Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kuruvi Music Review - Seeri Paayum Isai Aruvi !

It is there at last.Was waiting for this album during my whole stay at Chennai but unfortunately missed it by two days. But I still made up by managing to listen to the album on the day it released inspite of my ongoing exams [:p] and here is my review ! The album has six pieces in total from Vidyasagar who has joined hands with Vijay after a long time and also has Dharani meaning you cant expect anything slow from the album [:p]. The songs are in the same order as they play on from where I heard the songs ( Couldnot find them on Raaga or Music India Online) [:(]. One more thing before I start off .. Please dont compare this album with ATM which was a total different level.Just forget that album and listen to this one.

1)Happy New Year
Singers: Sunidhi Chauhan, Yogi B, Dr.Burn
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

A Good start to the album with the much expected song from Yogi B,the Malaysian Rapper. The song starts of quite well with lyrics in Malay from what I heard. Sunidhi Chauhan is good with her vocals for this folkish number. I just love the way she started with the song. Lyrics are made for the fans. Lines like "Singa Kutty .. Thanga Katti .. Ilayathalapathy". Good beat through out the song makes it an enjoyable listen. The end is fast and good on the ear. The "Dance for me" chorus is also good. On the whole, the song has a lot of scope dance as well.On thw whole, a likeable composition from Vidyasagar in a genre which he hasn't touched before.

Rating: 8.5/10

2)Kuruvi Theme
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

Singers: Praveen Mani, Dr Burn, Ranina and Suvi

A good mix of the BGMs of the movie strung together in a listenable way.The repeating word is undecipherable, someone please help me with that please. Starts of with westernised music and then moves on to the traditional "Thara thappattai" Thee of Tamil Nadu probably indicating the move of the movie's story as well from Malaysia to India(Just my guess[:p]). Nice to listen to and is one of the songs I like. "Kuruvi Kuruvi Kuruvi Adicha" is quite similar to "Kabaddi Kabaddi" chorus from Ghilli. Dr.Burn really rocks with his Tamil Rap along with Ranina and Suvi (One of them is the person who sung Style in Shivaji).

Rating: 9/10

3)Mozha Mozhannu
Lyrics: Pa. Vijay
Singers: K.K, Anuradha Sriram

The song gets of to a slow start and picks up pace almost immediately. Sounds like the typical Dhina and Srikanth Deva compositon and lacks the Vidyasagar touch through out the song. Kay Kay and Anuradha Sriram lend loads of energy to the song to get it of the mediocre levels it keeps falling to quite frequently.This one is the dark horse of the album and a lot depends on the picturisation of the song. Crass lyrics (Pa.Vijay) dont help much. As in many a Dharani-Vidhyasagar song, the tempo suddenly falls somewhere near the middle of the song. Not one of my personal favourites but not un-listenable.

Rating: 7/10

4)Palaanadhu Palaanadhu
Lyrics: Pa. Vijay

Singers: Vidhyasagar, S. Rajalakshmi

My personal favourite song of the album. A good Punjabi styled start which keeps going through out the song. Good vocals from Vidyasagar himself add to the song's impact. "Alla alla alla alla .. " has become my favourite line after I listened to it a couple of times and I just can't stop listening to it now."Ore veechu thaan .. " .. "Bale Pandya" .. "En Vaadhiyar Superstar" quite powerful lyrics from Pa.Vijay, a welcome change from the crap in "Mozha Mozhannu", which will surely bring down the house in the first few days of theatre. The Bhangra-ish Chorus in the middle ends with a flourish.Rajalakshmi's voice is quite attractive and powerful.

Rating: 10/10

5)Thaen Thaen Thaen
Lyrics: Yugabharathi

Singers: Udit Narayanan, Shreya Ghosal

A nice start to the song with a good interlude. Shreya Ghosal sounds reallly melodious thorugh out the song and makes up for Udit Narayan's horrendous show. The song IMO sounds similar to "Kaatril Or Vaarthai" from Godfather in some parts but moves away very quicly from the similarity making you forget it.[:D].Udit Narayan has managed to improve his diction but still I feel another voice like Sriram Parthasarathy or Harish Raghavendra(where has he gone these days?[:o]) would have done a much better job than him. But he still does provide the typical Udit fizz no doubt! Lyrics from Yugabharathi are very good through out the song. One song which the music lovers will also love for a change!

Rating: 9/10

6)Dandaana Darrrna
Lyrics: Kabilan

Singers: Sangeeth Haldipur

Well, when you hear the song for the first time, the only thing that strikes you is the voice. The voice full of energy.Sangeet Haldipur has a really good voice which is made for songs like this. A real full-throated rendition from him all-through the song.His "dandanna darrrrna" sounds like a real Thara Thappattai itself.Such is the power in the voice. His diction is not all that bad for a first time Tamil singer when you look at Udit who is the same even after around 100 songs[:p]. The lyrics from Kabilan are sure to send the fans into a whistling frenzy in the theatres for a few days. The song is just like a typical Vijay movie opening song- full of energy,beats,sound etc and makes a good hear especially if you are down in the dumps.This song is sure to lift your energy levels (as they did to mine just before my Chemistry exam [:p]).The "othungu .. siningu" part of the song has good beats meant for dancing and you'd watch out for some great steps from Vijay. The song just leaves you gasping for more.("Intha paatu pothuma .. Innum Konjam venuma?? ")

Rating: 10/10

All the songs are not very long and most are below 4 mins in length which means a real racy movie with around 15mins cut down[:p]. One thing I noticed is that all the songs end suddenly without any ending as such.No idea why though !!??!!

Overall Verdict: Great album for fans of Koothu songs like me. Few songs may not please the neutral listeners.Variety album from Vidyasagar and he has for sure come out with a winner. Please for heaven's sake dont compare this album with ATM as both belong to different genres of music all-together.

Kuruvi - Seeri Paayum Isai Aruvi !

Overall Rating: 9/10

PS: All Images courtesy and VFN. [:)]


GAYATHRI said...

hey...i ve jus heard one song..and unfortunately twas that mozhu mozhunu[:((((((((((((((((]...7/10??????i wud have given -7 for tat...

Anonymous said...

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Karthik Srinivasan said...

Cool review to the point... And appreciate ur sincerity(??!!??) to have taken time amidst ur exams and written this :D Hope ur exam performance keeps u flying high like Kuruvi :) All da best!!

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