Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's Next !

Got this picture from behind one of friend's notebooks when I spotted it while turning through it class ! All this happened when I was desperately trying to prevent myself from falling asleep after a long night doing my first Civil Engg. Drawing sheet ( A Residential Building) which had to be submitted on Tuesday. I'd never attended a Drawing class before in college till Tuesday because of various reasons ranging from Mass Bunks(GTs as they are known here) to Sleeplessness (Lol!) and because of lack of interest !

How I managed 14/15 in the CEG (Civil Engg. Graphics) Minor Exam and How I have an attendance of 7 out of 11 classes is still an Unsolved Mystery ! :-D

Before I forget what this post was meant for, here is it. Click on the picture and view it in full size and try reading through the Olympic Achievements of our own Indian Sportsmen ! Keep an Eye on .. Well .. Everywhere ! Bloopers are there all over ranging from "Narman Prichert" for "Norman Pritchard" to "Liander Pious" for "Leander Paes" ! And from "Lassangels" to "Masco" ! Sure to have you laughing !

As I was going through this, the first thing that came to my mind was how this Bhopali Printing company would have put across India's 2008 Olympic Achievements.

2008 - Pijing - Abinow Pindraw - Gunshooting [:p] - Gold
2008 - Pijing - Sushill Kumar - Wrestle - Bronze
2008 - Pijing - Vigender Kumar - Box - Bronze

( No offence meant to our Olympic Heroes though. Just my imagination :-) )
Readers' versions are also welcome !

Isn't there something that prevents this kind of comical "dishonour" to the already few Olympic medal winners we have ! Cant a printer take care while doing this kind of a thing ! There aren't too many names, are there !


priyakumarNITB said...

haha...good you are letting the BPC(Bhopali printing company) know how good their insight and spellings are..I cant stop laughing looking at this..seriously

MAnoj_TRumPed said...

lol! .. thts freakin hilarious!
poor em! ..they need to learn copyin!

Anonymous said...

good one! LOL....