Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dhoni's team is shit !

Well .. Last time around I said India will get thrashed around in the test series. Happy India proved me wrong by giving a great fight and almost winning the series even but for those errors by the umpires ! But this time I am sure of what I say ..


Why the hell were Sourav Ganguly and Dravid left out ?! Dhoni thinking too much of himself I guess .. Success in Gulli Cricket (T20) has got to his head .. Who the hell is he to speak about SG and RD !? .. What shitting thing has he achieved to talk abt two of the most senior players of Indian Cricket ???

Slow cricket by them eh!? .. Dhoni played real fast no doubt in the T20 match. 9 of 26 .. Ultimate Dhamaka batting by him ! I guess it was one of THE slowest knocks in T20 ever and the guy gave an interview saying "Australian Pitches suit my kond of batting" .. I cant help but laugh ..

N in the first ODI .. LOL .. What comical batting .. He'd better restrict those shots to Gully Cricket ..

India should better replace him with Dinesh Karthick or Partiv Patel (who is doing great in domestic cricket) .. !



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GAYATHRI said...

u r right!!dhoni is to pose himself as a captain...he has no rights to open his mouth abt the seniors..he shud be dropped frm the team as his performance is almost nil..

Shrinivas said...

Thanks for agreeing wid me !

Prashanth said...

Your comments are pathetic ;))

not only they are stupid , but they are also arrogant ..

before you make such a " DHONI IS SHIT " kinda comment , you must realise that you are screwing up the point with that TONE ..
Surely , you dont want to sound like a sad glory hunting tv reporter in NDTV :D do you ?

They hardly have showed their performance and people seem to love the ridiculing ..

I am sad that ganguly is dropped , and am sad that tendulkar is not dropped yet , with all due respect to sir sachin , but i ve said this time and again that for india to progress as a great talent producing nation , we must move on , and not stick up to the same old experience factor .. Cos its all farce . You want statistics or world cup ?

India as a country deserve more , and am glad they are making the progress by chopping the top old players who can still be quality .. But what are we doing this for , An ODI tournament at australia ? come on for fucks sake what can the possible outcome of this be , either we win the tournament or we do not .. So what is wrong in trying the kids in this stage ? If they fail , we can try again .. We aint losing anything so big .. world cup was lost for NOT trying .

Now there is sachin still around but one day he would be axed too ! and yes i know most of you twats would want tendulkar's experience en all that wisdom and bla bla bla ..

But hear me , when you take off all those 33 plus old players , you are putting the experienced tag on players like yuvi , dhoni who have been underperforming .. This could either result in them realising their importance or them having a bigger head and drop out like the losers before ..

Now the series has begun and india have fairly progressed decent with one win and one defeat against ausies and lanka ..

I am so glad we did this , if dravid was there , we would not have given a chance to rohit sharma .. Now look at the boy . at 20 he has temperament of dravid and style of laxman ! you dont get these players to start performing at 25 plus when you have great players already in your team like australians do ...

australia are thoroughly successfull cos of their stinge B teams and C teams and lower leagues . they are so cocky that even if they make a player to play his first match at the age of 25 , they think the lad would be the best in the world for about eight en odd years .. and that comes with thorough understanding of potential when these players are playing as kids ..

India can either make these crop of players play at young age and make more sachins and dravids or make these talent die of politics and start wanking around six sixes in an over and 40 centuries by one batsman in ODI ..

Choice is yours !

Shrinivas said...

Hmm .. Good insight da !

Prashanth said...

ha ha ha ha !

See ! you are not a C**T ! for that pishtosh comments ! immatured , kiddish !

listen to the wise man kid ;) !

What a tournament ! Dhoni you beauty !

After the blog i made after world cup failures , this moment is the best i have faced in the last 2 years !!!

Fuck off australias !!!

Shrinivas said...

Yea .. Australia is shit .. I'm jus anti-dhoni .. Not pro-australia !

Prashanth said...

ha ha

you are anti dhoni ?

that is what makes you more stupid :))
you can say you support australia ! i wouldnt mind ..

but to say you are anti dhoni says you are a clueles tit [:D]

Anonymous said...

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