Tuesday, March 11, 2008

No change in title ! .. :D

I managed to score 7.97 in my first semester exams. Which means I am a seven pointer and thus it warrants no change in my blog title ! .. Was just 0.03 away from changing the title to eight point someone ! Probably god dint want a change in my blog title :-P . That's why he stuck me right on the border. Next post in about a week or two. Till then bye .. Keep reading !


GAYATHRI said...

gr8!!!best of luck!!

ajit said...

vada pochey....next sem gethu kaami.. 9 point someone nu seriya?

Shrinivas said...


lol ..

Preethe said...

Hi Shrinivas

Found this blog while googling for MACT. I am from 2002 ECE batch.

You have a nice blog.. very well written posts. enjoyed them.

From your posts , it seems like the college infrastructure has not changed much.

vera enna news collegla? MAFFICK innum nadakkudha?

Shrinivas said...



hello madam .. nice to meet you here ..

yea maffick nadakuthu ! .. it is next month ..

Preethe said...

thanks for visting my blog.
when is your next post?? Too busy??

Shrinivas said...

next post .. hmm .. mebbe a week later .. exams on now ..