Thursday, January 3, 2008

Palani - Music Review - Run away from it !

Hmm ! What made me listen to this album , I still dont know. Probably the useless promotions that said "Commercial Panchamirutham " ! I'd better sue Perarasu for spreading wrong information about his product. It was no Commercial Panchamirutham , it was "Local Rat Poison".Read on ! [:p]

Thiruvaaroor Therae - Anuradha Sriram, Udit Narayan

As in every film of Srikanth Deva and Perarasu, this is a massy folk. Udit narayan with the male vocals and Perarasu wid his stupid lyrics make this song a really unbearable one. This is old wine in a old bottle ! Anuradha Sriram is adequate and Udit has managed to improve his diction. Perarasu's double meaning lyrics spoil the song to the maximum possible extent. The tunes all through the song have an already heard feel as is the case in every Srikanth Deva song. The tabla beats are the same ones as in the "Vadumaanga" song. Pretty lifeless composition to which Bharath's dance can probably add some energy. How nice it wud be if Srikanth Deva could give a M Kumaran S/0 Mahalakshmi again instead of these repetitive koothus.

Rating: 0.5/5

Yaarum Ennidam - Sadhana Sargam, Karthik

"Yaarum Ennidam sollatha vaartha" begins the female singer.At the end of the song, all that came into my mind was "Yaarum unnidam sollatha vaarthaya sollida poren da naaye !"What a novel and brilliant chorus - KG Rhymes style - "I love you I love you I love you da".Kaa thu ! Srikanth Deva tries out symphony type high pitched interludes and it seriously aint working for him. "Johny Johny yes papa Eating sugar no papa " [:((] [:((] [:((] [:((] [:((] [:((] [:((] .. Enna koduma sir idhu .. Ore Rhymes a irukku ! .. But this is the best song of the album which means you can easily judge the rest of the album !

Rating: 1/5

Ellam Valla Iraiva-Tippu

Mass opening song with typical heavy beats and equally inane lyrics from Perarasu. Same old thara thappata beats from Srikanth Deva - How long is he going to do the same nonsense ???? In the middle comes the same beat he used in "Vaada Vaada Thozha" which itself was lifted from some other old song ! "Kaavadi Aatam .. Kaavadi Aatam " sounds more like "Comedy Aatam". [:p] Tippu as usual is refreshing but you require something more than energy to life this song out of the deep pit that it is inside ! The chorus is horrendous and the remix that Srikanth Deva has attempted has failed miserably . Wat on earth was he thinking ???? [:o][:o] Even I can mix songs that way using Windows Movie Maker ! "Palani vanthu aaduraane Comedy Aatam" will actually be better. The whistle thing that Srikanth Deva has used was the same that Vidyasagar used in "Appadi Podu" Still I wonder how on earth did Srikanth Deva thought he could remix songs of different beats in one song ! The "Muruga" that came towards the end sounded like uaaaa (vomiting) I am wondering why on earth did Bharath accepted this project !! .. He's gonna be heavily criticised for this no doubt.Perarasu aint a big director - All the idiot did is to give two superhits with the help of Vijay's screen presence followed by continuous "Fuck-all" movies ! This one is going to be one more in the latter list !

Rating: 0.25/5

Innoru Murai - Naveen, Vasundhra Das

One of the worst compostions of late which can compete with "Naaka Mooka" from "Kaathalil Vizhunthen" .The keyboard thing right at the start was used already by Sabesh Murali in 23rd Pulikesi. This one sounds so similar to the song from Sivakaasi - "Ithu enna ithu enna" I guess this is the song where Bharath is gonna parade around in "Ramarajan"-ish costumes.Another "old wine in old bottle" song from Srikanth Deva. The interlude is so nauseating -"Mr.Romeo" .. Aaaargh ! "Billa Ranga Baasha" nnu Sivaji oda lines a use panna padam Sivaji alavukku odum nnu nenaichitaan pola ! Perarasu - Plz stop the nonsense and eff off frm the industry

Rating: (-1)/5

Locku Locku - Suchitra, Perarasu

If direction and writing lyrics wasn't enough, Perarasu has now ventured into singing as well. I guess he is trying to be TR's succesor.( One more Simbu varama iruntha seri !) His voice is highly nauseating. Suchitra is as worse as him. Cudn't get myself to listen to the song fully ! I guess we need to ban this guy permanently frm Kollywood. Hasn't the guy got a conscience ?? .. Another song that has been rehashed frm earlier hit songs. Cant Srikanth Deva think on his own ?!?!? The tune in the middle is the same that was earlier used in the beginning of "Nee Entha Ooru" by Dhina. "Lokku Lokku Locallu .. Enna ethukodi ethukodi Angelu" .. Intha maari paadaa entha ponnavathu ethupaala da ?? [:o]

Rating: (-2)/5

Thaayai Polathaan-Mukesh

*Phew* "Where was the sentiment song ?!" - I was wondering and lo it started. Mother sentiment from Perarasu this time. You can guess the song genres so easily in a Perarasu film's album. Similar to the one in Thirupaaachi and Sivakaasi . I guess it will keep playing in the background in the Sentiment mokkai scenes which form an integral part of Perarasu's films. Nothing to write about this song.

Rating: 0/5

Overall : Just waiting for the thing that's happening in the picture above to happen to Perarasu in real life . I will distribute sweets to everyone then.One of the worst albums I've ever listened too ! I guess this will be the end of Perarasu from Kollywood ! *Yippppeeee !!*

Verdict : If you can avoid it,plz do so and send me a Cheque for Rs.100/- or more for saving you a trip to the doctor !

Rating : (-0.5) /5



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I felt was more empathetically sung than the vizhiyile version i want to say...
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