Friday, September 26, 2008

19 and Counting !

I complete 19 years of existence on Earth today and quite a life it has been, full of everything I can probably ask for. Joy, Sorrow, Anguish, Victory, Defeat - I've seen quite a lot and learned more ! Everyday of life has seen me learn something. :-). Never did I dream that I'd achieve all this when I set out. (Probably I couldn't dream, or probably I did dream something but I don't remember it). Too many people - ranging from my parents to teachers to friends - are responsible for where I am today. Esp. my parents. Thankful to each person who has had a part in making me how I am now. From St. Isabels Hospital, Chennai, Sept 26,1989; I guess I've come a long way! :-) 


PS: That was my last year's B'day cake. :-)

Just one more day, one more exam before I'm back home !!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaay !!! The long wait is over atlast. Phew, and what an agonising wait it was ! I was just dying through it. Just waiting to be back to Good Ol' Chennai with all it's heat and traffic and of course, Mom's Food more than anything else ! I'm just sick of seeing the same Roti, Dal and Chawal with some crap which is supposedly "Sabji".(I hardly eat any. Lol ! Most of my mess money goes waste) Sathyam Cinemas here I come ;-)  .I've never been this homesick (If you can call it that i.e) ever before in these last one and half odd years! Just waiting for the moment when the train rolls into Chennai Egmore more than anything else now ! Tomo's exam can wait. :-p. Not that I prepare for my exams. Just not in the mood at all even for the usual last minute rushing throughs ! 

I guess that'll do for this post ! Next post when I'm back in my h(e)aven ! I'm too sick of seeing 

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OR Of Late this !

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Preethe said...

Happy Birthday !!!
Recovered from kicks and bumps??

Shrinivas said...

Thank you ! :-)

Yeah. Managed to recover ! :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday! You were born on the same day as my brother:)

Shrinivas said...

Thank you :D ..