Thursday, March 3, 2011

What I have learnt from my IIM Interviews

1. Be confident even if you dont know the answer. A confident 'I Dont Know' is much better than a nervous stuttering answer. 

2. Talk to your group mates over there, and learn stuff from them. It helps. 

3. It is not your college exam. So no harm in assimilating information upto the very last moment, from your neighbour's newspaper.

4. Have a good night's sleep the previous night. Stifling a yawn in the middle of the interview does not help much. 

5. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT go on an empty stomach. It is tough to concentrate on your interview when your stomach is making growling noises. 

6. DO NOT have anything at suspect restaurants. Odd sounds emanating from your stomach are no good either. 

7. Just because others are having stress interviews, it does not mean you will have one too. . Do not go with a preset mindset about the interviewers. It'll only lead to a big-time mess up. 

8. A blazer is not a must. I haven't worn a blazer so far. And no one has even bothered to question me about it. There were even people without ties in my slot at Kozhikode. 

9. Know your academics. At the same time, as much as you know, there is always something you wont know and they will ask. 

10. DO NOT bluff. The only reason they are asking the question is because they know the answer. Bluffing will get you stuck in a bad spot at the end. 

11. IIM Interview transcripts are hot property online. Hit rate over here has nearly doubled or tripled since I've posted my IIM Interviews. I've even been featured in the Times of Hyderabad.

Will try and make a Part 2 after all my interviews get over.

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Anand Arasu said...

Nice post, but how is point no 11 something that u hav learnt from the interviews... ithu konjam over aa illa