Thursday, January 3, 2008

Kaalai - Music Review - Good effort !

Heard this album after a few friends told it was good enough to warrant a listen .. And I found out it did .. GV Prakash Kumar, the young Music Director is going places with each album of his .. Here's my review of the album ..

Kaala kaala - Benny Dayal,Mamta Mohandas

The horrible pronunciation by lead singer-Mamta Mohandas was the first thing that struck me while listening to the song.The word "Kaala" having another meaning(Morning or Bull) as well makes it impossible to understand what the lyricist wants to convey.Benny Dayal's voice is peppy as it was in all his earlier songs. Song feels good on the first listen istelf.Very melodious with a nice and simple tune by GVP (GV Prakash) although GVP has also fallen prey to the rubbish lines like HJ (Harris Jeyaraj) [Remember - Mehu Mehu Mehu - Bheema - Mudhal Mazhai and in Unnale Unnale] .Mamta Mohandas's voice ( Heroine in the Vishal starrer - Sivapathigaaram) is quite good though.Benny Dayal has hardly anything to do though.All he does is a one or two lines after every stanza by Mamta Mohandas. Computer modification of the voice just after the 4th minute aint gud at all.

Rating : 4/5

Kutti pisase - Silambarasan,Suchitra

There is a lot of scope for Simbu's dance in the start of the song which has good beats. Suchitra yet again in a Simbu album and again with Simbu after "En aasai Mythiliye" from Manmadhan.The song is a typical koothu number with lyrics for the front benchers.One problem with the song is that all through the song, the beats dominate the singers' voices and hardly anything can be heard at all which makes it like a typical Srikanth Deva or Dhina song. You can say GVP is showing his versatility here but I never expected this sort of composition from him.One thing you can appreciate him is the way in which he picks out voices for his compostions.One thing that struck me was that the end of the song is strikingly similar to "Yen Aasai Mythiliye" from Manmadhan.

Rating: 2.5/5

Veramulla kaalai - Sriram, Manicka Vinayagam, Tharun Gopi

Another koothu/folk number in the album.The Nadhaswaram bit at the start of the song is good. Again, the instruments and the noise dominate the voice.The lyrics which keep going "veramulla .. eeramulla " .. talk about the kaala. Beats dominate the song. I guess GVP has composed the whole album keeping Simbu's dancing ability in mind. I suppose this is Simbu's intro as well. Who knows !

Rating: 3/5

Vanthutaanda kaalai - Benny Dayal, Rahul Nambiyar, Silambarasan

The ambulance sound at the start gives way to the electric guitar and the singers take over from that making this a good start. I guess this will be the theme music that will be reverberating through the movie esp. during the fights. The lyrics praising the attributes of "Kaalai"(Last time it was abt the whole family .. Now the kaala alone ! *phew*)Has a techno feel abt it.

Rating: 3/5

Eppo nee ennai - Madhushree

The song sounds so so similar to "Aasai aasai" from Dhool at the start but there ends the similarity. Again poor diction spoils the flavour of the song (But then, when has Madhushree pronounced Tamil , the way it should be !) . Another female solo from GVP after "Akkam Pakkam".Looks like he loves them! It is a nice composition that is spoilt by the poor diction. Someone else like Mahathi,Saindhavi or Bombay Jayashri would have done a better job in my opinion.

Rating: 4/5 [Had the voice been someone else, it wud have been a five]

Guktha lakadi - Lucky Ali,Sunidhi Chauhan

At first sight from the name, I thought it would be yet another typical folkish(Koothu) number. This is yet another song in this album with standout beats just for Simbu's hip-shaking and grooving. Folk with English lyrics thrown in giving it a modern feel. The tune has been used so many times earlier. "Nee thaan superstaru" is so childish on the part of Simbu but then he is Simbu naa .. You cant expect better [:p]. The voices of Lucky Ali and Sunidhi Chouhan are good though. The drum beat sounds so much like the march past drums ! .Lucky Ali's diction makes it impossible to understand the lyrics though(whether they were meant to be understood is yet another issue). The end is almost the same as Vidyasagar's "Koduva meesai" from Dhool [Forgive me if it aint .. this was written on first listen] !


Overall : A good album with quite some variety from GVP.The lad is going places and has kept the name of the family high !

Rating: 3.5/5


Few more music reviews coming through .. Stay tuned ! [:p]

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