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Tamil Music of 2007 :- Top 30 songs and an analysis

"Tamil Cinema's music has been supposedly having a downfall since the influence of technology started" say a whole lot of people inc. ma parents. But I feel this downfall is not in the quality of music as a whole [All though there are a whole lot of lifts these days from other composers' music ... This is because these songs have the same if not better quality. It is only in the lyrics that the quality has reduced as I had pointed out earlier. [:D]

2007 had a lot of great music from the usual suspects and a few unusal ones as well. Overall a great year for audio buffs.(like me) [:D] ..

Moving on ...

En music taste a pathi sollanum naa .. :

"Appo Gaana thaan pudikkume .. Ippo Melody um pidikkuthe" .. [:D][:p] ..

Enakku Music a pathi enna therium nnu neenga kekkalaam .. Aana Ungalukku enna pathi therla .. Abhi Dekho .. Choopistanu !! [:p][:p][:p]

Movies kku I stopped with Top 10 but it is practically impossible to select 10 songs from a collection of over 300. So I increased the limit to 30. Even with that the whole task was really arduous.I may have missed a few songs here and there.Sorry abt that. [:)]

The process :

What I did was took Wikipedia and with the list of movies given there,listed out the good songs in the movie and prepared a initial list of songs which tallied 60 to be precise. Then struck of the songs by relative comparison and reduced it to 41.From that I again did the elimination and reduced it to 37.Then made a list of just missed outs and a final 30 as well. Initial sorting followed to sort it into two 15s and then in the 15 did sorting by dividing into 5s. I guess this helped the sorting and made it a more fine tuned process ... [:)] .. [ In order to avoid favoritism, i took the opinion of a few others (few=2) also ]

Lots of mokka over already .. So let me move on to the actual thing ..

NOTE : If the links provided are dead, sorry about it.They were working perfectly when I posted. You can take them off www.tamilmp3world.com or www.tamilbeat.com




Album : Deepavali
Composer : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers :Yuvan Shankar Raja

Superb composition by Yuvan.Good Lyrics from Na.Muthukumar as well. Something quite similar to Sakarai Nilave[ My fav song ever] in the basic theme ! Yuvan's voice suits this song quite well .. ! Had enough to beat competition from the other just missers IMO ..


Song:Un Paarvai mele

Album : Chennai-600028
Composer : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers :Vijay Yesudas

One of the songs which forms an integral part of my playlist .. Has all ingredients .. Nice lyrics .. Good Voice .. Good Tune .. What else do you need in a song ? This soft romantic melody in Vijay Yesudas's voice was well picturised as well .. ( Thanks to CLN, My friend for forcing me to listen to this song for the first time)

No 28

Song:Sariya Thavara

Album : Kalloori
Composer : Joshua Sridhar
Singers :Haricharan

The same combo of Haricharan and Joshua Sridhar gave Thottu Thottu a few years back which was a big hit across the air waves. This time,the duo are back again with another good song. sounds very very similar to Thottu Thottu all through but has enough to hold itz own as well. The stretching of the last word of each line .. (Seriaaaa .. Idhu Thavaraaa .. ) is nice on the ear !

No 27

Song:Karu Karu Vizhigalaal

Album : Patchai Kili MuthuCharam
Composer : Harris Jeyaraj
Singers :Karthik, Nareesh Iyar, Krrish

Fell in love with this song in the first hearing itself .. With the superb voice of Naresh Iyer giving a great start and Karthik joining in and Krrish filling in wherever required , the song sounds very attractive .. HJ's tune and loops are really nice to hear as well especially the interludes !

No 26

Song:Megam Megam

Album : Kannamoochi Yenada
Composer : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers :Haricharan and Swetha

Haricharan once again , this time in combination with YSR and Swetha, who rendered "Nee Mutham Ondru Koduthaal" in Pokkiri , has given us another nice compostion to cherish .. With a simple tune . Swetha simply rocks in the song and Haricharan is as usual more than adequate for his part !

No 25

Song:Minnalgal Koothadum

Album : Polladhavan
Composer : GV Prakash Kumar
Singers :Karthik,Bombay Jayashree

Clearly inspired by/lifted from "Smack That" of Akon and Eminem. Still GVP manages to give his own touches here and there to add that X factor which differentiates a ordinary song from a hit number. The lilting voices of Karthik and Bombay Jayashree do lift the song to a different level altogether and give it a great feel.

No 24

Song:Yaaro Yaarukkul

Album : Chennai-600028
Composer : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers :SP Balasubramaniam,Chitra

The 70s tune has worked wonders for YSR in this song ! With the undoubtedly strong vocals of SPB and Chitra to back his efforts and even better lyrics as well, no doubts when this song became a chartbuster. The other version based on friendship was good too !

No 23


Album : Azhagiya Tamil Magan
Composer : AR Rahman
Singers :AR Rahman

ARR does everything in this song from the music to singing and throwing the much needed life into the song with his strong voice esp. in "Maanavan Manathu Vaithaal" and "Vittu chel".superb lyrics from Vaalee are much suited for the intro song of a mass hero like Vijay. With a good chorus, this was one song I liked on first hear in ATM !

No 22


Album : Sivaji
Composer : AR Rahman
Singers :SP Balasubramaniam,Raihanah, Benny Dayal

Who but SPB for Rajini's intro song ??? The open throated rendition by SPB and support vocals by Benny Dayal and Rahainah are more than sufficient for this. Good drum beats dominate most part of the song with lyrics talking about the spledours of Tamil Nadu ! Undoubtably, a better intro for SS aint possible ..

No 21

Song:Engeyum Epothum

Album : Polladhavan
Composer : GV Prakash Kumar
Singers :SP. Balasubramaniam, Yogi B, Sunitha Sarathy

Superb rapping by Yogi B were the first things that came to my mind when I first heard the song .. Though the lyrics dont strike you on the first listen, the song has been well remixed by YSR from MSV's old composition .. Another hot favourite in the Air Waves of Chennai ! .. SPB has done his part well. Sunitha Sarathy is sufficient.

No 20

Song:Vethalaya Potendi

Album : Billa 2007
Composer : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers :Shankar Mahadevan

One more remix and by YSR again.Shankar Mahadevan with his vocals injects looads of life into the song(which ultimately went down the drains because of Ajith's well known dance abilities). Not much of a change in the song basically. Just the extra joules of energy added by Shankar Mahadevan !

No 19

Song:Arabu Naade

Album : Thottal Poo Malarum
Composer : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers :Haricharan, Yuvan Shankar Raja

Good beginning to the song ! .. Haricharan yet again has done his job really well with Yuvan also sharing the singing department along with him ! This song made the obscure movie quite well known ! YSR does through up a good song here and there even in the small budget[ movies without a popular hero .. that's wat i mean] movies he composes for !

No 18

Song:Vasantha Mullai

Album : Pokkiri
Composer : Mani Sharma
Singers :Rahul Nambiar, Krishnamoorthy

Acc to my mother,this song is the reason for my poor board exam marks as I kept listening to this song again and again everyday while studying during the preparatory leave. [:D] .. Such was the impact of the song on me. One of my all-time favourite songs.Rahul Nambiar's voice suited the song quite well. The tune of the song was really impressive but was quite simple.( You cud replicate the beats with a table quite easily).

No 17

Song:Unnale Unnale

Album : Unnale Unnale
Composer : Harris Jeyaraj
Singers :Karthik, Krish & Harini

This rocking title track from the movie with the same name is a sweet n "nice on the ears" melodiuos composition by HJ yet again. He throws in this kind of a song for every movie of his ! Karthik n Krrish rock with their vocals all thorough the song and Harini hardly has a job to do with the duo around except for a line or two in the middle !

No 16


Album : Satham Podathey
Composer : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers :Viva Girls

With minimal instrumental backing throughout the song, Yuvan has given a nice song to listen to. A simple tune along with the sugar coated voice of the Viva girls make this a sure contender in the Top 15. The loop used in the song is good to listen to !

No 15

Song: Hey Aatha

Album : Malaikottai
Composer : Mani Sharma
Singers :Tippu,Anuradha Sriram

Splendid remix by Mani Sharma who has yet again proved his ability to dish out great numbers if given proper resources.The beats are rocking all through the song ! Especially the drum beat at a higher pitch.Anuradha Sriram and Tippu lift the song to unseen and unimaginable heights esp. Anuradha Sriram !

No 14

Song:Sevvanam Selaikatti

Album : Mozhi
Composer : Vidyasagar
Singers :Jassie Gift

Great lyrics and even better music is what makes this song which describes a boy dreaming about a girl he has just witnessed. Jassie Gift's typical rendition of the number makes things even better. The sound of the instrumetns can hardly be heard beyong Gift's voice.Surely Jassie Gift is a gifted singer !

No 13

Song:Seval Kodi

Album : Billa
Composer : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers :Vijay Yesudas

This was one song in Billa that I liked right from the first listening. Vijay Yesudas' voice is so so different from all his other songs ! The fast pace and the usage of the variuos traditional Tamil Instruments makes this a stlyish Koothu song .. The only song in Billa that I was able to take in more than a dozen times. The picturisation of the song was although a big let-down !

No 12

Song:Ponmagal Vandhaal

Album : Azhagiya Tamil Magan
Composer : AR Rahman
Singers :Md.Aslam,Ember Rap

The start was really nice and the momentum is maintanied well by ARR all through the song. Remixing at its best all through.In Ember, ARR has unearthed another brilliant rapper.Unlike in most other remixes,the influence of the original is seen clearly. The English Rap lines also make some sense as well. Usage of the original in between adds to the feel of the song . On the whole, Great work by ARR. No words to express it. Aslam's voice is astounding and sounds so much like (TMS - Not sure) who sung the original.

No 11

Song:Idhu Enna maayam

Album : Oram Po
Composer : GV Prakash Kumar
Singers :Shankar Mahadevan,Alka Yagnik

One of the best ever romantic melodies I've ever heard.Good chance for Shankar Mahadevan to prove his versatility afer a whole clutch of Koothu songs and other meaningless crap.And as always, he has given it his best.So has Alka Yagnik. These two and the neatly flowing lyric along with the ear-catching instrumentation and orchestration make this a melody woth remebering for quite some time !

No 10

Song:Akkam Pakkam

Album : Kireedom
Composer : GV Prakash Kumar
Singers :Sadhana Sargam

A good composition from the upcoming young composer GVP ! The solo number has been well dished out by Sadhana Sargam in her usual inimitable style.The simple tune and light orchestration works wonders for the song !

No 9

Song:Unakkul Naane

Album : Patchai Kili Muthu Charam
Composer : Harris Jeyaraj
Singers :Bombay Jayashree

The standard Bombay Jayashree song in HJ's albums. Well rendered by Bombay Jayashree though not in her usual sphere of Carnatic based music totally. The orchestration is really peppy. Bombay Jayashree gave the much needed life to the song which Madhusree sould not give !

No 8

Song:Athiradi kaaran

Album : Sivaji
Composer : AR Rahman
Singers :AR Rahman,Sayanora

Unlike Ellapughazhum where ARR was everything in the song, here ARR has left a bit of the song for Sayanora. The nasal voice of ARR though not suiting superstar did end up being a grat hit with the masses ! The start with the electric giutar is absolutely stunning ! ARR did everyhting required to add another song to his ever growing list of brilliant compositions !

No 7

Song:Dole dole

Album : Pokkiri
Composer : Mani Sharma
Singers :Ranjith,Suchitra

This song has the same tune from the Telugu version of the movie.Very attractive tune and superb beats which are proving to be Mani sharma's strongest point.Suchitra's rendition speaks volumes about her abundant talent.She has done an excellent job.Ranjith has very little work to do and whatever he has he does well.

No 6

Song:Saroja Saaman Nikalo

Album : Chennai-600028
Composer : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers :Shankar Mahadevan, Prem Gi Amaren

Shankar Mahadevan lends more energy to the already highly energetic peppy number from the YSR Stable. The typical Tamil film koothu number but the difference was made by the usage of Prem Gi Amaren's voice in a good way and also the way the Gaana instruments like Thaara Thappatai were used !

No 5

Song:Valayapatti Tavile

Album : Azhagiya Tamil Magan
Composer : AR Rahman
Singers : Madhumita, Naresh Iyer, Ujjayinee

When I heard the Hellotunes version of the ATM audio, this song was my least favourite.But the full version has become one of my favourites.Semma Lyrics.Add to that the open throated rendition by Madhumitha and Ujjayine (yaaru nne therla) ,which is super to say the least, you all but have a winner in your hands. Naresh Iyer proves his versatility yet again with his superb performance in this Hindustanish number.The beats in the middle rock.The swaras in the middle are nice to hear."Un kangal rendum Kalyani .. " those lines are my favourite in the song. And the Carnatic Lines following them. Wow. That's all I can say.Superb Lyrics by whoever wrote them.

No 4

Song:June pona

Album : Unnale Unnale
Composer : Harris Jeyaraj
Singers :Krrish,Arun

Inspired by a Blues track - All Rise, HJ has managed to give it a Tamil flavour with his tremendous orchestration skills. The superb lyric is audible right through the song and Krrish's voice is really attractive. Really well-composed western type of song from HJ.

No 3


Album : Sivaji
Composer : AR Rahman
Singers :Udit Narayan,Chinmayee

The slow poison song in the Sivaji album.I had my doubts if Udit's voice would suit Rajini but in the end it did perfectly siut SSRK. The slow moving song has a heavy instrumental backing all through with both Udit Narayan and Chinmayee ruling the roost.Once this song caught my ear, it was really tough to stop listening to it! .. The sadder version rendered by Vijay Yesudas is also awesome !

No 2

Song:Maduraikku Pogathedee

Album : Azhagiya Tamil Magan
Composer : AR Rahman
Singers :Benny Dayal,Archith,Dharshana

"Benny Dayal a ithu ??" .That was my first thought after listening to this.Nice lyrics. "Madurai kku pogathe di .. Mallipoo kanna vaikkum" and so on which makes a good description of the heroine's beauty.Classy Folk music but not koothu "Maruthaani thottathukke Maruthaani yaaru vecha " .. Wow .. Great Lyricism.ARR's best folk song in a loong loong time.Not that he has done too many though. :D .. I am starting to love Benny Dayal's Voice. Archith enga vararu nne therla.Good work by Dharshana as well !

No 1

Song:Kaatrin Mozhi

Album : Mozhi
Composer : Vidyasagar
Singers :Balram /Sujatha

Vidyasagar's Kaatrin Mozhi takes the Numero Uno spot in my countdown of songs ! With a really meaningful lyric and a simple tune , both the versions strike you as great compositions even as you hear it for the first time. Vidyasagar's good selection of vocals in the simple voices of Balram and Sujatha helped his case as well !Undisputedly and undoubtedly owns the numero uno spot in my countdown ... [:)]

Songs that just missed getting in:

1)Ayyayo Yen Usurukkulle (Paruthiveeran) - Hmm .. Probably beacuse i hated the song badly ! [:p]

2)Uppu Kallu (Karuppasamy Kuthagaikaarar) - Neat compostion from Karuppasamy Kuthagaikaarar

3)Pesa Madanthaye (Mozhi) - Well sung by Madhu Balakrishnan and well composed along with some meaning ful and neat lyrics form Vairamuthu by Vidyasagar

4)Kathal Vaithu (Deepavali) - Missed out to Pogathe !

5)Nee Marlyn Monroe (ATM) - I dropped it myself cos most of the other songs from ATM were already there in the Top 30 list already ..

[:D][:)] .. Keep reading,Keep smiling


Best Male voice :
* Haricharan
* Vijay Yesudas
* Naresh Iyer
* AR Rahman

Best Female Voice :
* Bombay Jayashree
* Chinmayee
* Saindhavi

Best Debutante (Male) : * Benny Dayal

Best Debutante ( Female) : * Shweta

Best Lyric : * Vairamuthu for Mozhi


That brings to an end this post about Music in Kollywood ..

PS: My favourite Hindi songs in 2007 were Aankhon me teri ajab si (Om Shanthi Om) and Hare Ram Hare Krishna (Bhool Bhullayya) .. [:D] [:p]


Next few posts getting ready as well .. Keep reading .. [:)]


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ajit said...

scene da...semma...un involvement aah na paruturen...gr8 efforts!!

Inoruvan said...

Good List...But its surprising how u missed the Paravaiyae Engu Irukiraaai Song....(Thamizh M.A.)....
IMO Its Song Of the Year.....

Shrinivas said...


Overlooked it naa .. [:)]

GAYATHRI said...

nice analysis..u r basically a vijay-lover...i c...lol!