Thursday, December 6, 2007

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Found these questions when I was surfing around in the Blogosphere .. So thought why not let my non-existant readers know better about the nutter that I am ..


Smoked a cigarette?

No .. Will never smoke as well .. (Mark My words! .. :D) .. I despise smoking and smokers .. After all smoking is injurious to not only your health but also the others around you ... Namma health a spoil panna paravailla .. Koodave innum 10 people oda health a spoil pannanuma ?? .. (Evlo nalla ennam paarunga enakku .. In English - Look at how good a soul I am ) .. :-p )

Crashed a friend's car?

I've never driven a car .. Leave alone crashing it .. But crashing into a car , I've done in plenty though .. Once was caught by the ever alert CCTP also .. Even the car driver dint wasnt compensation after knowing that I was a sincere and angelic school student whose vehicle's brake had failed at the wrong time .. But being the sincere CCTP, as always, he wanted sum 550 bucks as compensation .. Poor Policeman .. After all he owned the back part of the car naa .. ! :D

Stolen a car?

Cha Cha .. Naan avlo kevalamaana piravi illa .. I'm not such a bad soul .. I have better jobs to do .. Although my lifetime ambition is to drive a Ferrari or a BMW,I wudn't steal one surely even if someone gave me the keys .. U see .. Ozhachi vara sothu thaan nelaikkum .. !! (Only the property got as a result of hard work will stand the test of time) ..

Been in love?

Difficult Question .. Leaving out on choice .. lol .. If I tell like this,every one will suspect something .. So let me tell the truth .. I dunno .. I dont thing so .. !! ..

Been dumped?

Nope .. To kewl to be dumped any way .. :-p .. If I am selected only I can be dumped .. Hayyo Hayyo !!


I may look big .. But not that strong enough to lift a shop and all .. Namma ooru Potti kadaya thookarathe kashtam thaan enakku .. Getting serious , I cant remember shoplifting consciously .. Now and then mebbe the shop keepers forget to collect the money from me .. that aint my mistake is it ?! .. They forgot,I conveniently dint remind them .. that's not authentic shoplifting ..

Been in a fist fight?

Yeah .. loads of times .. Not new to me at all .. I have been involved in all kinds of fights ranging from War of Words to Roadside Brawls .. N as you would have already guessed,I always emerge the winner .. You see Victory is my middle name .. :D

Snuck out of your parent's house?

Thanks to Wiktionary for giving me the meaning of snuck .. No I've never snuck out of my parent's home .. Cant imagine them without me .. Such a goodie-goodie fellow I am .. Although I've snuck out of my hostel many a time .. (That's a different story though) ..

Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back?

Enna feelings .. Missing some one naa .. Yea I miss many of my friends when I am away from them .. I dont know if they did miss me .. Ask them ! ..

Been arrested?

Do I look like a criminal ???? .. Dont insult me plz by answering yes .. I've never been arrested although I've been to Police Stations many a time .. Hostel Arrest pannanga for about three months after which we got a bail too ! .. :-p .. Will post a pic of that if possible ..

Gone on a blind date?

If you are referring to Sathyam Cinemas' Blind Date held every thursday , No I've not gone for it .. If it is this :
A blind date is a date where the people involved have not met each other previously. The match could have been arranged by mutual friends or by a dating system.

Even this I found out only after referring to Wikipedia ! .. How would I have gone for one? .. I've never gone even for a normal one ..

Skipped school?

Well .. I have never bunked school unless I found it unavoidable .. Too sincere to bunk actually .. Sitting at home will do nothing else other than Chating and Surfing or listening to songs .. For that , school itself is a better option.Atleast you will get a blue colour full attendance certificate .. U see I got one in Pre-KG, LKG ,UKG , 1st , 3rd ,4th , 5th, 6th , 7th , 8th , 10th. :D .. In 2nd, I injured my leg and became slightly immobile.Even then I went to school but you see,the princi sent me back home saying I was toooo sincere.9th la Chicken Pox .11th and 12th la So called studies kaaga. [:D] .. Now that in college there is no full attendance certificate, I've started bunking classes in looads .. !!

Been on a plane?

Only in my dreams .. Never in real life ! .. Hope to do so quite soon .. Actually it was my ambition to become an aeronautical engineer until life look me along its own cruel path. (I've always been a person who builds castles in the air , but now life has forced me to build castles on the ground itself .. U see .. Civil Engg.. )

Seen someone die?
Tamil Cinema la saagatha villain a ??? .. I am a fanatic of Tamil Masala Movies and invariably in a masala movie atleast a dozen people die .. Real life la no one so far and I wish I really dont see anyone too .. I dunno if i'll have the strength .. esp. if it is a person whom i know ..

Purposely set a part of yourself on fire?

Hmm .. I dont have that much courage and all .. Y unneccesarily waste matchsticks??

Been jet-skiing?

Is there any place to do this in India ? .. If yes,reply in comments section .. I'd love to go there .. If no,U've got the answer for ur question !

Met someone in person from the Internet?

Till now no one .. After this I dont know .. (Ithu varikkum yaarum illa .. inime epdi nu therla) .. But seriously speaking,I'd love to meet some of the people who are on my friends list on orkut .. My long time wish .. Hope it becomes reality one day .. :-)

Taken pain killers?

Anything wrong in taking painkillers ? .. I've taken them plenty of times .. They are not Steroids are they !?

Flown a kite?

Till now never .. Probably will never .. :-( ..

Built a sand castle?

Sand Castles ,.. Yea .. aplenty .. when i was about 5 or 6 .. In Madurai when construction work was going on in my house I used to build so many Sand Castles .. Probably I had ESP and saw that in future I'll be doing that only .. Y not start it well before and gain practice ..

Gone puddle jumping?

Yea .. Have dont this loads of times .. While playing footbal with the tennis ball in school .. While roaming about on rainy days ..

Nyaabagham varuthey (3) Pokkishamaagha nenjil pudhaintha ninaivukal ellaam Nyaabagham varuthey Edho ondrai tholaithathu pole Edho meendum pirandhathu pole Thaaye ennai valarthathu pole Kangalin oram kanneer varuthey

So many memories .. :(( .. Unforgetable time .. all that ..

Cheated while playing a game?

Well I dont cheat much really .. Avoid cheating much .. But yeah sumtimes while playing football with the tennis ball i do cheat .. N yea .. I use cheat codes in GTA vice city all the time .. Of course in my Nokia 1600 while playing cricket on it, I make full use of the run-out bug in it.. Now that's cheating rite !?

Been lonely?

I'm a bit of a loner actually.Although I have my circle of friends,at times I do prefer being alone esp. when I face problems .. So this aint so rare that i can pick up a few instances .

Fallen asleep at work or school/college?

Yea .. Very frequently doze off in classes.Chennai is very hot.Add to that the prospect of the boring lectures,it is immediate sleep.The same thing continues in college as well of course.As I have grown older,the duration and cheek of my sleep has increased.

Used a fake ID?

Yea .. Have used many IDs many a time .. Have around 10 ids which I use when the situation arises on Orkut.

Felt an earthquake?

Chennai was hit by earthquakes twice.

First time, I was eating.the karandi(ladle) in the container was shaking.
Second time,during the Tsunami I was in my tuition class.So never really felt anything.

Touched a snake?

No .. Never .. I just hate looking at pictures of snakes . So nauseating .. Leave alone touching them !

Slept beneath the stars?

Everyone always sleeps beneath the stars.Jus that a floor or the ceiling is between them.So,even i have done that / I do that everyday.

Been robbed?

Yea .. I've lost about a 100 pens .. Equal no of pencils and rubbers etc etc. So far I've not been robbed of money cos I rarely carry money. [:D]

Been misunderstood?

Have I been understood to be misunderstood !? .. This is the major disadvantage of Chtting on Yahoo! Messenger .. You dont know the tone of the statement.Hence,it lends to a lot of misunderstandings.

Won a contest?

Have won too many to list here .. Will probably require another post ![:-p]

Run a red light/stop sign?

Red light laam mathikkave maaten ! Only in huge roads where traffic is high, I follow them.Else I run the show. If I go,green light .Else,Red light. How's this ? ?

Been suspended from school?

If the school starts suspending such a sincere student like me, they'lll have to suspend everyone else in the school before doing that and hence will have to close the whole institution down.

Been in a car accident?

Nopes .. and I hope Never will !

Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night?

1 pint ≈ 568 ml says my best source,Wikipedia. N yea,I've done it if u cut out the 68 ml because only 500ml or 1000ml packets are availablein Chennai. I love icecreams !!!!! *drooling*

Walked the streets drunk?

I usually drink water before leaving my home.So I am always drunk.As far as alcoholic bevarages are considered,I dont touch any except the ones that are pre-mixed in cough syrups.

Had déjà vu?

Déjà vécu refers to an experience involving more than just sight, which is why labeling such "déjà vu" is usually inaccurate. The sense involves a great amount of detail, sensing that everything is just as it was before and a weird knowledge of what is going to be said or happen next.

As you would have already guessed , that was from Wiki again.Yea .. Deja vu almost everyday for me in some form or another.

Danced in the moonlight?

Nope .. My dancing might cause earthquakes.Because of the social responsibilty I have as a law-abiding citizen of India,I have refrained from such activities as it could result in extensive damage to the surrounding structures and the earth and may well result in another Tsunami !

Witnessed a crime?

Nah .. Haven't witnesses organised crime so far.Small level petty theivery - Yeah .. Many times .

Been obsessed with post-it notes?

The Post-it note, invented by Arthur Fry and manufactured by 3M, is a piece of stationery with a re-adherable strip of adhesive on the back, designed for temporarily attaching notes to documents, computer displays, and so forth.

I dont know what that is yet .. If any one can explain , plz do so in comments section !

Squished barefoot through the mud?

Would love to do that .. But my sense of cleanliness prevents me from doing that.Also my conscience that my poor mom would have to wash my clothes and it would mean too much of work for her ! (overa poyteno .. :-p)

Been lost?

I've been lost even in my life .. Then y not in the course of my life.Most recent - On 29th in Sathyam theatre .. Santham enga irukku nnu theriaama restroom kulla poyten ! .. [:D]

Been on the opposite side of the country?

Yea .. Have been to North India once .. Delhi Agra Jaipur Shimla Chandigarh etc etc . Now currently put up in central India - Bhopal !

Swum in the ocean?

I HATE SWIMMING even in a closed pool .. Then only ocean .. Not my cup of tea totally !

Cried yourself to sleep?

I do cry .. But only for silly reasons .. Yea ..I have cried myself to sleep about 3-4 times as far as I can remember ...

Played cops and robbers?

Only Raja Rani Robber Police .. That's only cops and robbers right ! .. This too I stopped about 5 years back ..

Recently colored with crayons?

Crayons was when i was in 3rd or 4th standard .. I've moved on to Oil paints since then and now to nothing .. I mean I've stopped colouring etc. (PS:Krayon Corner in Young World was a eternal favourite of mine sum years back)

Sung karaoke?

How can you sing Karaoke ? .. Karaoke means instrumental version of the song sans lyrics right .. I can sing along while listening .. but not karaoke ..

Paid for a meal with only coins?

Not a meal .. But some chat items for which I have had to pay in coins.Once I bought one plate Idli in HSB with Rs.2 and Rs.1 coins .Cashier eyed me suspiciously !!!!

Done something you told yourself you wouldn't?

Looooads of times.Oaths are meant to be broken.Best example :

I took a vow during my study holidays for last yrs boards that I would not come online from the next day.But the first thing I did the next day was to go online.

I dont have that much determination that I dont break what I've told myself.

Made prank phone calls?

Outgoing call laam ithukaaga waste pannamudiaathu .. Have played pranks with incoming calls though at times.Last time I did sumthing foolish with a phone call was some days back when I called Dataone helpline . I got the announcement "Your call is important for us .. Plz stay on the line " for about 10 minutes and some music was played.I held on patiently.But suddenly the line got cut. This continued for three or four times which pissed me off totally.The next time,suprisingly the guy picked up the phone.I kept the mouthpiece on my speaker and treated him to some music from my speakers(I guess it was Valayapatti that he listened to) !! [:-p]

Caught a snow flake on your tongue?

Snow flakes in Chennai ?? .. You must be in your dream world then .. [:D]

Written a letter to Santa Claus?

Sorry .. I dont believe in Santa Claus .. !!

Blown bubbles?

Yea .. Even bought one of those bubble cans a few years back outside Pothys and blew bubbles to my heart's delight much to the dismay of my mother .. [:-)]

Bonfire on the beach?

No bonfire yet .. Hate polluting the environment you see .. Why burn wood and cause both air pollution and land pollution .. (I guess it is the effect of studying too much for my Envi. Engg exam)

Cheated during a test?

Yea .. I am not a saint .. I have copied .. But that was abotu 3 or 4 years back when I was in school I guess .. I do help people in the course of the exams .. Helping tendency u see .. Have never been caught so far .. Hope Lady Luck stays with me forever ..

Gone skinny-dipping in a pool?

I HATE SWIMMING in any kind ..


Phew !! Over at last .. Hope I didn't bore you to death .. If still alive, do comment in the comments section .. And click on the ads at the top !!!!


PS : any one reading this and feeling upto the task can do this tag .. :-p


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