Thursday, June 19, 2008

School Life - Nostalgic Memories !

This post has been lying in the drafts for close to Eight months now. [:o]. My laziness getting the better of me each time I started typing something. Thank goodness, there's this Euro 2008 match between Italy and France tonight which is more than do-or-die. Else I may not have had the will to complete it even today.
PS: I didn't end up completing it either. Laziness and fatigue got the better of me yet again. [:(]

School Life is something I didn't quite "enjoy" when I should have and "enjoyed" when I shouldn't have.[:p]. I can never forget my school life and would go back to school readily if asked to go even now. So enjoyable was my school life made more enjoyable with the sets of friends I had. (I always believe I've been lucky on this account. Both in 2nd, 6th and 11th, [Same class remained between 2-5th, 6-10th, 11-12th] I had such a wonderful class which gave me many moments to remember through out my life.( And the same can be said about the set of friends in college as well.)

A few memories here and there .. ..

  • I did my Pre-KG in Le chatelier, Madurai. And there was this annual day function or whatever in which I was a part of this butterfly dance[:D] and I was so adamant that I wouldn't go onstage for the dance. I was finally coaxed onstage by mom and my teacher. But I showed the rebellious side of me at that age itself by walking out [:p] in the middle of the dance and spoiling it totally. [:D]

  • For LKG, UKG, I was shifted to this Mahatma Montessori School in Madurai. My mom constantly reminds me about my love for eating even back then ! It seems there was this kitchen or canteen whatever in the school and I constantly used to escape there during class. [:D] And not that I was a good eater. My Report Cards of that time have this constant note about "Very Poor Table Manners. Highly Unclean Eating Habits" etc etc. [:P]. And yeah, like most kids of that age, I had those school blues and developed sudden fever, stomach ache, headache and all sorts of health problems when I heard the horn of the school van.

  • After UKG, we shifted to Chennai and I dint get into PSBBSSS at that time. I joined Jawahar Vidyalaya for 1st Standard. That was when I evolved into this "Sincere Student" avatar I guess. I vividly remember this memory test held at that time. A page with about 20 pictures integrated into a background was given and we had to write down how much ever we remembered after 5 mins or something. I hardly got to remember 10 words. The guys with me were raving about 15, 17, 20 words. But surprisingly, I got the first prize. Yet to unveil the reason behind that. Not that I tried and I dont think people lie for such silly things in 1st standard and all !

  • More of JV stuff. I used to go to school in those fish-cart motor rickshaws. I suppose the driver was driving in a drunken state for quite some time and one of the parents discovered that. She was telling my mom about that. My mom, being the Inspector she is, started her enquiries with me[:p]. She asked me .. " Enna da .. Rikshaw-man Thanni Adichttu Otraan aame .. Apdia .. !" And I replied .. " Aama maa .. Thenom Avar vandila Thanni Adicchtu clean panraaru pola ippalaam." He he .. Such was my innocence at that time. [:D]

  • And I still remember the JV prize distribution function for 1st standard like it was yesterday. I had moved to PSBB and I had got quite a few prizes. There was this music teacher [ I went to Carnatic music classes for about 8 years and learnt whom I never got along well with in JV.(One of the very few such teachers with whom I've not got on well) She constantly used to be at loggerheads with me. And on the PD day, after I came off stage, she came to me immediately and off-stage in the side, she hugged me and said she was sorry for all the trouble she had given me.[:)] .. Filmy nah ?! .. Cant help it [:D]

  • After one year at JV, I moved over to PSBB in 2nd standard. As most PSBBians would know, school began at 9 am or something like that. My parents and grandparents are strict followers of this Raahu-Kaalam and Yama-gandam sentiments and hence I was late to school on the first day itself and after that I dont remember anytime when I was late to school ever since. I had to give the routine introduction in class and my English was crap at that time. I remember many people giggling at that time on hearing me speak and since then, I've rarely ventured to speak. And i vividly remember being called too silent by the teacher in the 1st term report and too talkative in the 2nd term report by my teacher !

  • 3rd Standard in PSBB was not very significant except for those Paper-ball - Bound book Cricket matches and different forms of Book Cricket which I was a champ at. [:p] And yeah, my first foray into one of my biggest passions today - Quizzing. 4th saw me make a fool of myself of myself by giving a brilliant speech in a debate. [:p] Mine was more like an extempore speech sans any arguments.[:D]. N yeah .. I watched FIFA WC 1998 in DD. And was a regular reader pf sportstar. I saw this pic of Ronaldo/Rivaldo win the European Player of the year in Glanville's column. I was like ... "Isn't Ronaldo/Rivaldo Brazilian .. How on earth did he win the European Player of the year." ! I was ignorant about club football then.

  • I still remember this like yesterday (becoming a cliche aint it ! [:D]). The day I met one of my closest friends today for the first time. I was going with my mom to Salem on West Coast Express and there was this guy sitting opposite me with his brother. I had seen him somewhere in school i remembered. Slowly we started talking and we were given the childish job of writing down the name of every station that went past us and we did it with gusto.[:D][:p] And then we were in the same class between 6th to 10th and with similar interests, no wonder we got along so well.[:)]

  • Yeah .. 5th standard was the first time I hid my marks from my parents[:D]. Got 88 in first cycle test English Literature. That was the first time I had got an Eigth grade mark and hence never told it to my parents until they saw it for themselves in the report card. Did get quite a scolding for hiding the mark, not for the mark though ! 80s became a habit in the 6th-10th and became a rarity in 11th-12th. Not that I was scoring 90s, I was struggling to touch the 80s even. 70s were a great pleasure [:D].

  • Hmm .. In 6th Standard, I watched my first Vijay(and my first Tamil .. Nah .. My first movie [:)] ) movie - Badhri. Liked it quite a bit and was impressed by the moustache sporting guy who was the hero. And he became my favourite actor since then ! (The next Vijay movie I watched was Ghilli although I did catch a few glimpses of his movies on TV now n then). Now I am what can be classified as a die-hard Vijay fan - not the paal abishekham type. But yeah, quite a fan. I did watch ATM 6 times in theatre and Kuruvi is 2* now[:D]. [PS:I watched Badri in Thiruttu VCD then !)

  • Got 88 in Maths in 7th Standard .. My first jump into the 80s in maths. I still remember that day vividly. .. .. We were taken to this magic show in Music Academy by school and when I came back, I was told by this girl Pavithra that I'd got 88. I saw my paper and tears started flowing. He He.(PS: That teacher was the worst I've ever seen in the history of PSBB .. Ms.Jasmine .. No wonder she was thrown out the next year itself) [:p]

  • Went to theatre for the first time in my life in 7th. Woodlands Symphony .. Home Alone 2. [:D]. Was a superb movie. I still love watching it. Laugh Riot it was !

  • 8th standard was WC 2002 time and the football virus bit me. That was the time when I started watching and following football seriously. There was this guy called David Beckham whose free-kicks and crosses (Hair-style too [:p]) caught my eye and this team Manchester United who played attacking and attractive football. There began my love affair with football and it has been a throughly enjoyable one so far.[:D]

  • 8th saw the advent of this teasing [:p] .. The black mark chart in class was the provocation. It was split into two columns. The perverts of the class started pairing up the girl and the boy whose names were side by side. And it went on and on. So much so that the chart was removed by the class teacher after some time !

  • And yeah .. I was on TV for the first time. Splash TV. I guess it's extinct now. We won the Splash Cricket Quiz and the program was telecast quite a few times guess. And yeah, we were the youngest team of the lot as well. [:D]

  • Tennis-ball football caught on in 9th standard with us. So did Chi-Ku-Li-Ba and Rock-paper-Scissors- Knife as well [:D][:p]. Not that I was this great footballer, I just liked to run around the place like what Dirk Kuyt does for Liverpool these days.[:p] And sadly, I had this big head-weight in 9th standard that I was too good at Maths because i did quite well in 8th standard Maths (3 centums n a 98 out of 4 exams) but yeah, like everyone with head-weight, I was quickly brought down to earth by God.[:)]

  • 10th saw me suffer two huge disappointments. For both of which I was the reason.(partly!) The first one was the ESPN Sports quiz. Myself and Vinod (Put the donkey at the end .. That's y [:p]) qualified for the on-stage finals. And we were like close to winning it when I f***ed it up totally. The question was something to do with Grand Prix circuits and we had to identify the circuits that weren't part of the F1 calender. A1 GP Austria had just been scrapped that year and I forgot that and f***ed it up for our team. We were 2nd runners up. And we missed our chance to go to Delhi because our school did some "தில்லு முள்ளு வேலை " behind the scenes and some other team was sent from our school. The second was the NTSE scholarship. I got through the first and second written rounds but f***ed up the interview like no one else could. I missed the scholarship. The interview was like .. "Draw ray-diagram for Concave Mirror .. between F and 2F object " and in my nervous state I drew a Convex mirror and argues it was right as well ! Dont know how I mamaged it still! [:(]. But yeah, this was all quite made up by my Maths performances which I'm quite proud of in that year. Only once did I not get centum in 10th. [:)] Something I'm proud of till today. 10th was one of the most satisfying years academically for me.

  • 11th saw the beginning of the downfall [:D]. Got broadband at home. That was the stepping stone to my downfall I'd say now. "சயின்ஸ் வேஸ்ட் ன்னு சொல்லல. ஆனா கோம்மேர்ஸ் எடுத்திருந்தா நல்லா இருந்துருக்கும் ன்னு தான் சொல்ரேன் " [:p] I've always had this feeling till date that I may have done better in Commerce. But still. Although I did love C++ and all that logic stuff. Yeah, there were some advantages like being able to use the internet with the excuse of Comp. Science. The all boys class was a unique experience with all those uncountable games periods and no trouble of sincere girls who submitted all the homework and stuff[:p]. IIT Classes went on well in 11th. With Minor trouble in Physics alone. I started living life[:D].Enjoying it at the wrong time clearly[:)][:(]. Trouble first hit me when I was struck by Chicken Pox at the end of 11th. I missed a few important chapters in all subjects which put an end to my IIT Preparations. I was never able to cope up again with the syllabus.

  • 12th saw a huge fall in my acads. I failed in an exam for the first time in my life. Physics midterm. By 1/4 mark though. Got 12 in Physics. Had it been 12 1/4, it would have doubled to 24.5, which was 25 - the pass mark. But the teacher refused to give me the mark. And I was too good to tell the mark at home. Never told for almost two months I guess. Until the report card came. [:D] and my mom saw it for herself. Quarterly was no better. I just passed with the help of the Anniversary Test-Project Test mark which accounted to 4 marks. Only Comp Science and English went decently. Maths was another flop show. "10th Half yearly century. 12th half yearly half century was how me and my friends used to joke about my maths marks." IIT Preparations were no better and AIEEE had absolutely no preparations at all. Same with BITSAT. Board Exams were the only exams were I managed something like a good performance. And ended up in NIT-Bhopal. All I did during 12th was being online. I came online even on the day of the exams sometimes ! Such was my laxity. And everything showed in my results[:D]. 11th, 12th had flown past with just a flurry of Cultural fests and Exams thrown in.

  • Still dont know how PSBB gave me an "All-Rounder" Prize for my performance in 12th. Perhaps will be the first time that a person who failed in an exam got an "All-Rounder" Prize. (Missed it only in 11th). But yeah, 12th was quite memorable in it's own way !

And thus school life drew to an end. All the time when I was in school, I was yearning for school life to end. But only when the end came near, I was yearning for a few more months of school life desperately.[:(]. As they say, "Only when you miss something, You'll know its full value".

People I can never forget in school life

  • Mrs. Mithra Dharmarajan - My LKG, UKG teacher. The one who wrote I had "Poor Eating Habits" and "Table Manners" in my report card. If not for her, I'd have remained the same till date.

  • Mrs. Lalitha Sethuraman - 3rd Standard Class Teacher. Had a great rapport with her. Was a wonderful teacher. I last saw here, she did recognise me.

  • Mrs. Rajarajeshwari - Another teacher with whom I'm still in touch with. My 4th Standard Class teacher. The one who instilled that interest for "Hindi" without whom I'd be struggling in Bhopal without knowing Hindi.

  • Mrs. Srividya - She was one of those teachers who made Social Studies periods interesting. My 5th Standard Class teacher, Social and English teacher. It was the only time that I scored decent marks in Social Studies.[:D]

  • Mrs. Sumathy - My 8th Standard Maths Teacher. One of the best Maths Teachers I've ever had after Mrs. Srimathy.

  • Mrs. Srimathy - My Maths Tuition teacher for 8th, 9th , 10th. Without her, I'd have been nowhere in Maths. All my Maths marks belong to her. Taught me what hardwork meant. And she was this wonderful counsellor too.

  • Mrs. Shoba Chidambaram - What I am in English today is all due to her. The one who encouraged writing answers on out own instead of dictating her own answers. Really enjoyed her English classes next to only Mrs.Valsa's classes in 12th (which were due to a different reason of course[:p])

  • Mrs. Vijayasudha - If not for her, I'd have failed my Physics Board. All those Physics special tests during the Study Holidays, her no-nonsense method of handling our boysterous class all stood out. Another wonderful teacher.

  • Mrs. Geetha Govindarajan - My Maths teacher in 11th n 12th. It was due to her that I managed a 90 in my Maths Board. Her Special tests and Exams during the study holidays. It was only then that I got the hang of Integration at last ! Till then, I never even tried attempting the Integration questions in the question paper. I only wrote the paper for at the maximum of 70 marks out of which i'd manage somewhere close to 60+. [:D] It was only in the board exam that I attempted a full paper for the first time in 12th standard.[:)]

  • Mrs. Valsa Balaji - Her English classes were real fun. For two reasons. 1) She hardly turned up in class. All those periods when she dint turn up, she allowed us to play games in the playground. 2) When She did turn up, her classes were a laugh riot. Her English was awesome and unmatchable.

  • Mrs. Rajalakshmi - The only teacher I remember for all the wrong reasons. She was my English teacher in 8th and 11th. 8th, she was quite bearable. Even in 11th, she was quite ok. Although she was troubled by our class too many times. But it was in 12th that I got the wrong side of her. It was all a simple matter of participation in the CV school culturals. And I got a word or two wrong in the way I put my point across to her. She started screaming right in the middle of the corridor that I was a cheat and all sorts of non-sense about me. Never again did I talk to her and when some kind of feedback form was given to us by school, I wrote some crap about her being biased in the selections (which was true) in that and submitted it.[:p] But yeah, that quite ended my school quizzing career on the wrong note. (Not that there were too many quizzes left after that)

  • Mrs. Latha - C++ teacher in 11th and 12th. Never got irritated if asked to explain the same topic even 10 times. I remember her teaching our class "Pointers" about 4 times fully. If the C paper in 2nd Sem of college went off without any sort of trouble or preparation, it was due to her brilliant teaching. Not one concept did I not understand. It was the only subject other than english in which my performance was more than decent.[:D]


That's it for this post I guess. And yeah, I suppose I sounded like bragging at a few places. Well, didn't know how to put things across. This post which was lying in the drafts for quite a long time now has atlast been completed.Started writing it full fledged 3 days back and managed to complete it just today. Too much of memory squeezing I guess. If only I had a "Pensieve" with me like Dumbledore.[:D].


PS: Dasavatharam Review coming soon ! More sooner than the film at least [:p] which said coming soon for about two years [:D]