Security Code ! ..

You see .. 5 letter security code .. 10*10*10*10*10 = 100000 possibilites .. One code in 4 seconds .. And 5 mins closure of the software for every 5 wrong codes meant that each code to be checked took abt 64 seconds .. 100000 possibilites => 6400000 seconds => Arnd Eighty 24 hr Days ! .. Impossibilty .. [:)][:)]


Sorry for the missing photo .. As you may have guessed, the reason was the overprotective Nokia Security code .. ICH cares when Mess scares ! .. ICH - our one stop shop for South Indian food in Bhopal .. With Tamil speaking bearers, it would be like being back home for a moment in HSB although the food served never came up to that quality even once .. One of the better restaurants in Bhopal .. ( I've eaten only in two other places - Rice Bowl - that burns a hole in your pocket and One Madan hotel opposite the Station - which serves readymade Dosas [:p] )
Compusary visit a week when funds permitted ! .. O'course .. One of ma frnds Anand can never forget this place in his life for various reasons .. [:p] [:p][:p] .. Sorry da maams ..

Airtel - not the best network in MP but you see I hardly knew anything about Idea .. So bought an Airtel sim .. All it offered was poor connectivity in the hostel .. Signal Strength hardly went beyond two points on my mobile .. ( Our college is in the heart of Bhopal unlike NIT-Trichy which is about 20 km away from Trichy centre ) .. One thing with which I managed with Airtel was the Rs.96 for 600 National Free SMSs for one month .. Helped me stay in touch with all my friends back in Chennai ..[:D] .. [ My mobile says I've sent abt 4000+ messages during my stay in Bhopal [:p] ) ..

2)Sify I-way

Sify I-way .. No.10 Market .. My haunt everytime I went out .. My account notebook tells me I've spent exactly Rs.1065 on Internet Browsing alone in Bhopal [:o][:o][:o] .. Whenever I go there , minimum two hours stay ! .. With a tamil speaking guy incharge there, it was another place that rekndled memories of being back home .. Combine a Tamil speaking shop-worker in Bhopal with talking to your close friends again ! .. From watching Ooh Lalala epdisodes online to Checking Premier League results and watching the goals from the Match of the weekend on Youtube .. Listening to Latest songs on and to watching trailers on Indiaglitz and checking the Reviews of Tamil movies and Chennai Box office status on Sify .. Orkutting (O'course) and chatting away on Yahoo! messenger .. Downloading the latest songs into the infamous N 73 and O'course blogging .. A variety of activities took place .. ( PS : I dont write unless I get the "mood" to write .. and this of course never coincided with the time I was in the net centre .. So wat I did was to write the post down in ma notebook and take it along with me to Sify I-way and type it out there These - 1 and 2 are two posts I did that way .. !) ..

1)Friends - Both the ones at Bhopal and back here in TN

Well .. The most important thing .. Even if all the previous things had been there , it would have been imposssible to spend the next four years of my life at Bhopal if not for the wonderful batchmates I got by God's grace ! ..

Can never forget all the fun we had - Court Sessions for arguments .. The fight for the TV with the North Indian guys .. The silly fights after which we all had a laugh .. teasing everyone possible .. Running around the campus at midnight .. The never ending struggles to get permission to return back home ( Actually was successful twice .. One of the few people to do that [:p] [:p] .. [:D][:D] ) .. The teasing each other by calling each other names .. "The" Prank Call .. Cooking our food on the electric stove and eating it .. Talking abt the * marked notes .. [:p .. Contact over Yahoo ! messenger for elucidation .. .. This is too public a place ] .. The funda[Light coloured full shirt .. Pants .. No jeans .. Black Shoes .. White socks .. No facial hair(Never followed this part).. etc. etc. ] .. Those practical sessions .. Mass Bunks .. Watching T20 World Cup on DD News' Live updates .. Complaining to the Director abt lessons in Hindi .. Our secret outings .. Midnight B'day Parties .. "Model Question papers" from each person before every single exam .. The Bail order form Jail .. Deepavali meeting and lunch .. The "No bad words " Resolution .. The plans for a book abt our experiences .. The Trip to Van Vihar .. The Journey back home at last ..

100 % unadulterated fun ..

Of course .. Can never forget the people back in Chennai who remembered to stay in touch inspite of High National SMS and Call costs .. Those long telephone conversations .. Listening to songs over phone ( STD .. Mid it ! [:p] ) .. Discussing abt every other person back in Chennai over phone .... The missed call fun .. Also the school friends who kept the messages and calls coming in and never shrugged to talk when I called ..

Can never forget all you people because of whom my stay in Bhopal was brightened up ..

Photos : The ones in Friends ..
1) .. Balaji and Kiran Teja's B'day party after the exams were over .. The whole South India gang present there .. AP .. TN .. Kerala ... Karnataka ..
2) .. My B'day party .. The Tamil guys of Hostel 2 ( Vikram Sarabhai Bhawan) .. (Or Tamil Tigers as we are called ! [:p])

Other pics .. Courtesy Google Image Search !

That brings to an end yet another post .. Keep the comments coming !


Karthik Srinivasan said...

haa haa.. nice list.. at the same time, feeling bad to think of the lives of u hostelites away from home!!! Hope these things get better in coming days, atleast the food :)

Anonymous said...

Were u in MANIT? I am rite now! Interesting list.

Shrinivas said...

I am in MANIT rite nw .. 2nd yr .. u?