Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bye Bye for Quite Some time ! [:(]

College has started which means I'll be back in Bhopal and the poor facilities there mean I wont be able to blog that much - May be a post a month at the maximum which may be some music review or a tag at best. Will miss this space a lot ! .. Read them and keep the comments coming in. Thanks for the support.

Hopefully regular service will be restored again for a week in April and then for about two months in May to July. Till then , this is Shrinivas signing off ! [:((] ..

Bye bye !

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Nameless !

Amukkified this tag from one blog which said " Done! My turn to tag...umm... now, since almost everyone's done this tag, I might just end up tagging them again. So yea, if you haven't done this, consider yourself tagged! Have fun! " ..

I hadn't done it .. So thought of doing it ! Here's it ..

1. Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it.

More than Physical scars, I have loads of mental scars due to the many failures in ma life so far ! But after meeting a few guys in my college with even worser histories, I felt I was certainly better off. Moving on .. Well I am a good healer and have hardly any scars. So I searched for one and found it - On my left hand just above the elbow ..

*** Flashback ***

I was in 3rd Standard then, in a different house in K K Nagar ( 2nd Sector) .. I was very bubbly kind of fellow back then [ Very different from how I am now ] Was playing around with the "SS" Bat all around my home ( The bat was just a few days old ) .. Cricket fever in me was at a peak [Though I have never been a good player ] .. Verandah to Hall .. Hall to Bedroom .. Mom called me to the Kitchen .. Went with the bat swinging around .. Bang .. It hit the tap of the Kitchen Sink and the tap - already flimsy - broke apart ( Traces of Sachin n Sehwag [:-p] ) .. Water started flowing out from the tap .. Mom called the plumber ( Mr. Gopal ) .. He came and was in the process of repairing it .. Dad and myself were watching from the back .. Dad was having a cup of coffee in his hands and was taking a sip .. Mom offered the plumber a cup as well and the guy forgot that his job was only half done and offered a hand for the cup .. The half done tap sprouted a leak again .. The plumber got out of the way quickly but unfortunately I was directly behind him and the water hit me full blast and I went back against my dad and the force caused him to drop the hot cup of coffee down and all the coffee went down on my hand .. [:((][:((] .. Soon there was a boil there .. The next day I had swimming in school and I totally hated it .. Hydrophobia you see ! [:-p] .. In the melee in the classroom before the swimming period, the boil cracked open .. And with it went the swimming class for the week and came the scar as well ..

2. What does your phone look like?

Mine .. I have two mobiles of ma own u see ! [:p] .. One Nokia 6030 and one Nokia 1600 .. Both Black in colour .. One with Bhopal SIM .. Other with Chennai SIM .. If you wanna know further details, visit Nokia !

3. What is on the walls of your bedroom?

As of now nothing .. Though previously there used to be a Rafael Nadal poster, a Wayne rooney poster, a Vijay Poster, a Ruud Van Nistelrooy Poster, the EPL Schedule etc etc .. But the moment I left my home, Ma mom removed all of them ! Now the walls are really bare [:(]

4. What is your current desktop picture?

Jumbo - Anil Kumble - Cricinfo Wallpaper ..

5. Do you believe in Gay marriage?

That's the wish of the people in consideration .. Why would I bother !

6. What do you want more than anything right now?

The holidays from college to be extended by atleast a week more ( I have had more vacation than all ma school mates .. But still .. )

7.What time were you born?

The time now is 11-00 PM and I woke ma mom up from deep sleep to get this answer ! .. 09- 28 AM September 26, 1989 .. St. Isabel's Hospital , Mylapore, Chennai - 600004 .. [:D] ..

8. Are your parents still together?

Yeah .. Of course .. What a stupid question !?

9. Last person who made you cry.

Hmm .. Really long time since I cried .. If my memory serves me right, it was when I got my 12th Board results .. So I guess the people responsible would be my dad and the person who corrected my Chemistry paper ..

10. What is your favourite perfume/cologne?

Well .. I hate the smell of any perfume .. It gives me a big headache .. To the extent that I dont even use talcum powder ..

11. What kind of hair/eye color do you like in the opposite sex?

Black Hair .. Brown eyes .. [:D][:D]

12. What are you listening to?

Latest thing to have caught my attention .. Listening to BGMs from films .. Now listening to the BGM from the Citi Center Scene of ATM .. Splendid work by AR Rahman ..

13. Do you get scared of the dark?

When I was young, yea .. Cos of the "Poochandi" stories .. [:-p] .. These days, not much .. Atleast I dont show my fear outside !

14. Do you like pain killers?

Well .. No question of like n hate here ! .. If I require them , I use them .. Else No ..

15. Are you too shy to ask someone out?

Have n't had the need to .. Only when the need arises I'll know if I am shy or not !

16. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?

Hmm .. Not that hungry .. But would love a Five Star Crunchy now ! .. [:-p] .. My Favorite chocolate as of now ..

17. Who was the last person who made you mad?

One of my friends who came online on Yahoo! Messenger .. Saw me online .. And then gave invisible to me .. [It was soo soo obvious ] ..

18. Who was the last person who made you smile?

Not any person .. Was going through my Yahoo! messenger Archives .. It brought a smile on my face ! .. [This is one favourite pasttime of mine]

I tag .. Srini anna and anyone else who aint done this tag ! ..


50 up !!!!

Ambadhu Ambadhu Ambadhu .. En Ambadha nee paaru ! .. [:p] ..

Similar to Sarath kumar's Thalaimagan Title song ..

The previous post was ma 50th post and I wanted it to be something original .. That's why the delay .. ( Although I had a tag in spare [:p] ) ..

Yipppeee .. I have completed 50 posts and that itself is an achievement of sorts for me ! Never expected I'd blog so regularly when I first started my blog on April 23rd.

Thanks to all those who provided me with encouragement by reading all the junk i posted here and giving their feedback for it as well !

Thanks again ppl !!! Stay tuned for more posts ..

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"Ithu Kaathala" - My Story

I was so Vetti in da holidays that this was the latest thing to have caught my attention - Writing Stories ( Similar to Film Scripts) .. Here's ma first (n probably a real lame) attempt at it ! .. Carry on reading if u have the patience .. You see - I had amibitions to be a movie director .. [:D] .. About this one .. Wrote this having my favourite actor Vijay in mind .. [:D]

DISCLAIMER : This story has no resemblance what so ever to any one's life story.Any resemblances are merely co-incidental.All the characters in this story are fictious.

Title : Sorry .. u keep one for this after reading ! .. I cant think of one .. [:D] ..
Temporary title -> Ithu Kaadhala ! ( lolz .. Has no relation to the story jus like many in Kollywood)

Sanjay is a college guy doing / MBA. He has a best friend - Ravi - who studied BE and in school wid him. (ivanga rendu perum senthu koothadikkara maari sila scenes where comedy is included) . College cultural function is taking place.Priya steals the show in host dance performance. She is our heroine ( SJ Suryah style ) [:p]

----Song ---- .. group dance for Priya .. Sanjay only watching .. [ The culs performance as song ]

Sanjay is impressed and talks to her and finds out abt her. She is in the same college doing MBA and is one year junior to him in college. After the function , they meet in a few more places outside by chance and become close friends. Sanjay feels that he has fallen in luv wid her.

---- Song ---- solo .. melody ..

Before proposing, he wants to know Priya's opinion on love generally and so he asks her .Priya tells him that she is not interested in love because it will only cos problems for her in life as her parents are against love marriage etc. He respects her opinion and tells her nothing about his love as he feels that he will be in the same situation in his family as well and they continue to be good friends. College farewell [ Thought of having a song here .. but it will be one too many .. Athaan vittuten ] Sanjay leaves college and joins in a big company in a good position. As in all Tamil families, they start to look for a girl for sanjay. By chance and luck, they stumble upon Priya itself and traditional ponnu paakara function .Sanjay overjoyed on seeing Priya there. He agrees to the marriage and the marriage takes place .. ..

----Song---- .. Marriage song .. no Dance .. Picturise the marriage etc in it ..

After their marriage they discuss about old time(college days).Sanjay asks whether she was in luv wid him. She tells yes. Sanjay also tells he was also in luv but dint tell her because she was not in favour of love. Life goes on.

One fine day, Priya is driving her car .Suddenly she is unable to brake and almost gets killed but miraculously escapes with few injuries.The next day, Sanjay escapes death when he drops his cellphone in his car and a bullet just fires over his head. Being a biggie in society, he asks police protection for him n his wife. Next day, when he comes back home , he finds his wife dead - murdered .. ! ..

-------- Interval --------

Police investigation on but they are unable to find any clues and they have no idea on how she was killed . Sanjay becomes very sad and is unable to move on wid life.

---- Song ---- .. sad song in background

Family members compel him to move on wid life and so he marries again just for the sake of moving on in life ( ithukku sum guest role actress will suffice ). *** Few scenes for the 2nd wife here just for giving her some part ***

A few days after the marriage, she is also killed in a similar way. Sanjay is devastated .

A few days later, Sanjay recieves a phone call "aduthathu nee thaan da .. naan yaaru nnu theriutha ?" Sanjay is shocked as he has never made any enemy in his life time and in business as well !

Sanjay reports to police but they are not able to trace the call because of sum reason !
( Namakku technology laam theriaathu paa ! ) Sanjay's life becomes hell after that.

On the way back from office .. Rowdies chasing him in a car and trying to run him off the road but he manages to escape by entering into an auditorium. Anga dance program.

---- Song ---- .. Sum item number .. Sanjay watching while escaping .. bit bit a back grnd la .. [ Jus for they sake of it ] ..

Simultanesously running around the hall as well .. ( Sorry .. Hero kku no dance at all .. ) .. Sanjay finally manages to escape somehow. Next day Ravi comes to him in his office and enquires about the deaths of his two wives. He says " I cant forget Priya da ! En close frnd ava ! "

Here ** flashback to college days ** .. Few scenes showing close friendship of Ravi and Priya and then back to present ---

Dialogue continues - " Ava enna love panna da ! Naanum avala love pannen ! Aana nee thaan nadula poonthu kozhapita ! Ennaya kavutha ava .. avala gaali panten .. aduthathu nee thaan .. nee thappikave mudiyaathu " .. [ Sry for tamil dialogue .. if u req translation ask me ! .. (:D) ] .. Sanjay is angered on hearing that his best frnd is behind all the horrors of his life.

** Another chase sequence ** Sanjay chasing Ravi on cars or bike .. whichever is better .. But Ravi somehow manages to escape !

Sanjay veri la starts searching for Ravi and finally nails him ( Dont ask me where .. somewhere other than binny mills is ok .. .. ) ..

** Climax fight wid dialogues ** Sanjay explains to his friend the whole story in between the fight that Priya considered Ravi only as a friend. Only Ravi had mistaken her and cos of his mistakes, Ravi had spoilt Sanjay's life totally.

In the end of the fight, Sanjay kills Ravi . [ Of course .. no Ravi changing as good person and all ]

Movie over ! ..

Hehehe .. How was it .. Comments plz .. Dont mind negative ones ! [:D]


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Palani - Music Review - Run away from it !

Hmm ! What made me listen to this album , I still dont know. Probably the useless promotions that said "Commercial Panchamirutham " ! I'd better sue Perarasu for spreading wrong information about his product. It was no Commercial Panchamirutham , it was "Local Rat Poison".Read on ! [:p]

Thiruvaaroor Therae - Anuradha Sriram, Udit Narayan

As in every film of Srikanth Deva and Perarasu, this is a massy folk. Udit narayan with the male vocals and Perarasu wid his stupid lyrics make this song a really unbearable one. This is old wine in a old bottle ! Anuradha Sriram is adequate and Udit has managed to improve his diction. Perarasu's double meaning lyrics spoil the song to the maximum possible extent. The tunes all through the song have an already heard feel as is the case in every Srikanth Deva song. The tabla beats are the same ones as in the "Vadumaanga" song. Pretty lifeless composition to which Bharath's dance can probably add some energy. How nice it wud be if Srikanth Deva could give a M Kumaran S/0 Mahalakshmi again instead of these repetitive koothus.

Rating: 0.5/5

Yaarum Ennidam - Sadhana Sargam, Karthik

"Yaarum Ennidam sollatha vaartha" begins the female singer.At the end of the song, all that came into my mind was "Yaarum unnidam sollatha vaarthaya sollida poren da naaye !"What a novel and brilliant chorus - KG Rhymes style - "I love you I love you I love you da".Kaa thu ! Srikanth Deva tries out symphony type high pitched interludes and it seriously aint working for him. "Johny Johny yes papa Eating sugar no papa " [:((] [:((] [:((] [:((] [:((] [:((] [:((] .. Enna koduma sir idhu .. Ore Rhymes a irukku ! .. But this is the best song of the album which means you can easily judge the rest of the album !

Rating: 1/5

Ellam Valla Iraiva-Tippu

Mass opening song with typical heavy beats and equally inane lyrics from Perarasu. Same old thara thappata beats from Srikanth Deva - How long is he going to do the same nonsense ???? In the middle comes the same beat he used in "Vaada Vaada Thozha" which itself was lifted from some other old song ! "Kaavadi Aatam .. Kaavadi Aatam " sounds more like "Comedy Aatam". [:p] Tippu as usual is refreshing but you require something more than energy to life this song out of the deep pit that it is inside ! The chorus is horrendous and the remix that Srikanth Deva has attempted has failed miserably . Wat on earth was he thinking ???? [:o][:o] Even I can mix songs that way using Windows Movie Maker ! "Palani vanthu aaduraane Comedy Aatam" will actually be better. The whistle thing that Srikanth Deva has used was the same that Vidyasagar used in "Appadi Podu" Still I wonder how on earth did Srikanth Deva thought he could remix songs of different beats in one song ! The "Muruga" that came towards the end sounded like uaaaa (vomiting) I am wondering why on earth did Bharath accepted this project !! .. He's gonna be heavily criticised for this no doubt.Perarasu aint a big director - All the idiot did is to give two superhits with the help of Vijay's screen presence followed by continuous "Fuck-all" movies ! This one is going to be one more in the latter list !

Rating: 0.25/5

Innoru Murai - Naveen, Vasundhra Das

One of the worst compostions of late which can compete with "Naaka Mooka" from "Kaathalil Vizhunthen" .The keyboard thing right at the start was used already by Sabesh Murali in 23rd Pulikesi. This one sounds so similar to the song from Sivakaasi - "Ithu enna ithu enna" I guess this is the song where Bharath is gonna parade around in "Ramarajan"-ish costumes.Another "old wine in old bottle" song from Srikanth Deva. The interlude is so nauseating -"Mr.Romeo" .. Aaaargh ! "Billa Ranga Baasha" nnu Sivaji oda lines a use panna padam Sivaji alavukku odum nnu nenaichitaan pola ! Perarasu - Plz stop the nonsense and eff off frm the industry

Rating: (-1)/5

Locku Locku - Suchitra, Perarasu

If direction and writing lyrics wasn't enough, Perarasu has now ventured into singing as well. I guess he is trying to be TR's succesor.( One more Simbu varama iruntha seri !) His voice is highly nauseating. Suchitra is as worse as him. Cudn't get myself to listen to the song fully ! I guess we need to ban this guy permanently frm Kollywood. Hasn't the guy got a conscience ?? .. Another song that has been rehashed frm earlier hit songs. Cant Srikanth Deva think on his own ?!?!? The tune in the middle is the same that was earlier used in the beginning of "Nee Entha Ooru" by Dhina. "Lokku Lokku Locallu .. Enna ethukodi ethukodi Angelu" .. Intha maari paadaa entha ponnavathu ethupaala da ?? [:o]

Rating: (-2)/5

Thaayai Polathaan-Mukesh

*Phew* "Where was the sentiment song ?!" - I was wondering and lo it started. Mother sentiment from Perarasu this time. You can guess the song genres so easily in a Perarasu film's album. Similar to the one in Thirupaaachi and Sivakaasi . I guess it will keep playing in the background in the Sentiment mokkai scenes which form an integral part of Perarasu's films. Nothing to write about this song.

Rating: 0/5

Overall : Just waiting for the thing that's happening in the picture above to happen to Perarasu in real life . I will distribute sweets to everyone then.One of the worst albums I've ever listened too ! I guess this will be the end of Perarasu from Kollywood ! *Yippppeeee !!*

Verdict : If you can avoid it,plz do so and send me a Cheque for Rs.100/- or more for saving you a trip to the doctor !

Rating : (-0.5) /5


Velli Thirai - Music Review - As good as it can get !

A Duet Movies Production always has great music and good lyrics and that was the reason that I looked into this album of G.V.Prakash Kumar and gave it a listening. And to saw the least, it atleast did live up to the expectations if not exceeding it.

Vizhiyile En - Chitra

What a melodious song ! That was the first thing that struck me when I first heard this song. Chitra's voice is striking and so pleasant. Midway through the tune strikingly changes to a higher pitch and even in the higher echelons, her voice is so nice to hear and not tearing apart your ears. Although there is an already heard feel to the song, this slow song should climb up the charts when the movie releases. One more Female solo from GVP ! Looks like this guy cant simply avoid them [:p] ! Superb composition by him. Have heard it about a dozen times and is moving up my favourites list quick n fast.

Rating: 4.5/5

Kanchi Pa - Jessie Gift, Chitra

Jassie Gift's voice in the song is fresh and nice. His voice is tailor-made for Prakash Raj ! The beats after each line are real loud though ! Can be called as Melodious folk. [:p] Not the loud Srikanth Deva type . The beats have an already heard feel about them , but I am unable to place them ! On the whole, a good number which will soon be high on the charts.


Sooriyanae - Lucky Ali, Rahul Nambiyar

Another Melody in the album. When an album is full of koothu songs, it becomes quite irritating. But when melodies rule the album, it isn’t that way. This one should suit the movie considering the kind of movies Prakash Raj's Duet movies is known for. The looping tune thorugh out the song is nice to hear. Somewhere near the middle of the song, the mridangam dominates and that interlude has been well composed! Neat composition again from the young composer. He is surely going places quickly.


Thaiya Thaiya - Shreya Ghoshal

Another feel good song. Quite nice to hear from the first listen itself. Shreya Ghosal's voice is truly melodious and enchanting. The tune irresistible and attractive. The English bit in between is fitting unlike in a few recent songs where English lyrics are inserted to give it a modern feel.. Another song that is quickly moving up my favourite songs list. As in any Prakash Raj production, the lyrics do make sense all through. Not just in this piece but in all the songs


Uyirile En - Naresh Iyer

The same tune as Vizhiyile with just Uyirile replacing Vizhiyile . The male version is as enchanting as the female version. I am unable to decide which one I like better.


Overall :
The album is melodious through out and is as good as it can get.All the songs are good to hear and will become instant favourites of any melody lover !

Must hear

Rating: 4.5/5

Kaalai - Music Review - Good effort !

Heard this album after a few friends told it was good enough to warrant a listen .. And I found out it did .. GV Prakash Kumar, the young Music Director is going places with each album of his .. Here's my review of the album ..

Kaala kaala - Benny Dayal,Mamta Mohandas

The horrible pronunciation by lead singer-Mamta Mohandas was the first thing that struck me while listening to the song.The word "Kaala" having another meaning(Morning or Bull) as well makes it impossible to understand what the lyricist wants to convey.Benny Dayal's voice is peppy as it was in all his earlier songs. Song feels good on the first listen istelf.Very melodious with a nice and simple tune by GVP (GV Prakash) although GVP has also fallen prey to the rubbish lines like HJ (Harris Jeyaraj) [Remember - Mehu Mehu Mehu - Bheema - Mudhal Mazhai and in Unnale Unnale] .Mamta Mohandas's voice ( Heroine in the Vishal starrer - Sivapathigaaram) is quite good though.Benny Dayal has hardly anything to do though.All he does is a one or two lines after every stanza by Mamta Mohandas. Computer modification of the voice just after the 4th minute aint gud at all.

Rating : 4/5

Kutti pisase - Silambarasan,Suchitra

There is a lot of scope for Simbu's dance in the start of the song which has good beats. Suchitra yet again in a Simbu album and again with Simbu after "En aasai Mythiliye" from Manmadhan.The song is a typical koothu number with lyrics for the front benchers.One problem with the song is that all through the song, the beats dominate the singers' voices and hardly anything can be heard at all which makes it like a typical Srikanth Deva or Dhina song. You can say GVP is showing his versatility here but I never expected this sort of composition from him.One thing you can appreciate him is the way in which he picks out voices for his compostions.One thing that struck me was that the end of the song is strikingly similar to "Yen Aasai Mythiliye" from Manmadhan.

Rating: 2.5/5

Veramulla kaalai - Sriram, Manicka Vinayagam, Tharun Gopi

Another koothu/folk number in the album.The Nadhaswaram bit at the start of the song is good. Again, the instruments and the noise dominate the voice.The lyrics which keep going "veramulla .. eeramulla " .. talk about the kaala. Beats dominate the song. I guess GVP has composed the whole album keeping Simbu's dancing ability in mind. I suppose this is Simbu's intro as well. Who knows !

Rating: 3/5

Vanthutaanda kaalai - Benny Dayal, Rahul Nambiyar, Silambarasan

The ambulance sound at the start gives way to the electric guitar and the singers take over from that making this a good start. I guess this will be the theme music that will be reverberating through the movie esp. during the fights. The lyrics praising the attributes of "Kaalai"(Last time it was abt the whole family .. Now the kaala alone ! *phew*)Has a techno feel abt it.

Rating: 3/5

Eppo nee ennai - Madhushree

The song sounds so so similar to "Aasai aasai" from Dhool at the start but there ends the similarity. Again poor diction spoils the flavour of the song (But then, when has Madhushree pronounced Tamil , the way it should be !) . Another female solo from GVP after "Akkam Pakkam".Looks like he loves them! It is a nice composition that is spoilt by the poor diction. Someone else like Mahathi,Saindhavi or Bombay Jayashri would have done a better job in my opinion.

Rating: 4/5 [Had the voice been someone else, it wud have been a five]

Guktha lakadi - Lucky Ali,Sunidhi Chauhan

At first sight from the name, I thought it would be yet another typical folkish(Koothu) number. This is yet another song in this album with standout beats just for Simbu's hip-shaking and grooving. Folk with English lyrics thrown in giving it a modern feel. The tune has been used so many times earlier. "Nee thaan superstaru" is so childish on the part of Simbu but then he is Simbu naa .. You cant expect better [:p]. The voices of Lucky Ali and Sunidhi Chouhan are good though. The drum beat sounds so much like the march past drums ! .Lucky Ali's diction makes it impossible to understand the lyrics though(whether they were meant to be understood is yet another issue). The end is almost the same as Vidyasagar's "Koduva meesai" from Dhool [Forgive me if it aint .. this was written on first listen] !


Overall : A good album with quite some variety from GVP.The lad is going places and has kept the name of the family high !

Rating: 3.5/5


Few more music reviews coming through .. Stay tuned ! [:p]

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy new year people !

Here's wishing you all a Happy New year 2008 ..

Let 2008 be

12 months of joy
52 weeks of fun
366 days of success
8784 hours of good health
527040 minutes of good luck ..

Let the year bring along with it never before seen success and joy in your life ! .. Let it be a year full of joy and enjoyment .. Hope you succeed in all your endevours in 2008 ..

Nalla irupom nalla irupom ellarum nalla irupom .. [:D] .. (Jyotika dialogue in Thirumalai )