Thursday, December 20, 2007

Song of the year !!!!

Chk out this song from the movie Kadhalil Vizhunden ... !!!!!

Actors : Nakul (Boys payyan) , Sunaina
Director : Prasath PV
Music Director : Vijay Antony
Producer : Umapathy

Naakka Mukka
Singer : Chinnaponnu, Nakul
Lyrics : Prasath PV

Naakka Mukka
Singer : Vijay Antony
Lyrics : Prasath PV

[PIC: Hero n Heroine probably shooting for that song and to avoid damage using headphones to listen to some other song Courtesy:IndiaGlitz Tamil]

Above are the links for listening to those songs online .. I dont support Music Piracy u see .. So no download links here ... :D .. Jus try listening to the songs and if alive, comment in the comments section .. Fortunately I almost listened to it on BIG FM and Thank God , Radio Mirchi played "Elllapugazhum Eraivan Oruvanukke" at the right time .. Try counting the no. of naakus and mookus in the song :P

Next Perarasu in Tamil Cinema has arrived .. Vaaango Varaverkalaam !! .. Jus listen to those two songs .. Poor Singer is confused about his Tongue and Mouth ! .. Aana Epdiyo Vaayala Paaditaanga antha "Chinnaponnu" .. (Enna peru da ithu !! :-o) .. Get ready for Prasath communities or Orkut soon !

No Disputes .. Undisputedly the song of the year has been delivered by Vijay Antony and Prasath ! .. Causing a lot of "waves" in the FM Radio Stations .. :D .. Itah namma TR kku compose pannirukkalaam Vijay Antony ! .. Better reach kadaichirukkum :-p

Ithula namma Vijay antony kku rendu version vera kekkuthu ... !!


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