Monday, August 25, 2008

Vagaries of Indian Railways

I recently booked three tickets to go home during the Dussehra holidays. ( Yaaay!! At last. I'm already running a countdown for the no. of days left). And before you wonder why three tickets for one journey, here's the reason. The college schedule aint too reliable. Changes are made at the last minute and hence three tickets to go home at any cost(literally. Lol). Two of them are e-Tickets and one is a normal ticket.

All of them from Bhopal to Chennai. Indian Railways marks me the fare for the e-Ticket as Rs.441 for going from Bhopal to Chennai. Well, by any sense, I guess the fare for the return ought to be the same. But it aint. There's more to this. The e-Ticket from Chennai to Bhopal cost me Rs.441 and a ticket got at the ticket counter cost me Rs.451. And both were for the same train for the same day! I'm still trying to uncover the logic behind this!

Another thing that stuck me odd was the distances on the tickets. While going from Bhopal to Chennai, the distance is 1483 kms on the normal ticket, 1488 kms on the E-Ticket and while returning it's 1484 kms ! Logic please Mr.Laloo.

PS: I've heard about this new "Side Middle Berth" on a few trains, an innovation by Mr.Laloo Prasad to increase revenue without raising fares! And most people seem to be complaining that it aint too comfortable and that you can hardly sit in them and the ventilation is horrendous. Waiting to see them.

Running the countdown to September 27 ! :-) Just 33 days left ! Time does fly you know!

PPS: Hoping to blog with more regularity now. :-).


Preethe said...

"The college schedule aint too reliable."

does that mean .. GT still prevails in MANIT??

Is the new computer center ready? Or is it still under construction?

Aur ..
Is this fare for Grand trunck or Tamil Nadu express?? Did you compare them .. probably you may find a few more dissimilarities

Anonymous said...

Those middle side berths are horrendous.I was so surprised looking at them.

MAnoj_TRumPed said...

Side middle berth??
Am desperate to see how it has been executed!...
This is gonna be like more people ,more trouble,more fun!
lets see!

Keep blogging[:)]

Shrinivas said...

@preethe akka

Yeah. GTs do prevail. Well, the exams get postponed all of a sudden. That's the problem. All the fares and distances quoted are for Tamil Nadu express.


Lol.I'm waiting to look at it.

Yeah. More "eunuchs" too ! [:p] If u get what i mean [:p]

Shrinivas said...

@Preethe Akka

Comp centre is up and running fr quite a few years now I guess. Now, its a sports complex which is "Under Construction".

Anonymous said...

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