Thursday, January 10, 2008

50 up !!!!

Ambadhu Ambadhu Ambadhu .. En Ambadha nee paaru ! .. [:p] ..

Similar to Sarath kumar's Thalaimagan Title song ..

The previous post was ma 50th post and I wanted it to be something original .. That's why the delay .. ( Although I had a tag in spare [:p] ) ..

Yipppeee .. I have completed 50 posts and that itself is an achievement of sorts for me ! Never expected I'd blog so regularly when I first started my blog on April 23rd.

Thanks to all those who provided me with encouragement by reading all the junk i posted here and giving their feedback for it as well !

Thanks again ppl !!! Stay tuned for more posts ..


Inoruvan said...

Congrats Man.Keep Blogging....

Shrinivas said...

Thanx naa