Saturday, August 15, 2009

17 Hotspots of MANIT

1. GS – ‘MANIT Shopping Complex’ proclaims the board on the road leading to the place. But in reality, no such ‘Shopping Complex’ exists. All that is a part of the ‘Shopping Complex’ are 3 shops. One a General Store which gives the place it’s now popular name – GS, a PCO booth which has now expanded to everything other than a PCO though there still exists a phone just to prove it is a PCO and a launderer who calls himself ‘Bright Launderer’ although people who’ve given him their clothes for washing soon discover there’s nothing even mildly bright about him! The place is most active during the evenings when it is bustling with girls, guys and even faculty for the Hot Pattis, Cold Drinks, TnT icecreams, Recharge Vouchers, Sessional Sheets that are available here. Not to forget the shady place it provides for ‘not-so-private’ conversations and meet-ups and waiting spots before dates. :-P.

2. Kaliasarot Dam – Not actually a part of the college but is quite accessible from inside the college itself. Visiting hours, though are pretty restricted due to the awesome lighting facilities available on the approach paths which mean that you can’t see even what lies about a foot ahead of you once the sun sets. A very scenic spot in the rainy season especially with the greenery all around. But if you are looking for an actual dam with water and stuff, you’ll end up fooling yourself cos even Bhopal’s famous lakes are bone dry now. Worth a visit though.

3. Library – The library, according to our college website is supposed to have quite a lot of books. But the problem as you’ll soon find out is that either most of them were bought when the college was started in 1960, or ex-students have robbed most books of a few important pages here and there for ‘examination purposes’ or some books have become food for insects. The library still works manually although there is supposed to be digital search mechanism, it has only made the job tougher. Issuing the book from the library is an awesome experience really. One has to undergo the experience to complete the ‘Total MANIT experience’. Rules, though, are quite strict and you have to pay a pretty huge fine of 10p a day if you return your books late!

4. Ad Block – From the inside, it looks really modern. But it is just a typical government office which maintains bucket loads of files and is really lazy! Working Hours are pretty flexible but end sharply at 3-30 or 4! People start arriving anytime between 10-30 and 11. Getting anything done from the office is quite an art which needs to be mastered. The only plus I can see is the chairs that are present there. They are quite dangerous to sit on cos they topple most of the time. The plus is that the place is the best ‘bird view point’ of the college due to the presence of the Archi Dept nearby.

5. Porch – Photos of the porch in the college website taken at night in the most attractive angles are the ones which fool most freshers before they join the college giving them the impression that they are joining an awesome college with superb facilities. But yeah, one has to agree that the most modern facilities of the college is present there. The toilets with the auto flush :-P.

6. Displays – These are present all around the college spewing out pearls of wisdom like the one which says ‘Ours is the only NIT in the state. Be proud of it.’ Which state has two NITs! GRE level English is a common feature in these. :-P. Misspelt words are common place. The other displays include the very innovative purple coloured cloth ones, to save painting expenditure, which carry the ones from the student organisations.

7. Canteen – SPICE Canteen welcomes you proclaims a board near the porch. And the price list containing more than 30 items on the top of the counter gives you the impression of an awesome canteen (though only 10 odd items are available). Though the food quality is much better than the one in the mess and the food quite cheap on the wallet, the hygiene levels inside can leave people fuming when they see it the first time. It is also the meeting place of the student societies and the college band.

8. SBI + ATM – The SBI Branch in MANIT is filled with the laziest officers you can ever see in any bank. Work happens at snail’s pace. But the bank offers a good resting spot with AC and some good sofas. The ATM is another good bird view point. And you can see the imprint of the MANIT alumni at the ATM at the entrance. ‘Nobody can block MANITians from entering’ said someone and thus broke the lock of the ATM.

9. Susangat – There are directions given all around the campus to this place. But once you reach the place, you’ll find nothing special. Supposed to be haunted but no one knows the origins of the story. Probably it was haunted by drunken people. :P.

10. Temple – Without doubt, it is THE most peaceful place on the whole campus, with people in it. (Else you’d have the 400 odd acres of free space). Small but much sought after especially during exams. The Prasad provided there is quite good as well. Proximity to the girls hostel is also another reason for visits. :P.

11. Sports Complex – It has been under construction since 2002 according to people. And it will remain in construction till 2020 say other people. When constructed, it is supposed to be the most modern sports complex in MP. But I have my doubts if MP will remain so undeveloped even in 2020 or later. It should be outdated by then. Construction moves at worse than snail’s pace here. At times it even doesn’t seem to be under construction. Popular rumours suggest that it may be converted into a dormitory for boys in case of shortage of hostels.

12. Sports Grounds – We have our own Eden Gardens, Wembley, Bird’s nest (No! I seriously meant just the Beijing stadium. Nothing else!). The only outdoor badminton court in the country also exists here. The cricket ground has loads of grass all season, sometimes even knee high and is well tendered to by our grounds men. The hockey ground is grass free. And with all the stones lying around, you’d be wondering how hockey is played there. But isn’t the answer obvious? Hockey isn’t played there! It’s just the name. Nothing else. The track in the athletics ground is more popularly used for practising driving cars and vehicles than running. The cricket ground is more used for surveying purposes by Civil Engineering students than by cricketers of the college leading to plenty of confusions at times when it is referred to as cricket ground. Wondering where the football ground is? It is the same as the hockey ground. Multipurpose you see.

13. Computer Centre – CC as it is more popularly called houses the IT and CSE departments. Though doubts are sometimes there cos it is empty most of the time. Quad core computers and Super computers are the order of the day here. Viruses are common place on every computer. Frequented rarely but is good for playing games though bold notices are displayed everywhere prohibiting gaming during class hours. The most recent building of our college, built in around 10 years ago. (Of course, discounting the ever-under construction Sports Complex)

14. G 3 – More occupied after class hours than during it. The hub of all the student activities of the college. All the student societies conduct their activities here at 4-15 (though the start is of course late cos IST is Indian Stretchable Time). Drishtant hosts its events here at 4-15 every Thursday.

15. FGH – Faculty Guest House or FGH as it is called popularly is the ward for injured people in the college, the place to stay for visiting parents, and TV view point at times for Footie Fanatics to catch EPL action when cricket is on in the Hostel TVs. Of course, the major use of the FGH is for functions of the faculty. Free Dinner for MANITians, unofficially though. :P.

16. Dispensary – State of the Art in every way. Two world class doctors. 24/7 medical treatment. Well. These are our dreams for the dispensary. Ours is a two room one, with a doctor who finds paracetamol his best mate. Fever, Chicken Pox, Fracture, whatever; you get a strip of paracetamol for treatment.

17. SAC – SAC or the Student Activity Centre is the Radhakrishnan Auditorium which is used for conducting all the college functions. Probably the only thing proper about our college. It even has a balcony but doesn’t have a proper projector. MANITians have made their mark there too, breaking apart one of the glass doors. :D.

You may wonder why 17. No idea. Other hotspots include the Energy Centre, Director’s Office :P, MP Step. Our college is short of Hotspots.


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Now everyone knows you wrote this article...ha ha(evil laugh)....

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AMIT said...

Oh nice that u visited this places.

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