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Tamil Music of 2008 :- Top 20 Songs

Long time since I made a post, almost a month I guess. Wanted to do this post for a long time but never felt like typing something this long. :-(. But last day of the year, I forced myself to complete this ! 

Well, Tamil Music of 2008 has been a mixed bag, a step down considering the standards of 2007. Most good films didn't have good music and and films with good music in some cases didn't do too well in the Box-office. Here's my list of 20 favourite songs through the year.

20) Pallanadhu
Album : Kuruvi
Music : Vidyasagar
Singers : Vidyasagar, Rajalakshmi

My personal favourite song of the album. A good Punjabi styled start which keeps going through out the song. Good vocals from Vidyasagar himself add to the song's impact. Rajalakshmi's voice is quite attractive and powerful. Okayish lyrics let down the song at places but it just manages to scrape into the 20 because I didn't want too many songs from the same albums in the list. 

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19) En Anbea Naanum 
Album : Sathyam
Music : Harris Jeyaraj
Singers : Sadhana Sargam

Another song that makes its way into the list from the fringes just cause I wanted some variety. Good melodious composition from Harris Jeyaraj, one of the better songs in Sathyam. The crappy movie meant the song hardly got any air-time and ended up being ignored a lot. But among the nonsense that has been dished out in the name of music in the movie, this one does stand out with it's simple tone and attractive chorus. Sadhana's voice is litling and melodious.

18) Cheeky Cheeky
Album : Saroja
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers :Matilda, Nirdhiya, Yuvan Shankar Raja

Out and Out Western song from Yuvan Shankar Raja with mainly English Lyrics, targetted at the youth. One of my most played and most favourite songs of the year. Esp the female voice although the picturisation was a bit spoiled by Yuvan showing up here and there. :-p. 

17) Venmegham
Album : Yaaradi Nee Mohini
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers : Hariharan

Another Yuvan song from Yaaradi Nee Mohini. The melodious voice of Hariharan, good lyrics made it one of my favourite songs. With a slow pace, and a nice beat, the song was the best of the album. (considering Udit Narayan most of sung the rest, that too slow songs which made his diction very obviously visible)

16) Kathazha Kannaala
Album : Anjathey
Music : Sundar C Babu
Singers : Naveen Madhav

Mysskin has repeated the magic of Vaala meenukkum once again, with Kathazha Kannala, with Sundar C Babu and Naveen Madhav in tow. Tamil folk at it's best. The Vaala Meenukkum feel remains with the picturisation though ( the chrome tinge especially, made me hate the picturisation). For a gaana song, you cant expect lyrics to get better than this as well. Naveen has done himself well with the rendition. One of the most popular songs at the beginning of the year.

15) Nimirndhu Nil
Album : Saroja
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers : Shankar Mahadevan

A song full of energy as always with any Shankar Mahadevan song. He simply lives the song. Another song that was a constant in my playlist once I watched the movie. Fast paced, good lyrics, what more do you actually want from a song of this genre when you didn't get many of this kind in the year that were actually listenable. Yuvan acquitted himself well in Saroja with a dash of everything !

14) Kallai Mattum
Album : Dasavatharam
Music : Himmesh Reshammiya
Singers : Hariharan

In an otherwise crappy album, this song is the saving grace mainly because of Hariharan's awesome vocals. With a lifted tune (from Malayalam) which was reworked by Himmesh, to good effect though and powerful lyrics by Vaali, all that was needed was a good voice and Hariharan was just the right choice for the song. 

13) Thozhiya En Kaathaliya
Album : Kathalil Vizhunthen
Music : Vijay Antony
Singers : Harish Raghavendra, Sri

When the music of this movie released about an year back , it was too obscure to be noticed. But the 'Naaka Mukka' craze meant that the other songs also got noticed and this one is a good composition with good lyrics. Harish Raghavendra, after a long hiatus, is back once again and in good fashion. 

12) Anbea En Anbea
Album : Dhaam Dhoom
Music : Harris Jeyaraj
Singers : Harish Raghavendra, V.Prasanna

Harish Raghavendra, after long time, was back to Tamil Music and how ! A typical Harris Jeyaraj melody with good lyrics as mostly in any of his compositons. Harish Raghavendra was rocking with his voice in the song. My favourite song in the album along with Hariharan's Aazhiyile.

11) Siru Paarvaiyale
Album : Bheema
Music : Harris Jeyaraj
Singers : Karthik, Harini

Karthik is once again as good as ever and sounds so effortless. Harini is adequate and gives good company to Karthik. A melodious fast paced number. The attractive Arabic humming is typical Harris Jeyaraj stuff. Harris yet again delivers as he has done through out the year. 

10) Where is the party
Album : Silambattam
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers :Mukesh, Priyadarshini

Yuvan Shankar Raja with Simbu is a hot combination after the musical hits of Manmathan and Vallavan. And they are back again with Where is the Party. Mukesh is stupenduous with his drunk but elegant voice which is quite likeable. Priyadarshini is adequate. Lyrics are okayish and targetted mainly at the pub visiting youth audience.

9) Taxi Taxi
Album : Sakkarakatti
Music : A.R.Rahman
Singers : Benny Dayal, Blaaze, Viviane, Javed

When you look at the artists who have sung the song, it's quite obvious that it's going to be westernish. But even though this is from  ARR, this is awesome stuff. The electric start, the start of the Taxi sound, Shaava Shaava stuff is all typical ARRish. Blaaze goes all-out along with Benny Dayal in this song targetted at the youth audience. Man, within an year, Benny Dayal has sure gone places !

8) Mudhal Mazhai
Album : Bheema
Music : Harris Jeyaraj
Singers :Hariharan, Mahathi, Prasanna.V

An awesome melody that is my personal favorite in the album. The humming in the song especially ! Truly amazing work from Harris Jeyaraj who chooses his movies really well unlike AR Rahman and gives his best for them. The huge gap between the audio release and the movie meant the songs got lots of time to grow on the people. The song is fabulous with both singers suiting the song to the T. Especially Mahathi who seems to be getting better and better with each song of hers.

7) Kanden Kanden
Album : Pirivom Santhippom
Music : Vidyasagar
Singers : Karthik, Swetha

The hopeless movie meant the beautiful song went unnoticed, sadly. Vidyasagar wasn't at his best in the year but this was one awesome song to come out from him. If only the movie was half as good. Karthik is at his best along with Swetha (Sujatha's daughter I guess). Wonderful melody from Vidyasagar, a nice turn from the crass Kuthu songs he doled out in plenty throughout the year. 

6) Adada Adada
Album : Santosh Subramaniam
Music : Devi Sri Prasad
Singers : Siddarth

The Tamil version of the super hit Appudo Ippudo from Bommarillu. With a super hit tune in hand, you needn't do much except to get yourself fitting lyrics and the makers got the requisite lyrics. Siddarth's voice is different and sounds good with the tune. Devi Sri Prasad has once again succeeded with his re-used tunes. 

5) Nenjukkul Peidhidum
Album : Vaaranam Aayiram
Music : Harris Jeyaraj
Singers : Hariharan, Devan, V.Prasanna

When the music released, this song wasn't one of my favourites. But after watching the picturisation, this song rose up on my playlist. Highly melodious song with Hariharan at his pleasant best. Beautiful lyrics by Thamarai add gloss to the song. And I can add, no one but Hariharan could have done justice to this song !

4) Kangal Irandal
Album : Subramaniapuram
Music : James Vasanthan
Singers : Belly Raj, Deepa Mariam

From TV presenter to Music Director, James Vasanthan has gone places in no time and this was the song which helped his way. The song caught the eye of the public once the movie got released with the picturisation. With two new voices and a nice tune, this song was soon rocking the air-waves. Belly Raj and Deepa Mariam, with their restrained performances, were awesome !

3) Ava Enna (Anjalai)
Album : Vaaranam Aayiram
Music : Harris Jeyaraj
Singers : Karthik, V.Prasanna
Unique choice of voice for a gaana-ish song - Karthik. The lyrics sound very much pathos like. Karthik's soft vocals add a lot of pleasantness to the song. With a very catchy tune, this song is sure to be on the favourites list of many people.The first folkish number in his movies as GM pointed out in one of his interviews. Again a constant on my playlist since the music released. 

2) Naaka Mukka
Album : Kathalil Vizhunthen
Music : Vijay Antony
Singers : Vijay Antony

Well, as the song begins, Vijay Antony says something which vaguely sounds like 'Song of the year'. And it was almost. Every FM station and TV channel was blaring out this typical Tamil Kuthu number. Awesome amount of energy with crass lyrics meant this was the song of the soil and for the front benchers even when it released. But it also managed to capture the attention of the 'so called class audiences' in a way like never before since 'Appadi Podu'. Vijay Antony since then has become the 'Naaka Mukka' man in all his movie promos!

1) Mundhinam Parthene
Album : Vaaranam Aayiram
Music : Harris Jeyaraj
Singers: Naresh Iyer, Prashanthini

The song starts of with Surya proposing to Malini (one of the three love interests in the movie) after which Naresh Iyer's soothing vocals take over. Thamarai's wonderful lyrics add more spice to the song. This song is tailor made for Naresh Iyer. No one else but him could have pulled this off so well. Prashanthini's high pitched voice sounds different. Probably some one else could have done a better job. My personal favourite in the album. The song of the year easily ! I've been hearing this atleast a dozen times since the album released !


Best Male voice : Karthik, Hariharan

Best Female Voice : Cant think of any one !

Album of the Year : Vaaranam Aayiram

Music Director of the Year : Harris Jeyaraj


Phew ! Finally managed to complete this !


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