Thursday, June 11, 2009

What I have been doing this summer.

It's been quite a long holiday despite the fact that I came home a week after the exams got over. Did quite well in the exams. So there was no reason to be breaking my mind about the results either - which meant a peaceful holiday awaited. But then I never thought it would be so event less. :-(.

Time has been quite hard to kill. Came home on the 28th of May. Since then, the few things worth mentioning, that I've done ...

1) Watched 'Newtonin Moondram Vidhi', the SJ Suryah movie in Udhayam with a whole lot of friends. The movie was quite decent except for the crap songs which came out of nowhere every time the story was starting to move. And the stupid mannerisms of SJ Suryah. The heroine was crap (supposed to be ex-Miss India, but she is not even worth mentioning as a participant of Miss India. But then yeah, even Namitha was 4th at Miss India. No wonder !)

2) Went to inplant training at Ashok Leyland, Chennai. Was an awesome experience. Finally learnt something in Civil Engineering after all the wonderful knowledge that was dished out in college. It just took all of 5 mins for one of the engineers there to prove that I was nothing in Civil Engineering. :-). And most of them were mocking/regretting the fact that the syllabus and the subjects have hardly changed since they had passed out. One went to the extent of saying that 'You people have economics, we dint have that. That's the only change in the syllabus.' Learnt how things happen practically and about the modern stuff which is used on site. Of course, college still exists in the 1960s with Dumpy Levels and theodolites when technology has progressed to EDMs, Electronic Levels to Total Stations now. Training brought to light how inadequate my knowledge levels were when it came to design, estimation etc. (Forget the fact that I'm a 9 pointer in both subjects ! I didn't tell them that to avoid further embarrassment).

Roaming around in the training week around Chennai while going to the sites, observing buildings as a Civil Engineer were fun. On one site, the contractor asked us, 'Are you people the lift engineers who were supposed to come !' Went to Citi Centre one day.

3) Elections. Came and went. Voted for the 1st time. Learnt 49-0 is still only on paper in most places.

4) Football. Watched United lift the EPL for the 18th time. And saw the sad loss to Barca in the Champions league final as well.

5) Applied for my Passport. And what a process it is ! Phew. A separate post on that.

6) Got my results. 8.61 this semester. My best in college so far. I've been improving, but then this was supposed to be a real easy semester. Had to study real hard for just two papers out of 6. :). But I'd never have managed this, if not for the motivation and timely inspiration provided by my best friend. If you are reading this, my dear friend, here's a big thanks to you, for all the support and motivation you've given me. I'll never forget you in my life. :)

7) Off to Ooty. Yes. I'm off to Ooty this Saturday. Till next Thursday. Hoping to have a nice time.

8) Started blogging again after a long hiatus ! Which by itself is an achievement. I had to pull myself to write that post, literally ! And this one is no.99 on my blog. :). Quite an achievement for me I guess.

That's all I've done in this vacation, other than message message message. 6550 messages since I came home on May 28th April 28th. (Sorry about the typo which was there when I first posted. Guess the figure is more belivable now) ! Woah ! ( I don't send forwards. So guess this is quite a number. At least for me !).

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urvicool said...

6550 messages? Thts unbelievable! U have some capacity :)
And congratulations for your 100th post. I am still gettin there :)