Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm Lovin It !

Nah. Nothing to do with McDonalds ! :-D. 

Civil Engg. was not a course that I took by choice. Actually speaking ,I had no choice after the marks I got in AIEEE and 12th boards! In Tamil Nadu, Civil Engg. is viewed as something which ain't too good, or something like Commerce Group in 12th ( People don't realise the value of both !). Even some of my school teachers were like - " Didn't you get something better? .." or " Chemical, Mechanical kooda kadaikaliya?" (Didn't you get even Chemical or Mechanical?) Initially, due to the attitude of these people, I was quite apprehensive about the course. Some people even went to the extent of "Maestry Velai" (Building Contractor Job). Others were like "Should you go up to Bhopal for studying Civil Engg.?"  I'm yet to find the reason behind such an attitude ! Back home, any thing other than Electronics, IT, Comp Science and to a lesser extent Mechanical and Electrical is like kind off looked down upon !

Desperation was the only thing that drove me to take Civil Engg. but now I can say that I couldn't have got a better course than Civil Engg. Probably I'd have liked CSE more (Not that I had any chance of getting it in any decent college !) For a person allergic to Electric Circuits and stuff and hates Mechanical, there cant be any better option than Civil Engg, can there? 

I cant find anything wrong with the subjects. Surveying, Civil Engg. Drawing, (Probably the most interesting subject and my most favourite. What better than planning your own buildings ?) are fast turning out into my favourites. Practicals, esp. the Surveying ones are great given that the weather is bearable. Geology and Construction Technology are quite the cakewalks. :-) 

All I can say is that "I'm lovin it" ! 

Pic: Me during one of the survey practicals with a Prismatic Compass. :-) 


Just around 7 days and 18 hours left ! Yeah, for my trip back (Hopefully nothing stops it. Hoping for the best). It's so sickening, the wait. The ticket, though I booked it about 1.5 months back, is still unmoved on Waiting List 2! Hopefully, it gets confirmed too. :-| I'm sooo looking forward to being back home atlast. :-D. Have missed so much back home and hope to make it all up [Especially, all the Kgs I've lost, close to 8kg I guess when I last measured :-( ] Oh. Why isn't there a Fast Forward button in Life? :-(. 


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Preethe said...

Hey !!

I always envy civil engineers.. Itsa miracle to see the structures raise up from the designs you guys make!!

Thats a nice pic.. campusla endha location idhu? The ground near SBI?