Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tata Crucible Questions - Indore Round

The Prelims consisted of 20 questions. More than 300 Teams participated as well. 
Questions courtesy : Kumar G Vishwanath and Hari S Nair - Runners up, Tata Crucible Indore round. 
Thanks a lot da, for letting me put this up on my blog. Congrats too !

1.The first kind of these institutions were the Irish Loan Funds, which were set up by the Irish author Johnathan Swift in the 18th Century.. How do we know these institutions who were accused of "wrongdoing" in India recently
Ans. Microfinance

2.Which Dalit lawyer was the Union Minister of Rural Development in the NDA regime in '99??
Ans. A. Raja

3."Evo" is the first 4G capable phone in the world, launched by which company?
Ans. HTC

4.What was first developed by the Multitone Electronics and used in St.Thomas Hospital London in order to notify doctors of emergencies?
Ans. Pager

5.She needed 4 lakh for completing a Beauty Course in Tehran, Iran, but since she didnt have that kind of money, she wrote articles in magazines and earned it. She now has 400 clinics all over India. Who?
Ans: Shahnaz Hussain

6.Where do you encounter a "fail whale"?
Ans: Twitter

7.Who owns MySpace Social Networking Site? (Organisation not person)
Ans: Newscorp (Rupert Murdoch)

8.Which Media empire owns the newspaper "The Telegraph" in India?
Ans: Anand Bazaar Patrika

9.What is the full form of RSS as in RSS feeds of Blogs etc.?
Ans: Really Simple Syndication

10.Which organisation was formed in 1988 in Mumbai and now is headquartered in New Delhi and is registered under the Indian Societies Act. It was mainly formed for the improvement of the Indian software industry and its practices?
Ans: Nasscom

11.Big Daddy and Bheegi Basanthi are the production houses owned by which "celebrity couple"? Hint: They just got married now
Ans: Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathy

12.Who/Which group owns the Fortune group of hotels?
Ans: ITC

13.What does x stand for in .pptx, .docx,.xlsx etc?
Ans: XML

14.Which stock market is called as All Ordinaries? Australia, New Zealand, or Singapore
Ans: Australia

15.Lacoste logo

16.Identify Hewlett Packard Founders

17.Amnesty International logo

18.NSE logo

19.Identify the book from its cover. It talked about a certain conglomerate of India.
Ans: The World is Flat

WildCard Round

1. "Jeffrey the Giraffe" is the mascot of which brand?
Ans: Toy R Us

2. Hilton Commission setup which organisation in India?
Ans : RBI

3. Some names of Satellites which help in Navigation question.

4. What famous organisation was setup by Paul Galvin as Galvin Electronics?
Ans:  Motorola

5. His famous book was released as the "Big Book" in the UK and has introduced various terms into the Economics?
Ans: Peter Drucker

Final Round:

Round 1: Lets Toss
1. Who/What was the fourth ambassador for the English World Cup 2018 bid along with David Beckham, Alan Shearer and David Seaman?
Ans: Paul the Octopus

2. What is Gulliver's Condom used for? It is made especially for Media and for no other purpose.
Ans: Under water shooting

3.What is "Streisand Effect"?
Ans: Viral spreading of information when it is banned. Eg Wikileaks

4.He was hired by the city of Heidelberg, Germany to ensure the proper burning of the lamp and in this process discovered somehing which we all have used in our life at some point or the other?
Ans: Bunsen Burner
5. In the 1970s, why did Loreal ask Nestle to take a stake in its company?
Ans: Due to the fears of it being nationalised and hence asked a company based in another country to take a stake.

Round 2: Stump Vision

1.Young picture of a certain lady  or actress who first made her appearance on television in ad of SugarPuff.
Ans: Kate Winslet
2. Picture of a newspaper called Dearborn Independant published in 1920 in Michigan. Who published this failed newspaper?
Ans: Henry Ford

3. Picture of Daniel Shugert. What did he invent?
Ans: Floppy Disk

4. First Revenue Stamp in India by Saurashtra king.. Picture identify.. Easy one

5. Picture of a street in Poland dedicated to this character as in the 1980s this street produced the maximum number of these things allover the world. Since then other countries have overtaken it. The streets name is Ulica Kubisa Puhchatka? Hint: Think Cute
Ans: Winnie the Pooh

Round 3: Tata Round

1. Which Tata Retail Brand started its Heritage Brand for the first time in Kolkata.
Ans: Tanishq

2. How do we know Jam Pol?
Ans: Jamshedpur Injections

3. Suraksha is an innovation for 24 hour electricity the Police Stations by which Tata Company?
Ans: Tata BP Solar

4. In honour of JRD Tata’s 100th Anniversary, what range of watches was launched by Titan?
Ans: Aviator

Round 4: Third Umpire

1. Connect Rocky the movie, Hassbro, JFK, Rafael Nadal and the US Flag
Ans: Gi-joe

2. Connect perfume 901, "Chi","Southern Hospitality" etc, Logo of his brand and a song called "Accidently in Love"
Ans: Justin Timberlake

3. Connect Vikram Seth's "Suitable Boy", Padmasree Warrier and a song (couldnt identify the song), Empowering the Internet generation.

4. Connect facebook, a picture showing a woman with text written called family, Ajab Si playing from Om Shanti Om, and a painting of Milo.
Ans: Nestle

Round 5: Slog Overs

1. Clue 1: It was originally started as a newspaper by James Wilson in 1843.

    Clue 2: It's main aim is "to take part in a severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our progress."It takes an editorial stance based on free trade and globalisation, but also the expansion of government health and education spending, as well as other, more limited, forms of governmental intervention. It targets highly educated readers and claims an audience containing many influential executives and policy-makers."

Ans: The Economist

2. Clue 1: It celebrated its 100 year of branding in New York in 2002 by unfurling a huge something in New York (I dont know what he said. Was tensed.)
   Clue 2: It was first targeted at woman, but found very less takers and had a lukewarm response

   Clue 3: It was Leo Burnett who created the famous logo which made the product a big hit.

Ans: Marlboro Man

3. Clue 1: This was created on January 13, 1888 by 33 scholars gathered at the Cosmos Club, a private club with a mission "to increase and diffuse geographic knowledge while promoting the conservation of the world's cultural, historical, and natural resources."
Ans: National Geographic Magazine/Society

Have fun Quizzing !!


Anand Arasu said...

A big round of applause to the Odd and the S** .

Bala Nagesh said...

A Very well done job.. even though tough to remember all ones... Good Wrk, Srinu...

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