Saturday, August 15, 2009

Common Habits of MANITians and reasons behind them

This is one of the articles I wrote for the college newsletter this year. :)

1. Waking up Late

i. Late night chat with GF/BF till 4 am. Rather Early Morning Chat.

ii. No water in the toilets to brush the teeth even. Water is highly scarce in Bhopal these days.

iii. Late night party. Reasons are varied from year to year and hostel to hostel.

2. Reaching class very early

i. To catch a seat in the last benches.

ii. Exam day – To write down few answers on the bench.

iii. Nothing edible to eat at breakfast.

3. Sitting in the last bench

i. Free message pack. And a ‘friend’ in another class with the same.

ii. In anticipation of a surprise test.

iii. College time is Novel reading time.

4. Sitting in the first bench

i. Late to class. Last benches already taken up.

ii. The teachers always concentrate on the last benches. Easy to sleep/ copy/ message from the front benches.

iii. I want to be a 9 pointer.

5. Busy in Lunch

i. Trying for 2nd half GT.

ii. Member of one of the student societies of the college.

iii. Submission Deadline. These are pretty flexible though.

6. Window Seat

i. For Air. Half the fans in college don’t work properly.

ii. Airtel Connection – For Network purposes.

iii. Bird Watching. No, not the ones in the air or on the trees. ;-).

7. Carrying more than 3 notebooks to class

i. Loyal Friend who submits friends’ work as well.

ii. Submission in the afternoon and can’t afford to miss classes for attendance purposes.

iii. Way too sincere. These though are a rarity. More common among the fairer sex but can’t be witnessed due to fancy bags and other “eye-catching” stuff than notebooks.

8. Uncombed Hair

i. Woke up too late. No comb.

ii. Roommate with the comb locked up the cupboard before I could wake up.

iii. New Style Dude. Just out of the bed look !

iv. No need to comb. 1st year => Short hair.

9. Walking in the morning or evening

i. Weight reduction. Rare though as the mess usually takes care of this.

ii. Too jobless in the hostel. Mostly of IT or Civil branches

iii. Fresh air.

iv. Has a BF or GF. Or has split with BF or GF.

10. Roaming around here and there looking at the mobile

i. GT informers. Or Broken GT informers.

ii. Searching for network in the mobile. Mobile Signals are unusually poor in our college. No, mobile jammers aren’t used. The walls are enough.

iii. SMS Addicts. Mobile Gamers.

11. Totally Broke

i. Smells Bad. No money for washing clothes or buying a Deodorant.

ii. Long hair, unshaven beard. (This may not be the only reason. Heartbroken people also fall into this category)

iii. Permanently in the mess even when the mess workers aren’t there.

12. In formal wear

i. First years.

ii. Have an interview today.

iii. Director caught me wearing T-shirt and warned me.

13. Long absence from college

i. Too bored of classes.

ii. Off to home-town.

iii. Hostel hygiene levels catch up finally leading to various diseases.

14. People on the SBI Ground

i. Budding cricketers.

ii. ‘Groundsmen’ of the college ground.

iii. Civil Students.

15. Temple visitors

i. Exam tomorrow. Haven’t studied. Have to pass.

ii. It is near the girl’s hostel. Bird Sanctuary.

iii. Spiritual people.

16. Girls in salwars

i. First years.

ii. Too fat to wear jeans.

iii. Traditional type.

17. Guys wearing dark glasses

i. Wannabe Abishek Bachchan.

ii. Prevents others from knowing where they are looking.

iii. Hostel water. Conjunctivitis.

18. Never seen in College

i. Masti fellows.

ii. ‘Preparing’ for IIT.

iii. MSME or Chemical Students.

19. Sitting idle in exams

i. I don’t know anything.

ii. I’ve finished the paper. Feeling odd to go out so soon.

iii. Oh God, when will my friend finish the exam so that he can help me.

iv. Paper out of bit!

20. Always studying or writing assignments

i. Girls.

ii. BI Students.

iii. Hyper sincere students.

iv. First years. (Of course not their assignments)



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