Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"Ithu Kaathala" - My Story

I was so Vetti in da holidays that this was the latest thing to have caught my attention - Writing Stories ( Similar to Film Scripts) .. Here's ma first (n probably a real lame) attempt at it ! .. Carry on reading if u have the patience .. You see - I had amibitions to be a movie director .. [:D] .. About this one .. Wrote this having my favourite actor Vijay in mind .. [:D]

DISCLAIMER : This story has no resemblance what so ever to any one's life story.Any resemblances are merely co-incidental.All the characters in this story are fictious.

Title : Sorry .. u keep one for this after reading ! .. I cant think of one .. [:D] ..
Temporary title -> Ithu Kaadhala ! ( lolz .. Has no relation to the story jus like many in Kollywood)

Sanjay is a college guy doing / MBA. He has a best friend - Ravi - who studied BE and in school wid him. (ivanga rendu perum senthu koothadikkara maari sila scenes where comedy is included) . College cultural function is taking place.Priya steals the show in host dance performance. She is our heroine ( SJ Suryah style ) [:p]

----Song ---- .. group dance for Priya .. Sanjay only watching .. [ The culs performance as song ]

Sanjay is impressed and talks to her and finds out abt her. She is in the same college doing MBA and is one year junior to him in college. After the function , they meet in a few more places outside by chance and become close friends. Sanjay feels that he has fallen in luv wid her.

---- Song ---- solo .. melody ..

Before proposing, he wants to know Priya's opinion on love generally and so he asks her .Priya tells him that she is not interested in love because it will only cos problems for her in life as her parents are against love marriage etc. He respects her opinion and tells her nothing about his love as he feels that he will be in the same situation in his family as well and they continue to be good friends. College farewell [ Thought of having a song here .. but it will be one too many .. Athaan vittuten ] Sanjay leaves college and joins in a big company in a good position. As in all Tamil families, they start to look for a girl for sanjay. By chance and luck, they stumble upon Priya itself and traditional ponnu paakara function .Sanjay overjoyed on seeing Priya there. He agrees to the marriage and the marriage takes place .. ..

----Song---- .. Marriage song .. no Dance .. Picturise the marriage etc in it ..

After their marriage they discuss about old time(college days).Sanjay asks whether she was in luv wid him. She tells yes. Sanjay also tells he was also in luv but dint tell her because she was not in favour of love. Life goes on.

One fine day, Priya is driving her car .Suddenly she is unable to brake and almost gets killed but miraculously escapes with few injuries.The next day, Sanjay escapes death when he drops his cellphone in his car and a bullet just fires over his head. Being a biggie in society, he asks police protection for him n his wife. Next day, when he comes back home , he finds his wife dead - murdered .. ! ..

-------- Interval --------

Police investigation on but they are unable to find any clues and they have no idea on how she was killed . Sanjay becomes very sad and is unable to move on wid life.

---- Song ---- .. sad song in background

Family members compel him to move on wid life and so he marries again just for the sake of moving on in life ( ithukku sum guest role actress will suffice ). *** Few scenes for the 2nd wife here just for giving her some part ***

A few days after the marriage, she is also killed in a similar way. Sanjay is devastated .

A few days later, Sanjay recieves a phone call "aduthathu nee thaan da .. naan yaaru nnu theriutha ?" Sanjay is shocked as he has never made any enemy in his life time and in business as well !

Sanjay reports to police but they are not able to trace the call because of sum reason !
( Namakku technology laam theriaathu paa ! ) Sanjay's life becomes hell after that.

On the way back from office .. Rowdies chasing him in a car and trying to run him off the road but he manages to escape by entering into an auditorium. Anga dance program.

---- Song ---- .. Sum item number .. Sanjay watching while escaping .. bit bit a back grnd la .. [ Jus for they sake of it ] ..

Simultanesously running around the hall as well .. ( Sorry .. Hero kku no dance at all .. ) .. Sanjay finally manages to escape somehow. Next day Ravi comes to him in his office and enquires about the deaths of his two wives. He says " I cant forget Priya da ! En close frnd ava ! "

Here ** flashback to college days ** .. Few scenes showing close friendship of Ravi and Priya and then back to present ---

Dialogue continues - " Ava enna love panna da ! Naanum avala love pannen ! Aana nee thaan nadula poonthu kozhapita ! Ennaya kavutha ava .. avala gaali panten .. aduthathu nee thaan .. nee thappikave mudiyaathu " .. [ Sry for tamil dialogue .. if u req translation ask me ! .. (:D) ] .. Sanjay is angered on hearing that his best frnd is behind all the horrors of his life.

** Another chase sequence ** Sanjay chasing Ravi on cars or bike .. whichever is better .. But Ravi somehow manages to escape !

Sanjay veri la starts searching for Ravi and finally nails him ( Dont ask me where .. somewhere other than binny mills is ok .. .. ) ..

** Climax fight wid dialogues ** Sanjay explains to his friend the whole story in between the fight that Priya considered Ravi only as a friend. Only Ravi had mistaken her and cos of his mistakes, Ravi had spoilt Sanjay's life totally.

In the end of the fight, Sanjay kills Ravi . [ Of course .. no Ravi changing as good person and all ]

Movie over ! ..

Hehehe .. How was it .. Comments plz .. Dont mind negative ones ! [:D]



Prashanth said...

" Surely dont mind negative ones "

how can you after writing a bullshitting script which is as bizzare as your cult hero [:D] ! i mean what was all that shite about :D ?

mirugam padam patha madiri iruku [:D] ! same old love story , same old assuming to love tosh , and same old fights .. baaah .. dei thirundunga da ! well vijay fan kitta idu kaekardae periya vishaayaaam :D put vijay in this :)) maybe deva , coimbatore mappilai ku aprama , biggest flop in his life :D

sanjay'aaam ravi'aaam ! paera paru ! nanna vella machan , nee NIT poita :D cinima nadika vanda na , nasama poirupa [:D]

songs laam illama padam eduka kathuko da ambi aprama scripta pathi paesalaam :D

Shrinivas said...

thanx for ur invaluable inputs da .. [:D] .. [:p]

Shrinivas said...

naan mirugam paakaliye !

Shrinivas said...

cinima nadika vanda na , nasama poirupa

[:))] ..

Prashanth said...

mirugam pathudada :D i mean you can try ! acting laam oru mathiriyae irukum ! analum hero namitha madiri shirt button'a authutu daaan full padamum suthuvaan ! pakkara ponnungala laam poduvaan :D onna madiri padips ku laam adu pudikadu :P

sneha said...

Lovely post! The songs were lovely! lol!

Prashanth said...
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Shrinivas said...


Dei .. I have no idea da !