Sunday, February 3, 2008

Why I dont blog from Bhopal !

Yea .. Back in Bhopal and i miss blogging a lot .. Nice to see people still looking into my blog .. ( That's what statcounter says anyway) ..

Blogging from Bhopal is a big bore and I have completed just one post here so far ( ATM Audio Review) .. I dont post much from here because:

No.1 .. I hardly come online for 3 or 4 hours a week which a big difference from the 8 to 10 hours a day back home in Chennai. Orkutting, Football and Yahoo! Mail takes the whole time up which leaves almost no time for blogging. N yea I forgot Indiaglitz,Raaga,Sathyam Cinemas and Sify Tamil Movies ..

No.2 .. I aint someone who can write whenever I log on to Blogspot. Sadly I am someone who needs the mood to write and the dull climate at Bhopal doesn't help it one bit [:((] ..

No.3 .. There's nothing like home. Listening to a super song .. Legs on the computer table .. Munching something .. Late in the night .. Chatting with friends .. the whole atmosphere is great .. But here in the net cafe at Snail's pace (and mebbe worser) with a zillion spyware and viruses in the PC and No Mozilla .. It's simply not the environment for me atleast ..

Even writing this one was bugging to say the least ..

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