Thursday, January 3, 2008

Velli Thirai - Music Review - As good as it can get !

A Duet Movies Production always has great music and good lyrics and that was the reason that I looked into this album of G.V.Prakash Kumar and gave it a listening. And to saw the least, it atleast did live up to the expectations if not exceeding it.

Vizhiyile En - Chitra

What a melodious song ! That was the first thing that struck me when I first heard this song. Chitra's voice is striking and so pleasant. Midway through the tune strikingly changes to a higher pitch and even in the higher echelons, her voice is so nice to hear and not tearing apart your ears. Although there is an already heard feel to the song, this slow song should climb up the charts when the movie releases. One more Female solo from GVP ! Looks like this guy cant simply avoid them [:p] ! Superb composition by him. Have heard it about a dozen times and is moving up my favourites list quick n fast.

Rating: 4.5/5

Kanchi Pa - Jessie Gift, Chitra

Jassie Gift's voice in the song is fresh and nice. His voice is tailor-made for Prakash Raj ! The beats after each line are real loud though ! Can be called as Melodious folk. [:p] Not the loud Srikanth Deva type . The beats have an already heard feel about them , but I am unable to place them ! On the whole, a good number which will soon be high on the charts.


Sooriyanae - Lucky Ali, Rahul Nambiyar

Another Melody in the album. When an album is full of koothu songs, it becomes quite irritating. But when melodies rule the album, it isn’t that way. This one should suit the movie considering the kind of movies Prakash Raj's Duet movies is known for. The looping tune thorugh out the song is nice to hear. Somewhere near the middle of the song, the mridangam dominates and that interlude has been well composed! Neat composition again from the young composer. He is surely going places quickly.


Thaiya Thaiya - Shreya Ghoshal

Another feel good song. Quite nice to hear from the first listen itself. Shreya Ghosal's voice is truly melodious and enchanting. The tune irresistible and attractive. The English bit in between is fitting unlike in a few recent songs where English lyrics are inserted to give it a modern feel.. Another song that is quickly moving up my favourite songs list. As in any Prakash Raj production, the lyrics do make sense all through. Not just in this piece but in all the songs


Uyirile En - Naresh Iyer

The same tune as Vizhiyile with just Uyirile replacing Vizhiyile . The male version is as enchanting as the female version. I am unable to decide which one I like better.


Overall :
The album is melodious through out and is as good as it can get.All the songs are good to hear and will become instant favourites of any melody lover !

Must hear

Rating: 4.5/5


Marutham said...

Hi :)
That is very true about the song..

Uyirile i felt was more empathetically sung than the vizhiyile version i wud say...
On the whole great songs :)

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