Monday, June 9, 2008

Random Ramblings - 2

  • At last managed to bring myself to write something for my now half sleeping blog ! And I managed to get through half this post with a lot of self-coaxing and difficulty when the idiots at MES felt it convenient to cut the power supply ! And the idiot that I was, I wrote the post on notepad for convenience's sake and 'puff' it went into thin air ! So, the next time (This time ie) I wrote it directly into Blogger Draft !

  • There are about 5 posts in my drafts lying around in various stages of completion, the dates of starting ranging from about an year back to the most recent one being started about a week back ! These days I don't feel like writing at all. Don't know what happened. While sitting idle, I feel like blogging and start a post. A few minutes later, I drop the idea and return back to my slumber. Even to complete this post, I had to stop myself from falling asleep many a time

  • Most of the people with whom I chat must be familiar with this constant rant of mine about lack of quality theatres in Bhopal [:D]. There is not even one two screen theatre in Bhopal leave alone a Multiplex. [:(] The only one that was supposedly started by PVR also met opposition by the residents there as they were against "Multiplexisation" whatever that is supposed to be. A/c theatres are a luxury out there and I don't think even one theatre has DTS. [:(] And the place is supposed to be the capital of Madhya Pradesh. What shocked me was when I went to Salem ! There's this ARRS Multiplex out there - A Six Screen multiplex screening Hindi and English movies without dubbing them into Tamil ! When there's NO theatre that releases English movies in English out there in Bhopal. Tamil Nadu is developing [:D] Even Tier - 2 cities here have more facilities than the capitals of many other states ! Tamil Nadu Shining .. He He .. !

  • Another thing that struck me during my trip to Salem was the government's stand on black tickets etc. Well the thing that made me have this doubt was the Tatkal Facility offered in Indian Railways. What is it if it is not a "Legal" Method of Black Ticketing by the government ? How different is it to the black tickets sold in theatres ? It's the same literally ! The government takes Rs. 150 or Rs. 300 extra from you for your ticket and gives you a confirmed ticket even though you book your ticket very very very late ! I mean, why not make black ticketing in theatres also legal ? Isn't this Tatkal Quota on trains hoarding by the government ? They set aside about 200 tickets in Sleeper Class of each train to be sold later at a higher rate ie higher profit.

  • This talk of hoarding brings me to another thing. Through the last week, it was really shocking and annoying to see the petrol pumps across Chennai sell the normal fuel at a higher rate by posing it off as branded fuel ! [:X] Every single petrol pump said, Only "Speed","Xtra Premium" is available saar. No ordinary petrol. Do they do the same crap all the time? Is there any way for the consumers to differentiate between the normal petrol and the "branded" fuel when they get their tanks filled ? [:)]

  • And yeah. I got my ticket to Dasavatharam on 17th June at Sangam. [:D][:D] Use Sangam's Online booking facility. It's the most easiest to use. They deliver your tickets at home itself ! Morning 11-30 AM show .. Balcony ! That was the earliest I could get leaving alone Mayajaal and Abirami's online booking IMO is shit and Inox is too classy a theatre for me. I love watching films in a theatre full of noise not a silent one like Sathyam and Inox ! Yeah, this is the second most earliest I'm watching a film after it's release. Earliest was Pokkiri 2nd day at Mayajaal when I was in my 12th standard. [:D] Review should be up latest by the same afternoon. And yeah, Dasavatharam's audio review is one of the many posts still in draft stage waiting for completion ! [:D][:p]

  • Was at My Perimma's place in Srirangam for one night and so chanced to watch a few mega serial (Nedunthodar as they say these days [:D]) episodes on Sun TV. Anandham,Pirandha Veedu Pugundha Veedu[PVPV] (or Whatever) and Kolangal was all I could tolerate before my slumber took over. Was quite tough choosing which was the crappiest of the three. Anandham had this episode where an old man who cant even take a few steps keeps walking and there's a guy riding this 125 cc bike on a broken down road and then on the highway and how they crash into one another. Brilliant camera work and editing with the camera panning from one person to another every 15 seconds was the highlight of the episode. And then towards the end of the episode the guy on the bike starts walking as well. Effect of watching Ajith from Billa I guess [:p]. Decent a nadantha superstar aaydlaam nnu nenachutaanga pola [:p]. ( PS: Not saying Ajit's walk is decent nor is he a superstar) [:p]. PVPV had this episode about a guy learnin about an extra marital affair of his friend (If what I made out was correct) and a woman with a child roaming around with one more woman etc and I cant remember what Kolangal was about. Or was this Kolangal ?! [:o] The other episode I watched was one where this guy called "Maniarasi" or whatever goes to his lover's house to convince her and the idiot wants her to wash his back while he takes bath. As if he's some Supermodel and we all are waiting to watch him take off his clothes to reveal his 8 pack abs ! Well, the walking episode of Anandham wins hands down for the innovative method of time-wasting adopted by it ! [:D] I still don't know how people watch these mega-serials. The only one I've watched fully was this one called Anbai-Thedi on DD about half a decade back. That one was quite decent without these Raadikaa Sarathkumar trademark Alugai and extramarital affair sequences.

  • Rafael Nadal won at Roland Garros for the fourth consecutive time! He's yet to loose a game there as yet. And Fedex was Dead-ex in the match. He did nothing winning just 4 games through the 3 sets. Rafa was just unbelievable.He played like a dream and got unbelievable angles all through the match.And the icing on the cake - The bagel in the last set ! Vamosss Rafa ! Wimbledon, Here Rafa comes !! [:D]

  • More good news for me. Things went my way at last at home and I've got my Laptop or atleast will be getting it sometime this week. Cost my dad close to Rs.50000. Dell XPS M1530. Was pretty much happy with the configuration I got.

    Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo Processor T5750 2.0 GHz, 2MB Cache, 667 MHz FSB
    Genuine Windows Vista(TM) Home Premium - with AERO experience
    15.4" Widescreen WXGA (1280x800) TFT Display with TrueLife(TM)
    Crimson Red LCD display with Integrated 2.0 mega pixel web cam
    3GB (1 X 2 GB + 1 X 1 GB) 667MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM
    250GB SATA Hard Drive
    Internal 8X DVD+/-RW Combination Drive with dual layer write capabilities
    128MB NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) 8400M GS
    Palmrest with Fingerprint Reader
    Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945 Dual Band 802.11a/g 54Mbps Wireless Mini Card
    Dell(TM) Wireless 355 Bluetooth Module
    6-cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery

    Plus all those accesories which Dell provides along ! Pretty much happy with this although 256 MB graphics card would have made my day[:D].Sadly it cost me Rs.3000 for the upgrade and I had to drop the plans.

  • Chanced a watch on this crap realtity show called "Kya Aap Panchvi Pass Se Tez Hai" conducted by SRK on one of the Star Network Channels. Although I love the guy's sense of humour on the spot, the show is real crap. Those artificially chirpy kids, those over enthusiastic partiticipants all give it a great sense of being set-up. And the format is the worst of all. Reality shows are going to the dogs these days on Indian Television.

  • The Hindu is advertising a lot these days especially after The Times of India.TOI is THE most crappy newspaper I've ever read in my opinion.All it has is a few questionable pictures of Hollywood Actresses, Singers etc. It does have a very active Blue-Line accident spotter team which somehow manages to get a Blueline bus accident into the Page 3 of the paper everyday. It also has a highly active "Rape and Child Molestation" News team which manages to get a page full of news about such incidents everyday from all around the country.[:D] A few rumours from and make up the rest of the news stories in the paper.And yeah not to forget those page-fulls of adverts all over which make it look more like a ad-pamphlet than a proper newspaper. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the crappy editor it has who makes mistakes on the front page headline and carries a photo graph of "Fat" Ronaldo when the article talks about C.Ronaldo.[:D]

  • I am at it with Airtel again. What a fuck-all system they have in place with their customer care call-centres ! They ask you to press 2 for English, 4 for Value added Services and then 9 to talk to a Customer Care Executive. They hold you on line for about 5 minutes and then ask you to SMS them your problem within 150 words. And in response to your queries, you get a keyword based program reply. Whatever you ask about Hellotunes, the reply will always be the same. The same three part message about activation and de-activation. If at all you manage to get through to a Customer Care Executive, the person will take pains to see that your problem remains. If he knows the answer, the poor guy takes the trouble to put on some soothing music for you interspersed with stupid Airtel Ads and then silently cuts the call.

  • Roads in Tamil Nadu are becoming a pleasant surprise. 4-lane conversions everywhere. Man .. TN is surely on the fast path to development. A/c Buses, 4-lane roads, Tickets being printed out on buses. Flyovers here, Flyovers there, Flyovers Everywhere ! The Highways dept is surely doing a good job.

    PS: Not that I'm a great fan of T.R.Baalu and his works. The only guy I've admired as a minister so far is Mr.Dayanidhi Maran who did so much for BroadBand in India. Unfortunately, he had to leave half way through. [:(]

That's it for this post I suppose. If my laziness permits, a few more posts should be up quickly by the end of today. Let's see. [:)]


Mj_trumped said...

keep de pace!!

GAYATHRI said...


Karthik Srinivasan said...

"'puff' it went into thin air" I thought u were smoking while writing this post :P later only i understood the context.. btw, ur mind has huge capacity to store so many thoughts!!!

Tier 2 cities in TN are improving becoz most of the techies hail from those cities and the lifestyle of ppl in those cities(i mean the techies' families) is also changing.. Moreover, who welcomes movies from all languages like Tamilians?? :P

Tatkal is legal bribing to increase the revenue of railways... If tatkal is black, what about e-ticketing where in ppl pay some extra reservation charge and nicely book their tickets sitting at their desk, when 100s throng ticket counters and stand for hrs to get a waitlisted ticket? ;-) that too most online booking is done by agents who eat up all availability and then sell it at higer rates in black!!!

Petrol.. hmm..its govt's way of saying reduce fuel consumption :D ppl shud stop using 2 wheelers and increase the revenue of MTC :D

Dasavatharam!!! waiting for ur review :D

TV mega serials are the crappiest things to happen in the history of Tamilnadu.. was ROTFL reading ur description of the 3 great serials in prime time :D

Federer :((((((((((

cool yaar.. new lappie!!! congrats!!! :)

Ur description of TOI.. ROTFL again.. btw, havent u tried deccan chronicle which is as good as some page 3 blog :P

Airtel prepaid sucks anyday :P Hail postpaid!!! :D go in for Vodafone...

Maran did not do anything great for broadband... :P We had all facilities existing and also supporting network... Only that previous ppl were too conservative abt letting it out to ppl, but Maran made it accessible for all classes easily... :)

Flyovers is all ok.. but till that flyover comes up, the torture u endure is more than wat u had without the flyover :P

Shrinivas SG said...

That was one huuuge comment naa .. Thanx [:)]

Replies ..

1) I dont drink or smoke and i will never. [:)]
2)I'm a great patron of both tatkal and e-ticketing. He He. Enga college oda scheduling kku tatkal thaan best. [:p]
3)Dasa Review .. Coming soon [:p]
4)Got ma lappy.Getting used to the touchpad.I just hate the touchpad alone.[:X]
5)Your point abt flyovers .. Correct thaan athu [:)]

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