Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Saroja Movie Review - One night Tale !

Show : Udhayam Multiplex, Monday, 6th October, 2-30 PM Show.

Going with the movie .. "Evlovo Panrom Itha pannamaatoma .. ! :-p"

Venkat Prabhu is back and this time with more expectations after his first directorial venture "Chennai 600028" was a massive success. And how he responds to the expectations of the audience with a comical thriller !

Four cricket mad friends (Looks like Venkat Prabhu is cricket mad as well !) leave to Hyderabad from Chennai to watch a Cricket match. In Hyderabad, a business tycoon's daughter has been kidnapped. On the way to Hyderabad, these bunch of happy-go-lucky guys encounter trouble in the form of a chemical tanker crash on the road. Desperate to watch the match, they go in a side route through a jungle and as night falls, they loose their way. In the happenings of the night, they get their noses into a gang of kidnappers who have kidnapped the business tycoon's daughter. How the girl is rescued forms the story which is told with the help of a taut screenplay and with a river of comedy flowing all through.

Performances : 
As in his earlier venture, Venkat Prabhu opts for team work than a big name hero for his protagonist which would have made the movie a snore-fest with unbelievable action sequences. Casting is Venkat Prabhu's biggest plus. He seems to have the knack of spotting the exact person for each role. Whether it's Vega as Saroja or SPB Charan as Jagapathi Babu or Sampath as the villain, they all do breathe life into their characters with their resplendent performances. Each one has delivered an almost flawless performance in his part for the movie. Venkat Prabhu is sure a film maker to watch out for in the near future.


The whole film was well edited and made highly racy by Praveen KL and Srikanth NB. The titles as they roll in were an innovation. The cutting across the screen along with the background was well done by these two. Without them, Saroja could have been a different story altogether. Cinematography by Sakthi Saravanan is a major plus point for the movie. He has filmed the night sequences in the factory really well. The darkness sets the tone for the movie. Although I hate such movies which are engulfed in darkness, this one struck me hard. (One reason why I rarely watch English movies as they seem to have an extreme shortage of lighting equipment). His awesome camerawork makes Saroja a treat to watch.
The movie, though it starts of slowly, picks up pace after the Dosth Bada Dosth song. After that, it runs at a very good pace inspite of the regular fodder of good humour in the form of Premji Amaran. 

You could have entered the theatre about 10 minutes late. Still you wouldn't have missed anything as such as the first 5 mins have nothing to do with the story. The Cheeky Cheeky song was well shot although it was hardly required in the movie at all. But then, when has Tamil Cinema looked for logic in placing songs in a movie except in a very few rare cases. For that matter, Indian Cinema even ! An Eminem-ish Yuvan does provide comic relief though. :-p

Although the movie does take inspiration (nee lifts :-p) from a few movies here and there, like the Kal Ho Naa Ho ish proposal scene between the heroine and the hero's friend. Kajal Agarwal was adequate in her role and in the Aaja Mera Soniye song which sounded so so similar to Mahi Ve to me. Venkat Prabhu pulls off a Deewangi styled song ala Om Shanti Om albeit at a much smaller scale with TV serial artistes.

Prakash Raj is more than adequate as a father who is anxious about his missing daughter. (and more convincing for that matter than Sanjay Dutt who did a similar role in Kidnap). Jeyaram is also more than efficient as the ACP and it is his character which provides the twist to the movie.

Sampath and his boys are quite unconventional for Kollywood villains with their quite mild voices unlike the regular shouting villains. :p. Nikitha as Kalyani, who is Sampath's 'wife' is just there for the glamour reason and her song (Kodana Kodi) has been well shot keeping this in mind. Otherwise she has nothing to do. (And I'd say she did do her job well :-p).Sampath puts in a strong performance with his baritone. The guy is sure to go places in Kollywood.

Thrillers in Tamil Cinema are a rarity and Venkat Prabhu has succeeded in delivering a watchable thriller. :-). Kudos to the yound director for his courage in going with a "starless" team. 

Yuvan's music warrants special mention. He strikes gold with a variety album with two fully English tracks in Cheeky Cheeky and It's my life. The former, though unwarranted, is awesome musically and I just cant stop listening to it since I watched the movie. It's my life by Tanvi is quite good as well. For the front benchers, Nimirndhu Nil  is a treat. So is Kodana Kodi, the item number. Aaja Mera Soniye and Dosthu bada Dosthu have been well picturised. Re-recording is becoming Yuvan's forte as well. After the theme in Billa, we have some more gripping fare served up by Yuvan which goes miles in making this movie, the thriller it is supposed to be. The BGMs for Premji's scenes have been so well chosen. Looks like Venkat Prabhu and Yuvan do share a great rapport !

The stream of humour all through the movie keeps the viewers in splits, without which the movie could have become bland beyond a point of time. Premji Amaran (After Enna Koduma saar ithu in Chennai 600028, it is Evlovo Panrom, Itha Pannamaatoma here)has turned in another memorable performance. His lines have people guffawing all through. 

'Evlo neram odarathu' asks Saroja during the running around in the factory and my friend also asked the same thing 'Evlo neram da oduvenga !' The running around the factory gets slightly boring and irritating beyond a point of time. Thankfully, Venkat prabhu puts an end to things soon. The Home alone-ish escape could have been thought out in a better way. :-).

Innovation is Venkat Prabhu's biggest asset and his screenplay too and he re-inforces his belief in them to deliver a thriller, a commercially success too ! The twist at the end make s the movie much better. And yeah, for a change, there is no hero bash up all fighting here. Thanks to Selva, there are highly realistic fights with both sides getting bashed up equally !

Kudos to Venkat Prabhu once again for delivering his next success. :-). 

Verdict : Sa-ro-ja .. Simply Superb
A Perfect 10/10 .. Leave the pirated DVDs and watch the movie in theatre just for the experience!


Alagappan said...

nice review of the movie... :-)c was fun watching it... but it is in many ways similar to the movie judgement night.. u could get a review in a different angle at one of the site which i found....

Shrinivas said...

Yeah .. Even i heard the same thing abt it being similar to judgement night !