Saturday, January 1, 2011

Makeover ..

... and hopefully more posts too. Feedback welcome, about the look of the blog.

January will give a makeover to my life, in the real sense. All results queued up. CAT, FMS, NMAT, XAT and what not. Just hoping to get a call from a decent B-school and a convert, god-willing. And Seven Point Someone is now Nine Point Someone. My return to 9, after my 10th board exam, which I guess was my last academic achievement.

After just a solitary post last year, the only way is up. And I've already posted more than last year, courtesy this and the previous post. (Junk it is, agreed, but still, something is better than nothing).

Blogger is all new. Half the features seem alien. After experiencing the vagaries of hostel internet, I've decided to remove half the unnecessary widgets on the side and hopefully, the page is faster to load too. Shocked to see an average of 40 odd hits a day for the last year, despite just one update, though most of it is for 'Shreya Ghoshal marriage' wherever that came from !!

2010 was quite a landmark year in every way. And here's ending with the hope that 2011 will be better.

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