Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why I dint blog !

You may be wondering why I dont blog,
What i'm writing now is just the prologue.
I hardly have the time these days,
There is far too much on my gaze.

You may wonder if it's work from college,
Most of it was to do with laptop usage.
Half my time went waste on Twitter,
The rest of it went off in blither.

I just kept checking my mail,
And beyond a point, my writing became stale.
Guess I had a writer's block,
And soon the exams came to knock.

Then came along Excelsior and Ripple,
And my time, they did cripple.
After that came the minor,
And I did become a big time whiner.

I took a break and went back home,
All I did there was to roam.
I had to get my sis a gift,
With little time left, I had to be swift.

With my close friend's birthday looming,
Lack of time left me fuming !
I came back to Bhopal in a week,
And chances of blogging looked pretty bleak.

The last days of the semester went past,
And here I am very aghast.
The exams are in a few days,
And now suddenly comes this phase.

I just feel so much like writing,
The idea of a poem seems very exciting.
So here am I writing one,
Before my spirit gets undone.

This is only my first attempt,
But this new idea did tempt.
Hope I got across the point,
And guess it doesn't sound disjoint.