Monday, August 25, 2008

Vagaries of Indian Railways

I recently booked three tickets to go home during the Dussehra holidays. ( Yaaay!! At last. I'm already running a countdown for the no. of days left). And before you wonder why three tickets for one journey, here's the reason. The college schedule aint too reliable. Changes are made at the last minute and hence three tickets to go home at any cost(literally. Lol). Two of them are e-Tickets and one is a normal ticket.

All of them from Bhopal to Chennai. Indian Railways marks me the fare for the e-Ticket as Rs.441 for going from Bhopal to Chennai. Well, by any sense, I guess the fare for the return ought to be the same. But it aint. There's more to this. The e-Ticket from Chennai to Bhopal cost me Rs.441 and a ticket got at the ticket counter cost me Rs.451. And both were for the same train for the same day! I'm still trying to uncover the logic behind this!

Another thing that stuck me odd was the distances on the tickets. While going from Bhopal to Chennai, the distance is 1483 kms on the normal ticket, 1488 kms on the E-Ticket and while returning it's 1484 kms ! Logic please Mr.Laloo.

PS: I've heard about this new "Side Middle Berth" on a few trains, an innovation by Mr.Laloo Prasad to increase revenue without raising fares! And most people seem to be complaining that it aint too comfortable and that you can hardly sit in them and the ventilation is horrendous. Waiting to see them.

Running the countdown to September 27 ! :-) Just 33 days left ! Time does fly you know!

PPS: Hoping to blog with more regularity now. :-).

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Miss (the) Devil !

It's three weeks since I posted on my blog ! Phew.

Quite a long time I guess. In case if you are wondering if I have a writer's block, I'd vehemently say no ! I have about three posts in draft and I'm just feeling too lazy to finish them. The main reason being the awesome net speed in the hostel which struggles to cross even 2 kbps at times! Kaspersky updates of 2 MB take a whole of three hours to get downloaded! The worst speeds I've ever used considering I've never used dial-up in my life! Broad band's such a boon back home! Orkut donut pages were a bugging eyesore for me but here I don't mind even them appearing! But all that appears more than half the time is the "Connection timed out page" on FireFox. Yahoo! Messenger, my best friend, never signs in even! I'm really missing the broadband connection back home where I used to complain to the DGM, BSNL and bug the technical support on the BSNL Helpline when speed was close to 256 kbps even! As they say, you understand the worth of something only when you don't have it ! Well, If you were wondering if this is the thing I was missing, it's not the only thing I am missing from Chennai. There are many things. Don't want to turn this into yet another rant. Well, let me move on to the post ! :-D

Well, I couldn't have had a better day to complete this post. I'm badly missing "The Devil", my sister ! Fights - not just words, fist fights even at this age [:p], arguments on every thing on this world - We're as similar as white and black.Lol. - I hate everything she likes and she hates everything I like with a few exceptions [:p] - Which gives more than one opportunity for a fight. But spending money to fight over phone is becoming too costly. [:-(]. ( Cha. After withstanding all the digs about Nadal never having won a Grand slam outside clay, I wasn't there to see her dear Fedex lose Wimbledon! A tragedy really!)

I remember this small poem still which I wrote about my sister when I was in 5 th standard about my sister calling her everything ranging from a Devil to a Pig[:p]. The English teacher read the poem by mistake! She was never intended to read it. But somehow she opened the notebook I submitted from the back and there was the poem! She gave me such a dressing down for that poem (instead of appreciating my ability [:p]) and said one day I'd miss my sister badly! I replied haughtily that day that I'd never miss such a devil like her - the spur of the moment response as always! But today as I write this, I'm desperate to be back at home. And have a fight with her (Long time since I had one) and the prophetic lines of the English teacher have come true! I doubt if she misses me but yeah, I do miss her! (As much as I miss my parents, if not more)


To my sis, If u are reading this at all, here's a part of your Raksha Bandhan gift. (My first one actually [:p].Considering we don't celebrate the festival at all back home, it's good enough I guess.)


Other things I miss from Chennai inc. the theaters - Bhopal has crap theaters, not even a single Multiplex! And there's this theater that charges anywhere between Rs.70 to Rs.250 for a ticket and provides not even half the facilities as the theaters back home in Chennai! If you sit in the last few rows at the bottom, the balcony blocks your view of half the screen! And the sound is crap. Even my Laptop provides better sound! The theaters are still in the Dolby world when theaters back home have moved on to DTS, Qube and RDX! And no English movie even releases in this village which is supposedly the capital of Madhya Pradesh! If at all it does, it's in Hindi Dub! There's no mall and the only multi-storeyed building(supposed Shopping Complex) of Bhopal (Platinum Plaza) is half un-occupied ! Good vegetarian food is a luxury and Auto drivers are worser than the ones back home !

Newspapers reach this place in the evening ! ( By newspapers, I mean the proper ones, not the crap ones like HT and Central Chronicle - HT has an editor who writes articles in present continuous and a highly active Page 3 section! and Central Chronicle has articles written in a mixture of tenses which have to be corrected by the reader and understood! The paper quality is so bad that the text and the paper differ only by a shade or two! If you want to forget your English, you'd better read this paper. And yeah, the paper advertises Porn! For heaven's sake, Porn! And how on earth it got a license for publication is an unsolved mystery!)

More things are there which I hate about this place. And a few months back, there was a guy who wanted me to write a "Guest Blog" about an outsider's viewpoint of Bhopal! Till date, I've not written it. Probably the guy is expecting a glowing account of this place and I dont want to disappoint him by writing an article trashing Bhopal totally.

Hello Shrinivas,

I write a blog about Bhopal which goes by the name I wanted a student's perspective about Bhopal for my blog - how they go about their life in Bhopal, what they find odd about this city and what thing (if any) they would miss after passing out. I think you would be the best person to write about this.

Would you kindly write a guest blog for my blog? You will earn lifelong gratitude and a assured traffic source for your blog. I can wait till your exams are over, and heres wishing best of luck for them.

With warm regards

Hi Srinivas,

Hope you are doing well. I am still waiting for your guest blogpost about an outsiders perspective of Bhopal.

With regards


That's it for this post I guess !

Next one coming soon!