Tuesday, March 11, 2008

No change in title ! .. :D

I managed to score 7.97 in my first semester exams. Which means I am a seven pointer and thus it warrants no change in my blog title ! .. Was just 0.03 away from changing the title to eight point someone ! Probably god dint want a change in my blog title :-P . That's why he stuck me right on the border. Next post in about a week or two. Till then bye .. Keep reading !

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Delhi Diaries - Tryst with Success !

A trip to Delhi to get over the monotony of life in Bhopal was the best tonic for me just after my exams (which as you may have already guessed went like shit !!). The enthusiastic me booked tickets for the trip about two weeks in advance (Which is like stupidity for the Bhopal Express for which according to my senior,you can get confirmed tickets even a day before the journey) because I felt that having a ticket in hand will help reduce the monotony (No idea why but I've always had this feeling because of which I've already booked by tickets for my journey back home later this month). As I was participating in only two events - Quiz and Algorythm - which required no prior work to be done unlike my friends who were participating in Robotics, much of the time before the journey was spent watching them work their ***** off [:P] for making their robots ready. ( I just wanted a taste of things in a Tech-Fest and wanted to roam around Delhi - the reasons for which I dint participate in any other event). The train was at 9-30 pm from Bhopal and the usual pre-journey confusions were there of course because of which I forgot to take along my cell phone charger. Well I was in S10 with a few of my classmates and two other girls whom I dint recognise (Though later I found out that they were from my college) and a second year senior of my college. My initial feelings that the journey would go on smoothly or happily were only to be removed in the course of the next hour or so. Half of Bhopal Express was filled with people studying in NIT-Bhopal and few other colleges from Bhopal ( One of the Pantry guys said you guys have made this usually empty train run full today) which gave a whole college like atmosphere to the train itself.

It all started with me allowing one of my batch mates onto my side upper berth.Slowly, the friends of his started sitting all around the place and created a real ruckus. The usual show of strength by our college started *phew* .. "Veer Bahadur Ladke Kaun .. MACT .. MACT" .. ( For those who dunno Hindi .. It means .. Who are the brave boys ... MACT MACT - MACT being the old name of the college before it became MANIT). A long chain of guys - the length of which was almost enough to fill the length of a compartment started going around the whole train disturbing the other passengers travelling along. In the mean time, the seats around my berth became the hot seats of the train and around 20-30 guys were seated in the place meant for 6 people. The side lower berth alone had about 6 guys sitting and the original occupant of the berth sleeping on it as well ! ( He soon got pissed off by all the noise created and left the place). I plugged in my ear-phones and started listening to my favourite tracks from ATM and Pokkiri etc. etc.But soon I had to raise the volume to the maximum in order to drown out the surrounding noise. And an hour later, those guys evicted me from my own seat in the enthu of an Anthakshari following which I took my favourite place on the train near the door of the compartment continuing listening to the music. Finally the RPF had the sense to evict the crowd after a complaint from one of the passengers sleeping nearby and I got a chance to sleep !!! Though I forgot to plug out the MP3 player from my ears which kept blaring all night and by the time I realised my mistake the next morning, the batteries were almost dead ! [:((] Hazrat Nizamuddin came up at last and the eventful train journey ended.

Then started the usual fight with the Taxi and Auto drivers for a ride to Vindhyachal Hostel in IIT-D. Prices started from a range of Rs.250 per Taxi and finally my friends and I managed to hitch a ride for Rs.150 a Taxi and reached the campus of IIT-D. I was awestruck by the campus and the ambiance of IIT-D (Even though it is quite small, the way they have used the area to construct the buildings is great esp. the 7-storey main building. The registration for the hostel accommodation took a while (We got into Zanskar). After this we (Me and my friends here-on) took a look around the campus - esp. those places made famous by Five Point Someone!

Evening saw us go around Delhi to Qutub Minar and Red-Fort in the course of which I tasted the worst ever noodles of my life for Rs.20. Time in qutub was spent taking artistic photos like pushing the Qutub and holding itz top (lolzz). By the time we reached Red fort, the museum was closed inspite of which we had a enjoyable look around.Not to forget the tiring journey back to IIT in the worst traffic I've ever experienced leaving out Panagal Park(Chennai).

The next day saw the start of Tryst (The reason for my orkut name - Tryst with Success) - the tech fest of IIT-D. Though it was not as huge scale as I had expected, it was quite big. I was jobless in the first day or at least that was what I thought before fate made me participate in "Bridge the gap" ( A competition where you build a bridge with icecream sticks and fevicol alone and the bridge that bears the maximum weight wins) preliminary round - which fortunately was a quiz thankfully and our team quite aced it ! And there I was selected to the finals of an event that I was not even slated to participate in. ( Though participating in the finals meant I could not take part in Algorythm which I was registered for) Unfortunately our moods were quite spoilt when one of my friends' teams dint make it to the next round in robotics.

Well I forgot the food ! Food was free of cost and was quite good for free food ! Bread pakodas in the morning .. Full fledged Northie lunch and dinner !

Day 2 saw the prelims of Quiz - My first in about 8 months - the last one was the QFI one in May-June if I remember right and the prelims went quite fine. We made it to the finals which was a high quality science quiz at the end of which we finished second - behind NSIT,Delhi who were almost like at another level. Afternoon had the finals of Bridge the gap where we constructed a Truss Bridge ( @!#@#) and hoped for the best the next day hoping fevicol would do its job well ! Plans to roam around were cancelled to cheer our statemate who had qualified for the next round in robotics.

Day 3 had the weight checking session of Bridge the gap and to my surprise the bridge we build managed to bear around 10kg before collapsing which was good enough to win us the second prize ( One more !!) following which my friends molaga-arachified me for a treat ! [:((] More robotics cheering meant all plans to roam around were effectively cancelled. The PD in the evening was a simple affair where the certificates were alone given out. ( Prizes will reach you in a week they said). After this came the sad part of leaving Delhi - though the bus 620 on the way to ND Railway Station showed us around quite a bit - Rashtrapathi Bhawan, India Gate, The Various ministries and embassies, etc etc giving us a feeling of satisfaction of having seen something atleast !

The trip back home by TN Express was far less eventful though I witnessed a gruesome sight of people being pushed into a train's Unreserved coaches (Lucknow Mail) by the RPF and one of my friends even managed a video of it before being asked by the RPF to delete it.

PS: My cell charges for the three days alone were close to Rs.350 [:D][:D] and I hardly spent anything else ( So unlike me !!)

PPS: I have plans to buy a Laptop very soon. Would appreciate suggestions from anyone regarding the configuration and the brand !

No more blogging from Bhopal for the time being I guess. Should hopefully be back in Chennai in a couple of week's time. Let's see and hope for the best !

PPPS: Photos and Videos will be up quite soon ! Bear with me for the time being [:(]