Friday, May 8, 2009

The face of Corrupt India

Laloo Prasad promised that he'd be removing all the side middle berths on trains, well, quoting him, they'd be phased out, as a new year gift to the people. And this was more than a month back. But then, I discovered that the side middle berths have still not been removed on most trains.

While coming home from college on TN Sampark Kranti, I got into an argument with the TTE who says that they have not received any information on the removal of side middle berths. IRCTC doesn't allow booking of Side Middle Berth tickets. (Who would want to book one in the first place!). Not does the booking office allow because the chart on the train doesn't show any allocation for them. But for the TTE, extra berths mean extra money.

Each TTE is incharge for about 4-5 coaches at the least and for each he collects say close to Rs. 600/-, to get the ticket confirmed, all of which goes to his own pocket. It all works out to around Rs. 20000/- or more per train journey for the TTE. Whoa ! Talk about making quick bucks.

People are happy that they have a place to sleep and the TTE is happy that he has extra bucks in his pocket and no one complains except the passengers in the coach for whom it is a big inconvenience, both in terms of sitting space and luggage space. Previously atleast, the money went to the government, but now it all goes into the pockets of the many corrupt TTEs on the trains. They behave as if they know everything and as if passengers are fools. Poor people book their tickets a month or even more in advance to get a berth of their preference and then on the train, the TTE changes all the allocations according to his whims and fancies and passengers who booked tickets 3 months back get alloted a side middle berth and people who pay the money to the TTE on the coach get alloted a comfortable lower or upper berth. So much for RTI and anti-corruption!

PS: Long time since I ranted about something and felt like ranting. So this post.


Manoj Inc said...

lol . So were u given the side middle berth ?

Anand Arasu said...

lol... i remember that spat with tt and especially with that big idiot who started that fight in the first place...