Sunday, September 7, 2008


Last week around the same time, I had this bad cold coupled with fever. And my voice became a wreck! So sad was my state that I couldn't even utter a word or two that could be understood by others. Communication with my parents were restricted to a couple of SMSes a day ! Answering the attendance in class was a "No No". No tablet or Cough syrup worked ! My friends said I sounded like one of these "English Movie Villains". I thought I was worser. Lol. Ripple was gone without my voice. I couldn't answer even one question in the second round on Day 2. My poor partner had to do all the answering! All this because of a regular diet of Two Puffs and a Mazaa for a whole week !

It was then that I understood the difficulties faced by people who cant speak. At least I was able to make some noises. They cant even do that. I'm now determined to do something for their cause once I start earning. It was only then that I understood how difficult it is for my grandma to communicate being totally deaf, in spite of which she manges to walk on the traffiky streets of Chennai all alone !

Thank You God, for making me the way I am without any disabilities.

PS: I am almost fine now and I'm back to the Mazaa diet[:p]. Please ignore the spelling errors. Doing this from outside and the shop owner chose this moment to shut down his store and here he's back again asking me to leave the PC.

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priyakumarNITB said...

Hey get well soon...And I can totally empathize with your state of affairs. And I'm happy that all of us realize how lucky we are.. Anyway Im impressed by your writing styles. Keep BlOgGiNg!!And keep up the good work.