Sunday, May 3, 2009

From Indoor to Indore

Well. I just saw that my last post was on Jan 1st. And today is May 3rd which makes it 4 months without blogging. My longest hiatus without blogging since I started off.

4th semester in college passed on well. Not without it's share of fun and tears though. I visited Indore and Pune during the semester. Both very memorable trips, just for the fact that we'd not planned anything at all. Dont know what to blog about. So this post will just be a small synopsis of what all I did during my 4 months of hibernation. :-).

Left to college after Pongal, after bunking the first week of college and the very 'strict' college regulations on attendance meant I couldn't bunk too many classes after that. Not that we had too many classes to attend. Economics was a permanent holiday. And no comments about the other subjects. :-p. And the tremendous workload we have in college meant I hardly had any breathing space to blog at all. :-p. And we were so worked up with college that after two weeks of existance in Bhopal, we ran off at the first oppurtunity we had, Jan 26th. The first 'Official Holiday' of the year. ( Unofficial Holidays = 365 - No. of official Holidays).

Too pissed of with Hostel food, we all wanted a change. One day holiday meant we couldn't go too far. Sanchi, Indore, Bhimbetka, Bhojpur remained our meaningful options. Sanchi with it's awesome restaurant options and transport facilities (In MP, the passengers dont wait for the buses. The buses wait for you at the bus stops, resulting in a delay of a couple of hours for a 45 minute journey.) was not a viable option. And after ruling out the others cos we'd set our sights on Indore, and needed to eliminate other options, we set off. The train was at 10 pm according to IRCTC and by 8-45 pm, all of us had got into the bathrooms to take out baths. then followed a period of madness after which we reached Bhopal Jn finally, to find out that the train would be late by an hour. (Bhopal Jn was the starting point for the train actually and it started an hour and a half late, from there only. Indian Stretchable Time as they say is what Railways run according to)

Getting seats in the train wasn't all that tough. Just that a cellphone was lost in the melee. The train journey was fun. When you are the only people who know the language in the surrounding, it's real fun commenting about every one around and laughing at the fullest volume which decency permits. Incident to remember on the train : A baby peeing into one of the guy's heads. We were all rolling around laughing seriously. One of the guys who was travelling with us started 'enquiring' about Rajinikanth.

Travelling in General was a new experience. General travel in TN isn't the same as general travel in MP. The levels of decency maintained here are so so much higher. There, sitting in the compartment, we were scared that a huge fight would break out when the guys inside locked up the coach from inside when the train reached any station, thus not allowing anyone from outside to enter the coach from outside. The outsiders, not to be dettered, kept banging the door so much and shouted expletives of all kinds. And for the first time I saw footboard travel on a train. The men and women (believe it or not, even women), kept hanging from the door from outside on the train. Beyond a point, the people inside, opened the door in pity.

We did manage to get a snap as well. And at times, in the freezing cold, they hung around for real long distances even. And of course, the usual experience of sharing your seat with another three people. Against the usual capacity of 10, 25 people or more occupy each row of the compartment. And most of them without tickets. If only Laloo manages to convince a ticket collector to get into unreserved coaches, it'd be a Gold mine for the Railways. ( For exceeding the platform ticket duration by half an hour, I was asked to pay a fine of Rs.300. Imagine the amount of fines for ticket less travel.). But just the minor problem of the Ticket Collector not having any space in the compartment. During the journey, I was reminded of this dialogue by Manobala in ATM .. 100 peru travel panna vendiya compartment la 100000 peru travel pannuvaanga. Neengalum poy ukkandhukonga. How apt it was.

Finally we managed to reach Indore alive at 4 in the morning and were fleeced by two auto-drivers who said they'd take us to a hotel and instead gave us a mini tour of the city before we finally managed to understand their intentions and brought an end to it. They took us to all the occupied hotels in the city and finally, we ourselves used our brains and managed to find a cheap and decent looking hotel, where the owner let us in with suspicious looks. ;-).

A half sleep and a bath later, we were off to this hotel called Guru Kripa. My Indori friends said it was a very good hotel but there was nothing impressive about it except the ambience, and the handwash.

The pic is the 'handwash' in question. The hotel didn't have even mineral water or Cold Drinks. Tissue paper had to bought from outside after we asked for it. The food wasn't too good either. Probably the hotel woke up only after we entered it.

We then took this taxi to show us around the City. Not much was there to be seen. We went to this Ganesh Mandir, which was really serene. And Kaanch Mandir, which was totally made of glass, right from the steps to the ceiling.

Lunch was at McD in Treasure Island which is as good as some of our Chennai Malls if not better. It was an awesome experience window shopping there (due to budget constraints). The Scary House at the top, though not very scary.

It was just very dark and once your eyes got used to the darkness, you could actually have a lot of fun scaring the others and shouting around for fun. :-). We had loads of fun mocking at the kinds of dresses on show and the astronomical rates for everything. A simple hair band cost 75 Rs in Pantaloons. And a baby's slipper, Rs. 750. We had this crazy idea of taking a dress to the trial room, all of us wearing it, getting a photograph with us wearing it and then leaving the place. :-p.

We dint have much time left after the long ordeal at Treasure Island. We had only enough time to have dinner and then go to the station to catch the train. Sarafa, it was for dinner. The whole area was full of chat shops. Was a nice experience eating there. :-).

Back to the station we came, and the train rolled in late and by the time we managed to trundle into the coach, every inch of space that could possibly be occupied by humans was already occupied. And we'd to fight to get a couple of inches space on the upper berth where we managed to position ourselves precariously. By the time a couple of hours passed, my back was dead, seriously dead. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world when we finally got off the train early on 27th morning at Bhopal Jn. I could finally bend my back a bit.

Back we came to the hostel and my usually uninviting bed was so so inviting and off I went to sleep, and I'm going to do the same now too. :-).

PS: I'm looking for a new name for my blog. Suggestions are welcome. More posts coming soon. :)


Anand Arasu said...

hmmm lol the trip was definitely eventful and thnx for the anonymity ;-)... in the last pic vineel is wearin my t-shirt:-P

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